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Hi Everyone!

I've spent an hour to convert the good work that the EOS team has done on the token interface sale to a simple page that just lets you generate EOS key pairs.

You can youse this if you don't want to have MetaMask dependency installed on your browser and want to participate to the sale in a different way. You will need the EOS key to claim the tokens once the EOS platform is live.

The page is here: https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/
And the code is here: https://github.com/Nadejde/eos-token-sale

This is basically a fork of https://github.com/EOSIO/eos-token-distribution from before they removed the test interface. I removed all the the web3 dependencies and kept only the key generation part.

Hope this helps!

If you are a developer and plan to get into EOS hit me up to exchange ideas and opinions. I am Andrei Nadejde (@93773717 (Andrei)) on Telegram and @nadejde on slack.

See you on the flipside!

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What assurances are there that the code is safe and free from any bugs in the private key generation? I don't mean to cast doubts but personally do not have the knowledge to audit the code. It would be re-assuring if some members of the EOS community could vouch for the code.

Also, thank you for making this as I prefer to avoid the MetaMask dependency.

You're welcome.

Can't give any assurances. You can look into the github repository history and you can see its directly forked from eos repository. Ive not added anything to the code just removed bits that were not needed for address generation.

can i generate EOS public and master key using EOS.io site? why not just use EOS.io instead of using your private generation key?

eos.io works only if you have some soft of web3 injector (like metamask). Some people will not have that installed and would want to use some other tool. If you can use EOS.io website that is probably the best way to do it:P

Sorry for the delayed reply.

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Does anyone know why a regular person might need the private or public keys for eos? I’ve been told to get my keys but I’m not sure why.

You need the keys to hold your eos tokens outside of an exchange. I.e. under your control.

Hi, i registered an EOS key, was asked to send gas, but nothing happened afterwards. And i claimed EOS tokens, was asked to send gas, and nothing happened also, tokens remained unclaimed. Can you help please?

i have been helped by the EOS customer service, but thanks

useful guide! the padawan is going better and better!!

I've crated EOS keys and registered my wallet using your site. I just want to make sure the master key works. How can i make sure this key is same as EOS site?

Great , thanks so much

I've crated EOS keys and registered my wallet using your site. I just want to make sure the master key works. How can i make sure this key is same as EOS site?

Excellent work. Is already shared in the EOS Telegram chat.


What is the difference between this and eos.newaccount() method?

I am looking into this service that you have made. Thanks for doing it. Has anyone from the EOS official team made any public comments about your fork?

Awesome work!

As I am a developer, I am trying to understand the source code level. I git cloned your project, and I don't know what steps I need to take. It is probably because I haven't work with React a lot. Isn't there supposed to have package.json file? Could you guide me a bit more after git cloning your project?

What is the point of generating key pairs pre mainnet launch? Is this for registration?

Thank you sir, we are putting allot of trust in you!

Thank you for the post and for working on the code.