eosONO: Official EOS Block Producer Candidacy for ONO

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We are ONO, a free, decentralized social network dApp which protects and respects the variety and diversity of human social interaction and which will soon launch on the EOS platform.

We are already an experienced, fully-functioning, well-organized team of 40+ people in Beijing, China and we believe our core values are aligned very closely with those at the heart of EOS.IO philosophy. Additionally, we believe we will add significant and deep social value both to the people within the EOS.IO ecosystem and to those who are EOS token holders. We understand how to create authentic environments that nurture the social aspect of human beings on a deeper level than what is currently available on the market.

We are here to formally announce to all EOS.IO people, token holders and communities that we would like to represent you as a Block Producer and be a responsible custodian of the EOS.IO ecosystem. We are committed to ensuring the steady, long-term and sustainable growth of the EOS platform through meaningful and diverse social engagement, community outreach, education and the cultivation of strong cross-cultural partnerships.

If you would like to take a deep dive into the past accomplishments of our founder and CEO, Ke Xu, please read this article which presents a comprehensive and thorough description of successful business ventures as well as philosophical insights.

Public website URL and our official social media accounts:

Official website: https://www.ono.chat
Telegram: https://t.me/ONOCN
Sina weibo: https://weibo.com/ONOofficial
Wechat official account: onogogo
Medium: https://medium.com/@ONOsocial
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@onosocial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ONOofficial

Technical BP specifications and infastructure:

Official block producer candidate name: eosONO
Location of company headquarters: Beijing, China
Expected location of servers: Beijing, Tokyo
Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc): Cloud Type (AWS)

Current employee list, relevant background qualifications and pictures of at least 67% of staff:


Ke Xu

CEO, Founder and Chief Economic Ecosystem Architect

Ke Xu successfully graduated from Nanjing Foreign Languages School, University of California, Riverside (UCR), Coventry University (CU), UK, and University College London (UCL). She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. She began her entrepreneurial career and became committed to research and practice in the areas of digital media, culture, entertainment, and social networking.

In 2014, she founded a company which launched and operated a social networking app called ERA, which was based on cognitive surplus. The monthly transaction was over 8 million and was very successful at the time.
She went on to create and operate the crypto-collectible game, CryptoDogs, a blockchain-based game for the Chinese market. CryptoDogs created a staggering amount of dog purchases and sold thousands of ETHs on the first day. It has been invested in by high-profile institutions such as Fusheng (CEO of NYSE: CMCM) and China Growth Capital, and other well-known CEOs.


Jeff Ma

Chief Technical Advisor

Jeff Ma is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of management experience in the advanced technology field. He has been involved in entrepreneurship in various fields such as family entertainment, travel, preschool education, social chess, and internal measurement distribution. He served as the R&D director of “Aishi thinks of living room computers” and was Executive Vice President “VP of palm space”. He joined the early Huiwo Network as CTO, from 2000 to 2001. He is CEO and producer of Poker Winner. He was CTO of fir.im, which has served and distributed more than 20 million applications.
Since 2011, he has been researching blockchain technology and he collaborated with Xu Ke on CryptoDogs. Now he is the Chief Technical Advisor for ONO.


Micky Lau

Chief Technology Officer

Micky Lau is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the development of online and social games. Main areas of focus: high concurrency/stability and problem-solving of algorithms. Micky has a geek spirit.
He worked as a technical manager/CTO/general manager in Beijing for Jinshan Software, Langang Online, Le Elements, and Lele Technology. Developed and created the app, City of Sin, which ranked second in the App Store, and this company successfully completed acquisition. He began research on artificial intelligence in 2009 and in 2011, social applications were developed. In 2015, he began to focus on blockchain tech. He now is the CTO of ONO, handling social networking, smart push algorithms, blockchain and other technologies.


Maggie Chow

Chief Marketing Officer

Maggie Chow managed multiple marketing projects for high volume businesses. She has won several Gold Awards for innovative business practices such as the TopMarketing and Jinyuan Awards. She was the KEEP brand leader and marketing consultant. Her other clients included Darry Ring Beijing company and DR diamond brand. She served as the head of marketing for Jane Financial Market. She set up a large marketing system for Jane Financial and was responsible for the rapid growth of multiple user operations and marketing projects. Now Maggie is the CMO, creating the brand and marketing strategy for ONO.


Fang Xiao

Chief Legal Officer

Fang Xiao is a Chinese lawyer as well as a New York State lawyer. He has the following affiliations: CanNova, Fudan University’s science and innovation center, Member of Legal Advisor and Advisory Committee of Changjiang Institute of Education (China Core Think Tank), Legal Adviser of China Sunshine Education Research Institute, Legal Adviser of Hubei Pharmaceutical Association, Deputy Director of Medical Device Professional Committee, Member of American Bar Association ), Member of Sports Lawyers Association, former executive director and editorial director of Han Chinese Law Society.
He received a Bachelor of Law from Wuhan University, Master of International Law from Korea International Law Management University (full scholarship), Master of Intellectual Property Law from George Washington University, USA (Thomson Bergen Sol Scholarship). He was the chief planner and the host of the 2014 high-level forum on intellectual property law application. The Supreme People’s Court, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Intellectual Property Office, the United States Federal Circuit for Appeals to the Circuit, the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office and some provincial and municipal courts, Apple (Global), Tencent Group, Founder Group, Zhengtai Group and Jiuyang Group Leaders, judges, academics, and entrepreneurs of the participating organizations such as the Beijing Time-honored Association were invited to attend the forum and speak. Now he serves as the CLO of ONO, and is responsible for ONO’s overall legal affairs, and leads the revision of the Common Programme.


Torres Zhang

Economic Ecosystem Architect

Torres Zhang graduated from the UK University of Kent (UKC) with a Master’s Degree in mathematics at the age of 20. Engaged in the discipline of financial mathematics, he independently designed several secondary market trading strategy models, such as Currency Futures Trading Strategy Model, Ether Currency Quantitative Trading Strategy and Time Series Momentum Trading Strategy. Now he serves ONO as an economic ecosystem designer and is responsible for leading the ONO team to build the data ecosystem.


Zheng Shuhao

Economic Ecosystem Architect

Zheng Shuhao is currently studying at Tsinghua University School of Interdisciplinary Information. He was taught by Yao Qizhi, the only Turing prize winner in China, a cryptographic expert. He scored number one for the college entrance examination in Shaanxi Province. He also won the Most Powerful Brain Season Top 30 competition, the second season of the championship.
To see a complete list of founding members plus a list our investors and advisors see this article on Steemit or Medium.

Estimate of Technical Specifications and Total Expenditure of Resources by June 3, 2018:

Amazon EC2
AWS m4.4xlarge
CPU: 16 Core
SSD: 512GB

Total Cost: USD $817 per month

Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018:

Amazon EC2
AWS x1e.32xlarge
CPU: 128 Core
RAM: 3904G
SSD: 2 x 1900GB (The disk capacity increases as required)
Network: 25 Gbps
Nodes: Total 2 Nodes (1 livenet, 1 standby)

Community Benefit Project Outline Expected to be Public by June 3, 2018

We have two main strategies for the development of EOS community projects:

1. Create the first social network based on EOS, a free and decentralized DApp named ONO

We will develop the EOS platform’s first social network DApp, ONO, based on the EOS chain. ONO is a free and democratic social network. Vastly different from other block producer candidates, ONO will bring massive data demand to EOS through its social design which will result in an organic social ecosystem feedback loop plus technological developments of EOS.

The ONO DApp will be released on Android and iOS on April 15th, 2018. The initial product will be set up for registration, and users will be invited to build keynotes on the platform. At present, we have received tens of thousands of users' keynote partner applications for selection. Afterwards, we will release the keynote to the opening of the product as scheduled.

Before June 3, ONO will basically complete the construction of keynotes and conduct data migration at the earliest time when the EOS public blockchain is open. By then, ONO will conservatively estimate that the number of users will exceed 150,000, (upwards to 300,000 users), and the amount of content data output per day will be huge, which will bring a lot of block demand to EOS.

2. Promote the prosperity of the EOS community and expand the scale of the community.

ONO will provide a social communication platform for EOS nodes, holders, users and potential users so that everyone can publish content on ONO and create their own attention value system.

Based on the characteristics of the underlying technology of the blockchain, the open content on the ONO platform will have irrevocable features. The related block producer candidate’s work progress, milestone events, etc. of EOS can be directly published on ONO, and a large number of users will be able to learn more about EOS through ONO and all EOS nodes.

Currently, each participating node establishes a user community in a dispersed manner, resulting in asymmetric information among users. There is a large individual bias in the understanding of a large number of users on EOS. ONO is a social DApp that integrates rich functionalities such as Instant Messaging and content distribution. ONO will become a highly efficient communication platform, breaking through the information barrier, making EOS-related information more efficient, more accurate, more intuitive to EOS current users and potential users.

With the completion of the ONO keynote building, we will conduct community outreach operations to DApps and open up open registrations to attract a massive amount of users to join ONO. With the increase in the number of users, we will also encourage users to join EOS community development projects. This will motivate users to become long-term holders of EOS, as well as contributing to the long-term development of EOS.

Because the development of ONO and the development of EOS have a synergistic relationship, the quality and efficiency of EOS will affect the product experience of ONO, so ONO will encourage users to hold after the EOS public chain is open. This will result in EOS Networks to bring more efficient, high-quality services to people. At the same time, ONO's product experience will also be optimized, allowing us to rapidly expand our user base.

List of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation.

Telegram: https://t.me/ONOCN
Node name: eosONO

We are excited to provide the community with sustainable solutions which will help grow and nurture the diverse social fabric of the EOS ecosystem.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

ONO Team

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That's the app thousands of people are waiting for. What a great news!

April 15 is also pretty soon. Can't wait to download and try it. I promise I'll be one of the first ones :-)

We believe our core values are aligned very closely with those at the heart of EOS.IO philosophy. Additionally, we believe we will add significant and deep social value both to the people within the EOS.IO ecosystem and to those who are EOS token holders.

Awesome! That's a perspective Steem users have missed lately :-)

Celebrated and resteemed

yeah, you're one of the enthusiastic people like myself!!!!!!
Yeah, basing a platform on human happiness is key....it is THE KEY.
LOL, we have some talking to do, you and I!

Haha, yeah it seems that we have to :-))

Followed in a breeze...

So... this is it? EOS getting social???

Meee toooo! ☄️💥 I follow in a breeze for quite some time. Have you heard of ERA App before?

We really need to get more social indeed 🙈

Haven't heard of it. But I am SO waiting for the EOS Social concept to crystalize. And this one has so much potential!

Exciting. Great to see competition and better opprtinuity for minnows to get their content seen and more importantly paid.

Interesting! Quite followed.

Just a quick tip: have a professional content editor go over your website in English. Some of us (me) are allergic to grammar errors in the interface. :)

we are all working hard to get all grammatical errors fixed. Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for this update. I am excited to see the wide usage of ONO as soon as possible.

I think you missed the link to telegram channel for Foreigners in the post.

This is @slydeblack from Twitter, am om your tails now Team Ono...Lets Reach for the Moon!

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I am very impressed......reading about this project for quite some time! Can’t wait to register and explore soon.

Waiting to learn more about what the platform is going to look like....If it’s more than pictures of cats and cake I will check it out.

What do you mean by “largest decentralised social network”? Converting an existing social network into a decentralised one?

The team who is building ONO has sucessfully built a social networking app called ERA which had millions of users. ONO now has thousands who are ready to join ONO, most of whom are in China. They are basing their number estimates on their past social network app, and the first market will be Chinese. The multi-language version will be released later, no date has been selected as of yet, but the summer seems likely.