How to transfer EOS ERC20 tokens using MyEtherWallet

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This guide really only applies to you if you've chosen to use MEW instead of the official EOS Contribution interface. After you've claimed your EOS tokens as outlined in Step 2 in the full guide, you'll likely want to transfer them. You'll need to complete a few steps, first.

Load your Wallet

  1. Go to
  2. Load your wallet using one of the methods listed.

Add the custom token

  1. Turn your attention to Token Balances on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click Add Custom Token
    Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 2.55.08 PM.png
  3. For the field named token address, enter 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0
  4. For the field named Token Symbol enter EOS
  5. For the field named Decimals enter 18
  6. Click Save
  7. Assuming your transaction that processed claimAll() has been confirmed, you will see your EOS token balance in MyEtherWallet in the same area.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.06.02 PM.png

To transfer

You will need some Ether in your wallet to pay the fees for the transaction.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 2.57.18 PM.png

  1. In the Address field, enter the Ethereum address you would like to transfer your EOS to. If it's a wallet, it needs to be a wallet for which you control the private keys. If it is an exchange, it should be an address specifically for EOS ERC20 tokens. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS, don't accidentally send to the EOS Token Address like this guy did
  2. In Amount to Send, enter the number of EOS tokens you would like to send.
  3. Select EOS from the dropdown to the right of the Amount to Send field.
  4. MEW will suggest a gas limit based on current network conditions. If it does not, enter 90000 or more. If you would like your transaction to be confirmed faster, adjust accordingly.
  5. Click Generate Transaction
  6. Click Send Transaction
  7. If all went well, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the page with your tx hash, and a link to your tx on the blockchain. If you got a red bar, read the error it provides and correct the issue it illuminated.
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Super helpful! Thank you for this post.

Thank you for this tutorial, I just bought EOS yesterday and will store it on my ether wallet for the time being. Problem solved :)

Why would the token address for transfer be 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0 while the contract to purchase and claim are all 0xd0a6E6C54DbC68Db5db3A091B171A77407Ff7ccf

I assumed they both will be the same?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No, the token address is not the same as the EOS crowdsale contract address. You can take the token address I provided, go to and do a find on page if you would like to verify. This is something I would suggest in most cases, however, in the case of a token address, there is no inherent dangers in using the wrong token address for adding custom token/watch contract. The worst that would happen is that it would show you a zero balance

Hi there, I transferred my EOS token form one MEW wallet to another but was low of gas. my 2000 EOS token disappeared. What do next? cheers

is there a way to contact EOS because I sent ether and until now I cannot get my EOS token its says window blocked when ever I want to claim

Can I send my EOS to my ledger nano S ETH address?? Thanks for the tutorial.

I'd like to know this, too

Yes you can, I just did it.

How do you do it?

Thanks for the info. My balance showed up right away actually.

so did mine, after following the instructions I had it appearing twice!

thanks bro !

Keep up the good work!

This worked like a charm

Glad to hear it.

you should have much more upvotes and steempower

thanks man you are amazing

And what if the token did not appear after all?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Did you ever execute claimAll?

hi sandwich
i used mew to buy into the eos crowdsale on monday but have been unable to confirm or claim my tokens. i did two transactions:

  1. 0xeb91d3b56663177f10c3bd7b963ee145839f78ed272365bddc9e1b3c0214881d and 2. 0xeb91d3b56663177f10c3bd7b963ee145839f78ed272365bddc9e1b3c0214881d
    i'm concerned i sent eth to the wrong address. can you help? i've messaged mew but they haven't answered. cheers,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those transactions were not sent to the EOSCrowdsale contract.

yikes! am i sol or is there some recourse?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think you're SOL, you may have fallen for a phishing link. It also appears those tokens have left the wallet, and were not returned to your address :(

thanks for checking. is it possible that someone might have altered any token addresses on the info you posted on the steem site? i was following your instructions pretty closely as i found the pretty opaque. also, if you buy more than once per round, when you do claim all for me wallet will you get all your tokens from both buys. thanks'

also, if you buy more than once per round, when you do claim all for me wallet will you get all your tokens from both buys


I have bought some EOS tokens on Bitfinex. I want to transfer them out of the exchange into a wallet. What wallet do I use?

my tx was confirmed 2 days ago, but I was not able to see or transfer the EOS tokens. thx for this guide will check it out.

Thanks for the info man.. That's cool of you..

What's this address?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That is the token address used for adding custom token/watch contract to so you can see a balance. If you're skeptical go to and compare. Share your findings so people are less inclined to repeatedly ask this question .

Thank u, very helpful me :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You should post this on EOS social media as well. People were starting to worry. Several friends called me to ask me, how to claim their contract with myehterwallet and didn't know how. These article saved me a lot of time explaining the proccess. Thanks

I did this and it shows a 0 EOS balance. :( I did claim all 3 days ago. and got a TX hash confirmation.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You have to run claimAll after the window closes, or the TX will fail. I assume you followed MEW's directions on their website, this may clear some things up

Yes, I just did claimAll as in step 2 and I got my tokens in my MEW. I thought I did step 2 when I bought with my ETH, but I guess I did. Does this have to be done a second time with 0 ETH? Anyways it worked. Thanks for your great work!

I have claimed EOS token in the Metamask app, but when I want to tranfer them to the Bitfinex exchange, I can´t select the token (ETH or EOS) like in MEW.
Another question: Di I need to generate keys first before transferring them?

Hi if it says claimed. still does not show in tokens in MEW?

You didn't follow all of the instructions. Please read the instructions.

I claimed the tokens but where can I see them, and what is this adress for the field name

Read the instructions, view screenshots for reference.

Read. Thank you!

The address provided in this article is a token address used for adding custom tokens or watch contract. It is the token contract that represents the EOS ERC20

I feel I've followed all steps correctly but 'm still not seeing EOS in MEW.
What's the best way to trouble shoot this, and is anyone willing to chat with me about it?

What information should I post for an expert to check the status of any given transaction?

I just can't reign in EOS, but I can prove that the transfer of ETH to the Crowdfund has been made.

Thank you all for your input and suggestions.

i had the same problem, i tracked your ether address in the ethercan, and i saw your try to claimALL() 3 times with gas price of 90000, as the guides explained. but those three claims didn't succeed cause of out of gas. I am just wondering how much gas price should I put if I can claimALL, even if i double the gas price to 180000, won't work either

Hi sandwich,
It's great that you show us how to receive our EOS! But I did the step 2 several times, I did the part "add custom token" and nothing happens. Please can you help me?

Hi. I can't fix the problem. I bought EOS tokens but didn't get it on my account in myetherwallet.

How is it possible? How to fix it?

You didn't claim the tokens.

Hi sandwich I was able to charge the eos !! Thanks to your information .. now my query is: how I spend my eos to ETH from my eter wallet to be able to remove them? Thank you

Did you get any useful feedback? I'm having the same issue.
I've contributed, generated a public and private key, registered the public key, "ClaimAll", set up unique token, but still not seeing anything in MEW. FFS.

Hi, I was able to successfully recalculate my token token with myetherwallet, and supposedly they paid me the corresponding periods, since it was opened until the time I complained .. wait a month and I wanted to re-claim the remaining periods, but I get a sign saying which were already claimed .. I do not understand .. when claiming the EOS gave me ALL that I invested or only until the day of the date? does not end in the year 2018? How do I go complaining every month? It can? thanks

Dear Sandwish, I also participated in the EOS Crowd sale. I couldn't claim my token till now. Every time I tried, it is always out of gas. I use MEW wallet though.

So what eventually worked if you don't mind me asking? I have had the same issue with the "Out of Gas" Tx Error. But somehow the balance seems to have gone down...

and if I bought my EOS on Exodus??

HitBtc sent my Vibe and Eos to the Vibe token address. How do I get them back..

Sandwich, thank you for this guide!
One question though. Are there any disadvantages of using Binance for the swap considering they support it? The idea of zero hassle is attractive.

This address is in the course of the EOS airdrop distribution my ether wallet stolen and emptied my coins(SATund Inda hash)
Address: 0xd1DC670608c00E8E6378062B48EF5911b068ae3D
2018-05-24 16:57:39
Tx: 0x2fc1AB50bbabaca7516f03e2c54481AC238c92BA8b8597c42339854e0f7b623a
from: 0x11d6c98a02a5f9c480cd46297696e6682a0595as
to: 0xd1dc670608c00e8e6378062b48EF5911b068ae3d
Social Activity Token
-41,785.54657694 SAT
From: 0x11d6c98a02a5f9c480cd46297696e6682a0595as
to: 0xd1dc670608c00e8e6378062b48EF5911b068ae3d

$ 743.39(-5.01%)INDA Hash Coin
-20,242.00 [email protected]~$ 782.56 0.04

My Address: 0x11d6c98a02a5f9c480cd46297696e6682a0595as

Transaction Hash:Tx:0x2005344b36a91de3782146177b01a57e88691c920cc0aade194218F3fcba03c6
Tx: 0x2fc1AB50bbabaca7516f03e2c54481AC238c92BA8b8597c42339854e0f7b623a
"[email protected]"

Sandwich hopefully you can help me. I did everything to map my EOS ER20 tokens and checked on EOS Authority and my EOS are there. my issue is my ER20 are on my Ledger Nano and I'm not sure how to get to my new EOS, since my private key is encrypted. Please advise.

IF you registered, then you were given a private key. Load that private key into an EOS wallet, see the EOS telegram (@EOSProject) for suggestions

how can i include MEMO?

Looking for the same.