Cards & Tokens announces Airdrop x2 for EOS token holders

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We have decided at the last minute to perform a double airdrop:

First Airdrop: will be performed on late July when we launch our official DA-ICO running on EOS main net. The drop will be based on genesis snapshot (june) having a ratio 10:1 and NO ACTION will be needed.

Second Airdrop: will be performed the same day on late July but you have to register for it before genesis snapshot is taken (less than a week!!!)


Go to and register a valid email with your ETH wallet where you hold your EOS tokens to receive:

  • Normal 10:1 CNT Tokens Drop (everybody receives this)
  • Extra 10:1 CNT Tokens Drop (second drop)
  • Prizes based on arrival order (starting at 5000 CNT Tokens)

Binance & Bitfinex

You WILL NOT receive any of the two airdrops. Find out why you should not hold delegate the transition to those two companies.


The first ones that register will receive the biggest prizes. Here is the table that shows how much the prize is for each range of arrival positions.


In late July we will be publishing our DA-ICO proposal together with a functional prototype. For this we need a reasonable amount of EOS tokens and that is why the registration process has a cost of just 1 EOS.

------ PROMO !!! ------

To promote this project we are rewarding our community with free CNT tokens to the first 100 users how help us to propagate this post in steemit.

To participate you must:

  • Reesteem this post
  • Upvote this post
  • Comment this post and include your Ethereum wallet addres in order to receive the CNT tokens.

Earn extra CNT tokens:

  • Share this post in your own social network like facebook, twitter or instagram
  • Comment this post and include a link to your publication to corroborate it and your Ethereum wallet addres.
Yes, you can do both. Reesteem it and Share it and earn tokens for both actions.


resteemed, upvoted and registered as number 10.



Reesteem this post, please !!
Don't you wanna participate in the promo ?

done, here my ETH address:

Awesome ! Resteemend and registered

Dude, you forgot pasting here your ETH wallet address to receive your prize!!
Thank you very much!


Good luck!

Thank you!

All done! 0xb79798DAFf2F2E1eD9B2d5181f519485D5eF89dc

Sorry, that was before the snapshot was taken.
Here you can see the result
I will see If I can send you some tokens as an exception because the promo expired.

How do you register via the site? See nowhere to enter the info. In the meantime...

Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks! 0xa3bB5420C91C5A0dd6FE18B7DEf0f7a9e290AB24

Sorry, that was before the snapshot was taken.
Here you can see the result
I will see If I can send you some tokens as an exception because the promo expired.

But something is bothering me..., My Eos is on Binance not Myetherwallet. Will that be a problem? And i would like to register. where do i do it.?

We have added a middle step in the registration process that enables Binance users to enter their final EOS public key manually. Try it and if you have any problems, please let me know.


This won't be a problem, although the current form doesn't manage your case. We are going to modify the registration process to contemplate Binance users.
When is ready I will paste the link here.

ok i have resteemed this post parviterbo ! 0xDAC5876916e9EE712c6D53246b0DCEDB39bfb1C9

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