eosDAC WAX Guild Candidacy Announcement

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Official WAX Guild candidate account name: eosdacserver

Public Website

(BP Info at the bottom of the website: https://eosdac.io/bp.json)

Social Media Outlets

Steemit | Discord | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Github | Instagram | Linkedin | Trybe | Medium | Reddit | YouTube | VK| Bihu| Jinse| Jianshu| EOS Live| BeeNews| Zhihu| Wechat

Node names for community testnet participation

  • Jungle Testnet eosdacserval
  • BOS Testnet bosdacserver

Location of company headquarters

eosDAC exists on the EOS Blockchain run by contracts on the following accounts:

  • eosdactokens
  • eosdacthedac
  • daccustodian
  • dacmultisigs
  • dacauthority

Dacoco GmbH is a company registered in Zug, Switzerland. It currently is mandated to act as the company interface to the traditional financial system.

Expected location of servers

The WAX nodes will initially be operated in Germany and Finland. However, eosDAC also has the infrastructure in the UK, France, Romania and South Korea.

Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc.)

Bare Metal with a little cloud

Current employee list and pictures

12 Custodians including some of the most recognisable members of the EOS Community.

In addition, there are a number of other people working for more info on the custodian)through the worker proposal system. All information is transparently available on EOS Mainnet Blockchain.

Relevant background qualifications

Custodians and workers have world-class experience in a wide variety of subject areas, but all have been respected members of the EOS and wider blockchain communities since well before the initial launch.

eosDAC has been operational as a block producer on the EOS Mainnet since launch and has produced over 1 million blocks. We also run nodes on BOS, Worbli and the Jungle Testnet. Luke Stokes also is a witness on Steem.

Tech specs and scaling

Minimum 128GB RAM, Min 3.5Ghz CPU processors. eosDAC already runs over a dozen servers supporting multiple EOSIO chains. All services will be monitored, and enhancements in services will be proposed and discussed using our community governance model.

Community benefit project outline

eosDAC's two primary focus areas are community-based block production on eosio chains and enabling new decentralised autonomous communities (DACs). We firmly believe that the DAC structure should be the de facto standard for organisations operating on blockchains. They are inherently more decentralised, more transparent, more accountable and (the way we have set it up) more secure than other types of governance.

Our DAC enabling work is focused on providing a hosted tool call the DAC factory which makes it easy for people to set up and operate decentralised communities.

All our tools are open source, and the DAC Factory tools are already being used by several communities on the EOS chain. We are continuing to improve these and make them easier to use and update.

Join eosDAC

Anyone can participate in eosDAC. Join our community and if you want, you can submit work proposals or even run to be elected as a custodian. We value everyone in our community who brings positive energy and are particularly interested in getting more WAX enthusiasts and users on board to help shape our future.

Got an idea for a New Community on WAX? - contact us through our social media channels to see how we can work together.

Please vote for eosdacserver

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