Promoting the EOS Community and DACs in China | Sanya Summit

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With the vision of “Unlocking the new economy”, International Fintech Innovation Conference (IFIC) was held on 24-25 May in Hainan, China.

At the conference...

The EOS community members from all over the globe came together to share the latest news from their regions, discuss various developments in the EOS ecosystem share technology and governance ideas to explore the future of EOS.

The event provided opportunities to the community to foster connections as well as to see the great potential of EOS as a blockchain 3.0 project. In addition to members of the EOS community, many Chinese and global fintech experts, representatives of well-known organizations in the blockchain and IT industries joined to give talks on blockchain technology, EOS development, and other important topics from the industry.

Michael Yeates and Saro Mckenna of eosDAC were invited to present the governance of the DAC and eosDAC Member client at the conference, to help more people understand what a DAC is and how the DAC is a truly decentralized community. Here we have some quotes from their talks:

“eosDAC is a team committed to lead the EOS development and governance .” - Michael Yeates

“Since the launch of the EOS mainnet, eosDAC has made every effort for the EOS community to apply the DAC governance approach to achieve our goal of fairness, transparency, and decentralization through a truly decentralized mechanism.

And we are only the promoters of this mechanism, whether it is the community management, or the governance plan, or the implementation of the final plan, all of which are conducted by the members of the community through voting, and this is exactly a truly democratic community, which actually works.”

- Why do I have to vote?

"Voting is an essential part of how a DAC (also EOS itself) works. It is the most effective way for the token holder to exercise their power and voice out. In the future, today’s centralized, bureaucratic companies will be replaced by the decentralized digital community."

“I am an absolute blockchain enthusiast and EOS fanatic.” - Saro McKenna

“It is EOS's greatest advantage to benefit every participant through EOSIO technology, and as a true decentralized autonomous community, eosDAC will continue to evolve to serve the entire EOS community. Currently, blockchain technology and EOS are still in the early stages of development, so we need more exploration and implementation to make this great goal come true. ”

Importance of DAC

“DAC has its own operating mechanism; token holders vote for the custodians, and the custodians vote on the decentralized governance to ensure the stability of the chain.

I am very happy to see the booming development of EOS today, the eosDAC team is also In the steady and rapid development, I believe that with the EOSIO technology, the development of DAC can be further improved."

It is notable that this event was organized by the Sanya Municipal People's Government, and local universities and leaders came forward to express their thoughts, which shows that China's blockchain industry is making a great step forward.

We have lots more exciting news to share, including many DACs in a queue to be launched using eosDAC Member Client, so stay tuned, get involved, and make sure to vote for eosdacserver!

Please vote for eosdacserver

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It is a testament to human nature that one of the most important and innovative concepts being explored through blockchain technology is completely under the radar of most people. I find myself pondering all the potentials of this form of governance and I look forward to the sharing in the innovation created in this still embryonic human endeavour.

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