EOS Gravity Code of Conduct

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As a steward of EOS, the block producer is responsible for ensuring the stable operation of the EOS Mainnet. Each block producer is vital to the ecosystem. Every move is affects the interests and development of the entire community. As a block producer, EOS Gravity will always adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

1: Openness and Transparency.

We are constantly committed the ideas of openness, transparency, freedom, equality and non-violent governance. We respect the basic rights of each community member, and will do our best to listen to the ideas and needs of each member and strive for agreement.

We are committed to maintaining absolute transparency in the aspects of community, operation, team, ownership and finance.

2: Honesty and Faithfulness.

We promise to consider honesty, faithfulness and integrity as our guiding ideology. We will hold to the highest ethical standards in all aspects and set an example for our EOS community.

We will comply with the community's agreed upon constitution, which is the highest consensus recognized by community members. It serves as the code of conduct for all EOS community participants and block producers. We are dedicated to participation in establishing and maintaining the authority of constitution. We will comply with the Block Producer Agreement with strict accordance.

We solemnly declare that we adhere to and abide by the constitutional rules of governance agreed to by the community to protect the network. We will comply with and enforce all established arbitration decisions.

3: Independence.

We are committed to maintaining economic independence and will never be influenced or controlled by any outside investors or institutions.

4: Infrastructure and Skills Enhancement

We promise to continue to enhance our technical capabilities and spare no effort to find, develop, and incubate Dapps and to fund projects that support EOS. We will make full use of our advantage as the largest community and continue to spread positive information about EOS through ongoing online and offline activities. We believe that only the growth of the entire EOS ecosystem will allow all members of the community to benefit.

5 : Cooperation and Mutual Support.

Since the beginning, we have stuck to the practice of cooperation and support with both Chinese and foreign block producers. We will strive to provide overseas block producers with more opportunities to participate in EOS centered events in China. Because we believe that a more decentralized blockchain is healthy, our cooperation and support to others will not be limited by our region. We will listen the world-wide EOS Community, as we recognize that our responsibility is to all EOS holders world. We will not discriminate based on how few or many tokens a community member possesses.

Finally, we will continually work toward higher standards for the best interests of the EOS network and community. And we will continue to increase the scale of the EOS community and help to promote the prosperity of the EOS ecosystem.

Values of EOS Gravity Zone:

Focus on stewardship, unity, community education, system-wide prosperity.

Mission of EOS Gravity Zone:

To help promote the prosperity of outstanding public chains.

Vision of EOS Gravity Zone:

Become a global example for community.

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