Binance & Bitfinex will take away your EOS airdrops

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If you holding your EOS in any of those two exchanges at the snapshot moment, you will lose at lease 50% of your invesment (if not more).

Hi every one, I'm the team leader behind Cards & Tokens and I need to warn you about this.

I'm preparing the details to successfully perform our CNT token airdrop over EOS token holders that will take place in late july. We recently announced that wi will performing a second airdrop for registered users (who controls their private keys, like Metamask or MyEtherWallet users). In the comments I was asked a lot about how to participate in the second airdrop if someone holds the EOS tokens in Binance or Bitfinex, so I had to make my research and I got to say that those two companies are going to SCAM YOU ALL.

I'll explain

Everyone is talking about the EOS blockchain as if there would be only one chain. The software is open and there are many candidates who will not reach to be block producers, so it is expected that in the next month there will be several chain launches (with different names).

Let's suppose that you have 100 EOS tokens. That means that you should get 100 EOS coins in the "main chain", but also 100 EOSx coins on each of the other blockchains.

On the other hand there are more than 20 projects that plan to perform airdrops. Which means that you should receive airdrops from at least 20 different tokens (each with its own policy of how many tokens correspond for each 100 EOS).

Metamask, MyEtherWallet or Exodus

If you you have your EOS in one of these wallets that means you control your private keys.

    You will get:
  • Same amount of EOS coins in the main net
  • Same amount of EOSx coins on each other blockchain (if they honor the snapshot)
  • More than 20 Airdrops of different tokens

Binance or Bitfinex

If you have your EOS tokens in one of those exchanges that means you don't control your private keys.

    You will get:
  • JUST Same amount of EOS coins in the main net
  • NONE of EOSx coins on each other blockchain
  • NONE of the Airdrops of different tokens

They are going to keep your (non-EOS) for themselves

Please warn every one you can before this happens. There's no much time!!!

Note: Exodus wallet

In Exodus you can export your EOS private key (EOS-key) and your Ethereum private key (ETH-key). So you can claim all your tokens using those keys.

thanks for the info

When you move your coins to your own managed wallet you have to register your EOS before the mainnet launch. Be aware! If you don't do this timely you lose all your coins.

And what if you move your coins directly after the mainnet launch to an EOS wallet? I think you will be ready for receiving EOSx coins and airdrops.

You will get the airdrops on the chain that your exchange settles on. If there are several chains, it is up to the exchange to decide which one they will support, and thus which one you will have access to.

How do i get the EOS wallet? where do i reg. Pls help a bro out.

to register your Wallet you must have your EOS tokens in a Ethereum wallet (not an exchange). The best option is to use Metamask. Go to then downscroll to "GET EOS" button. Hit Continue.
After that search for "Register" tab, then hit "EOS TOKEN DISTRIBUTION" button.
You have to be logged in your Metamask. Then Hit "REGISTER EOS KEY" Button. Then copy and paste both keys just for you ina safe place. Then enter the private key in the inbox and hit "I HAVE SAFELY BACKED UP MY PRIVATE KEY" button. The Metamask will popup.

Wish I would have read this prior.. got bad advice and left my EOS on Binance to do the swap.. what is my best move now? Do I have to wait for Main-net? Any way to get off Binance and re-snapshot my own wallet? Or can this only be done after Main-net?

So sorry to read that. But you still have your EOS tokens in Binance, right? What you have to do now is wait till EOS man net is stable and then create an account there (I recommend using Scatter to do that).
After that you should be able to withdraw your EOS from binance to your account and you are free to go.
As long as I understand there's no way to get any airdrop from this situation because you are not in the snapshot.
So Sorry man!

After doing this do I send my EOS directly to my metamask address from the exchange?

hi thanks,
can i claim airdrops that have already happened?
p.s. my eos have always been in an exodus wallet

Important to know this, we take precautions in order to lose as little as possible, thank you very much!

I got air dropped on my binance account.

Great !! please tell us more!!
What kind of airdrop?
What token did you receive?
How many?

i guess the EON airdrop, not Scatter for example.

I don t hold EOS, but I was able to help some friends who hold EOS . thanks for shareing this.

Is it to late to move eos from openledger to exodus to get pvt keys?

EOS blockchain is already up and running.
If you have any EOS you should look for them in the real mainnet.

Go to and enter your Ethereum address
You should get a message like:

You will have a total of 20.0000 EOS on launch

All your EOS will be transferred to EOS8Yn6wBGQjHX39NrhN1tof5gHW4kcfrRNoAzmomBjfzhTXghhxT
Your EOS account name on launch will be gyztqojtgage

Then goto and hit the "Account Info"
There you should enter your account name. ej: gyztqojtgage

Since I saw this on hot, it's a higher probability that this will be seen easily than the post that I found. I'd like to share a link that further explains why. I've seen this on why is it that you need to register your own ethereum address and not leave it on exchanges. This was posted by @eosgo three months ago. Here's the link

Exactly! this is why is so important to spread this info.
Please reesteem or twitt it!

If someone was selfish he would NOT mention this, as not accessible tokens make the remaining tokens more valuable...

I think the designer of this registration process wanted this effect... I do not see the sense behind this need to register...

Aun entiendo muy poco de las cripto monedas y todo este mundo informático de la economía, espero seguir aprendiendo de ti. Gracias.

Lo mejor es probar todos los sistemas pero con poco dinero por si cometes errores. El problema en esta ocasión es que hay muchas personas que serán estafadas por estas dos compañías porque vana retener lo que por derecho les corresponde los usuarios.
Te invito a que conozcas el proyecto que estamos llevando adelante Cards & Tokens

Vale, gracias por la invitación, iré conociendo poco a poco, aun soy muy cobarde para arriesgar jaja.

muy buena informacion, espero contar con su ayuda y visitar mis pots,saludos desde venezuela

Glad i changed mine. Thanks for sharing.

interesting post ... very good, thanks

let's make progress together,here on steemit,thanks for upvotes :-)


Nice pic :D

What about

Bitshares dex wallet

OpenLedger DEX wallet

I will be aware of any other information, and attentive in the month of July, it is good to collect data to enter into action.

What's even more funnier is that Huobi tricks people into sending their EOS to Huobi exchange, where Huobi airdrops Huobipro tokens to people who send their EOS there, they say "let us do all the hard work for you and give you a present on top of it" ... It's pathetic how greedy those jew-ified people are behind these exchanges.

Wow I didn't know that
You got a good point I should move my EOS then!

Yes, please!! And also spread this info. Thanks!

Looks dangerous

Its kind of late to buy in, would it be better to wait until there is a unified chain to buy EOS ?

​It is a long known practice of exchanges and cloud miners to keep airdrops and forks to themselves. They are arguing that the effort to distribute the tokens and make them available is very high.

For the listing procedure this might​ indeed be the case since the moment they introduce a token, they most likely also have to allow trading which incorporates some additional work to be done.

Also, any airdrop to a coin listed on Binance would open the door for it to be registered.

Still, I don´t believe that all the exchanges are not claiming the tokens themselves and add massive profit to their wallets. Directly distributing the tokens without starting any trading activities could be a solution.

For now, the only way to claim all the airdrops is in your wallet, and it is good that you inform people about this.

So... When you say "50% of your investment will be lost," you mean "some totally unknown percentage of your investment will be lost."

Why make up numbers that are definitely not known?

Good to get this information out there, lots of people put their trust in exchanges and don't realise the intricate details.

Yes, please!! I just realise that when I was trying to develop a solution for Binance users who wants to register in our double airdrop from Cards & Tokens.

Im holding EOS on an exchange and currently registering my EOS public key.... Waiting for the transaction to process.

At this point what do I need to do to ensure my EOS doesn't become worthless?

Do I send my EOS out of the exchange and into my metamask wallet? or what?

muy buena informacion saludos desde venezuela, espero contar con su apoyo en este objetivo que quiero lograr y que con personas como usted si lo lograre saludos y buenas noches

I was afraid of these kind of things ans sold all my Eos in time, with profit.

Bitfinex will be a Block Producer and won’t loose their name for a couple of Airdrops, I presume. They will fully commit in gouvernance, integrity as EOS BP.

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