How to check which EOS public key is mapped to your ETH address with MyEtherWallet (MEW)

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Some people are asking how to check if their registration was successfully processed. Even though registering your EOS public key can be done anytime between now and 48 hours after the end of the ICO, having the ability to check this may bring some people peace of mind. If there is an empty result, just be sure you register your EOS key before the ERC20 tokens are frozen 48 hours after the end of the 341 day ICO.

  1. Go to
    2.Under heading Select Existing Contract is a dropdown, select EOS Contribution
  2. Select "Keys" from the dropdown.
  3. In the Address field, enter your Ethereum address.
  4. Click Read
  5. The EOS address that has been mapped Ethereum wallet will be displayed below the input, if it is not check your address and try again, or check out the article I linked at the bottom of this article.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 7.19.04 PM.png

It is also possible to update the EOS public key mapped to your ETH address if you see a problem...

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Is there a way to check if the private key is working ?

THATS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW TOO! i bet they are working on it.

Check offline if you cant wait for official

Good question! I think that is the most important to know. Waiting for more info about the matter.

Yes. Binaries will be released soon.

I found more tools to check:

Not that I know of. But here you can check if your public key is included in the snapshot:
It seems this file is not up to date tho (I read 4 december 2017 on reddit). I hope they update it soon!

Now you made me nervous, since my ETH address is mapped but your link said NOPE.

Please see the notice on that tool

too bad my upvote would be useless now, that is an usefull tool that I didn't know about, thanks!

Check offline if you cant wait for official

Thank you, this is what I've been looking for

thanks your part of the reason I was able to do this, so easily

Thank you for this.

Is there a difference between registering an address and claiming tokens?

Yes. When you claim you're claiming ERC20 tokens. Registering an address is for after ERC20 tokens are frozen around July 3rd 2018. Read More, scroll to Step 3 and read very closely

How do I do this on metamask?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

MetaMask is for sending simple transactions and exposing Ethereum API into the DOM so that web-applications can be more easily developed for Ethereum. It is not capable of executing smart contracts directly.

That said, it doesn't matter what wallet you're using for this step. The only thing required here is your Ethereum address, it's a constant, or read only function.

You would have to get private key from metamask and login to Myetherwallet with the private key to do it. Which is not recommended way to login to a website.

amazing post , well done, do you know if there is a away to see your eos tocken now ??

If you've claimed the tokens after the window you contributed to has closed,

How do you check on Exodus?

This is an awesome article. Simple and accurate when referring to different keys. I have a question, the EOS contract address here and the one on are the same, except some letters are in opposite case (upper and lower). Is this ok? Also do I need to save the eos private and public keys for future forks, etc? The EOS public and private keys I got from @nadje are different from the ones displayed in the string box for verification. The one in the verification is the same as the online eos key on and does not start with EOS. Is that ok? Thank you for your expertise here.

Thanks for the post! Now I can sleep soundly knowing I've registered correctly!

Hi sandwich, thank you for the instructions. Helped me to change and verify my current mapping.

Is there a way to check if the pair public/private key are correct?

YES! I would love to verify my EOS public and private keys

what would we do without a sandwich! thanks

thx that worked all, out of curiosity... when i buy more EOS on EtherDelta or at the ICO on the same adress do i need to do that again... i guess not... but not sure, hence the question

If you send those tokens you bought to an unregistered Ethereum address, yes you would. However, if you send those tokens to a registered address, you would not. The key is stored in the contract, so as long as the Ethereum address contains tokens and is registered with a valid key, you can move tokens into or out of that address as often as you wish. What matters most is that during the mainnet snapshot, your tokens live at the registered address. But until then it's mostly irrelevant.


Thanks a lot for the instructions!

so if it has the "string" then that means it is registered?

Yes. The "string" should return your EOS public key. At that point, you would check that it matches the public key in your saved EOS keypair

I mapped myetherwallet with EOS public key. But how can I check if generated EOS private key works? How to be sure that EOS private key will fit EOS public key and I will not loose my tokens after ico ends and tokens are locked?

thank you bro

So easy. Thank for sharing.

the transaction to register my EOS key shows as failed in metamask but on the etherscan site it shows as success. Is this a common issue with metamask showing failed transactions that are successful?

Thanks a lot! This brought me a lot of peace!! cheers !

One simple question: I have my EOS registered in MEW. Do I need to claim it before end of ICO so as not to lost the EOS token?

you need to claim it.

Cheers buddy, bit late to vote so I will find your latest post and give you a upvote. All worked for me.

This was so super helpful, and completely answered one of my two major questions concerning this ICO. The unanswered one is: If I acquire EOS tokens from an exchange or changelly and move them to the ETH wallet mapped to the EOS address (varified with your awesome tutorial) will those tokens be treated the same as the tokens I acquired directly through the crowd fund in the ERC-20 to EOS token "exchange"? in Jun 2018? In other words does it matter where I get the EOS ERC-20 tokens as long as they are in the ETH address mapped to the EOS address prior to Jun 1, 2018?

Yes. The registration is stored in the state of the contract and so when the snapshot is taken, it will check for your balances at that moment and associate them to that registration state.

I would also like to know the answer to your second question.


I tried using your explanation and I get nothing... am i missing something?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If there was no result, double check that you used the correct Ethereum address (this needs to be the one you originally contributed from). If your ethereum address is correct and still have no result, then you may not have registered your EOS key. You'll want to find your EOS keypair (if you ever generated one that is) or generate a new one. Instructions on how to update your EOS key are here. However, again, there is no rush here. You have plenty of time as of now.

Is there a way to see the value of your EOS token on EOS website?

This and the previous registering post were so very helpful. Cheers!!

Thank you for this useful and helpful tutorial. I was able to generate an EOS private/public key and register MEW account w it and double checked as you advised how. I think you said I will need to claim my native EOS coins within 48 hours after ICO completes in June 2018, correct? You might have already provided input into how to do that, can you direct me to how I can see this through? All of this stuff is quite confusing, so much so, I missed the recent airdrop bc I mistakenly assumed that BNB's statement about supporting main net was the same as them supporting the airdrop. Lesson learned!

Just Register youre EOS they said, it will be easy they said...

Mm, even more steps?

thanks @sandwich just what i needed.