DAC Weekly Recap #8

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every seven days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

This week's highlights

  • We believe in transparency. Here is our EOS Expenditure for the last five months. You can also check the overview of eosDAC accounts on eosDAC Member Client > eosDAC Activity > View Financials.

  • eosDAC is pleased to announce that we have registered on the WAX chain as a “Guild” candidate (=BPC). Anyone who owns WAX tokens, please vote for eosdacserver and then start to claim your WAX rewards for staking and voting! (read this post for how to claim your staking rewards) and this for our WAX Guild candidacy information


  • Members of eosDAC were invited to present the governance of the DAC and the eosDAC Member client at the conference, to help more people understand what a DAC is and how the DAC is a truly decentralised community. Read more

  • Learn about how eosDAC is run by the token holder community and how it interfaces with the traditional legal world. Also, catch up with the latest updates such as other DACs using eosDAC Factory, Brock Pierce joined the eosDAC Custodian and more.

  • Daniel and Saro of eosDAC visited the UK parliamentary working group on blockchain to monitor UK regulation


  • Have you been playing Prospectors? The state is the governing body in the game where holders of the PGL tokens act as the governing body. In the future it will turn in to a DAO, so All PGL holders will have the opportunity to vote on game changes! Read more

  • Every community can be a DAC! EOS Community will join Burning Man, which itself is a decentralised community, as a CampDAO. CampDAO will be the first decentralised community using the blockchain technology at Burning Man. Learn more about the fascinating city of Burning Man and how DACs/DAOs can provide a natural structure and rotation of leadership from year to year.

Approved Msigs of the Week

We have 13 msig proposals approved and executed since the last DAC Weekly Recap. Note that 2 of them are 2nd attempts as the first got failed due to some administration errors.

Regular deliverables
June: Block Production Payment
June: Development Payment
June: Community And Comms Payment
June: DAC Process And Strategy Payment
WP#444 DAC WEEKLY + Content + Assist Myra
->This failed to pay the actual worker due to some administrative errors. Successful payment of the duplicate msig

Privex Server
Pay Privex for our testnet server, already paid with txid b888b2a57e33a39d682b8ecfcc26706733b40b4564beb2b5afdc15077bcb8c1f

Fix For Failed Custodian Payments To Lukeeosproxy

Return Overpayment

WP#451 Dac Factory UI Mockups

Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta

Apply To Be A Wax Guild

Unstake From Dacmultisigs

Transparency is the significant advantage of being a DAC. You can check all of the submitted & executed worker proposals on https://members.eosdac.io/custodian/review-msigs

EOS Report…

EOSIO 1.8 Upgrade - Date Proposed: Sept 23, 2019.

To all EOS BPs - The proposed date for the upgrade to v1.8 is Sept 23 @ 13:00 UTC. Please sign this reference to acknowledge the time.

When the date is 100% set, every single node on the network has to upgrade before the date. Any node which doesn't upgrade will immediately be kicked off the network and will no longer receive blocks and no longer have any history.

EOS Developers as well have to make sure to have their dApps upgraded to 1.8 as well as there will be changes to the history nodes.

The main change in the 1.8v upgrade, which B1 needs for Voice, is the first payer. Up until now, if there are two authentications on a transaction, then they split the CPU/NET cost. However, in 1.8, the first listed authentication will pay, which means that Block.One will sign transactions on behalf of the user and also for Voice and then they pay for the CPU.

Please vote for eosdacserver

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PGL group on Steemit

I am sharing guides, please share your pics and experience and guides. Eventually we will have a good community and can earn good STEEM simply posting about PGL on Steemit, and bring PGL earnings to Steemit and Vice versa. Plus we can organize by location, help each other, share, etc.

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