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Are you willing to participate in the EOS ICO at any price !?

Would you like to estimate the value before you send the money?

Does EOS worth  200 millions, 800 millions or maybe 3 billions? 

When using exchange markets the price is known before you buy.

Now you can estimate market cap value during the first days of the ICO and decide if you want to participate. 

I built a spreadsheet that calculates EOS market cap during the first days of the ICO.

Here is the link:


You are welcome to comment here in steemit or in the spreadsheet.

You can copy the spreadsheet and create your own version.



Great work!

If you want to see a breakdown per ICO period, I wrote a script last night for that.

I created improved automatic EOS Market Capitalisation Estimate Calculator https://steemit.com/eos/@nov3a4/eos-market-capitalisation-calculator

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.06.14.png

Enjoy and Take Care!

Great work!

Thanks! Your calculator helped to build it!

I linked the original sheet to your.

I hope, that it could help investors to not over inflate the price. So we all can get fair EOS price. In this wonderful new technology.

I think it have potential! I will check it more! Thank you! Upvoted!

nice work !

Nothing can be calculated. We all can just guess. Almost every crypto sounds awesome.

As I commented on another post on EOS: Matter of fact is: The cryptospace is currently being flooded with coins/cryptos and blockchains.

So many ICO's. So many do absolutely nothing afterwards so what is the revenue even going to be? With everything going down these past few days, maybe a week and a half, I think people should be wary and cautious and perhaps invest in some cryptos with real use cases for now. I posted some pieces about Stratis for example.

On a another possible funny note, I interviewed Cypress Hill about the cryptospace... well, at least I tried to: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@valderrama/i-interviewed-cypress-hill-and-asked-about-blockchain


Every coin has market cap. If you think it is wrong and too high, start shorting (On those coins that it is possible).

Not correct! You are missing the yunbi amount in your calculation. At this moment you have to add around 140k of ETH.

Could you give more information about it, how yunbi will participate?

They just transferred 150,000 ETH in.

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