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I have been following the Steem versus Eos controversies with great interest. The cryptoverse is so fractured and parochial. Understandably so. There is too much to know. Consensus algorithms, scaling debates, forks and governance. Privacy or transparency? Are you decentralized enough? Are you peer reviewed? And while the incumbent financial overlords cry ponzi scheme even as venture capitalist ‘when lambo moon’ types shrug, there are regulatory environments around the world jockeying for control. Gee, you even have to know your way around geopolitics to get a handle on this stuff!

Enter the ever rational @corbettreport. James reminds us that we need to educate ourselves. Of course we do. We need to learn. And we need to make sure that all of this doesn’t morph into some facecoin hydra.

It’s like playing with lego as a child. Stacking blocks. But not like the pyramids or anything. You can’t just rock up to Steemit monoliths in the desert and look admiringly at the wonderful geometry of it all. You have to understand how the blocks are stacked. That’s the hard part. The learning.

ATM I am thinking about why Eos needs to be a social media platform. I got to thinking about this after watching an @eosgo interview with Dan on the staking categories in Eos and this post by @rumble suggesting that there will indeed be a social media component to Eos. And of course @clayboyn’s open letter to ned and the comments therein.

Anyway see what you think.

Crypto As Currency

This blockchain revolution. What is it really? In the first instance it has its roots in the problems with money. In particular it is a technical solution to triple entry accounting proposed by Ian Grigg. The open public ledger is stamped by all of the counterparties to every transaction. It is a technical solution vouchsafed by our amazing new wheel, cryptography.

What a thing this new wheel! The first wheel turned proudly in the physical world, solving physical problems like transportation, mechanics. This new wheel, made from the stuff of mathematics, helixes sublimely in the conceptual domain, solving social problems, perhaps even ethical ones. With cryptography we can model trust. Who would have thought it!

Bitcoin then was born to solve the problem with money. Bitcoin prevents the private or corporate enclosure of the monetary system. More prosaically the open ledger provides a public commons to record the movement and flow of value. The circulation of value. It is a circulatory system. A blood system.

Currency And Governance

If Bitcoin is like the blood what is the body that this blood circulates through? The body of this metabolic system, of this monetary system, is of course us. We the community. It is us. We collectively are the body. America’s sickly circulatory system, the US dollar, is supposed to carry oxygen to the American people. But the US dollar got drunk on petrol, it became the petro dollar, intoxicated, depleted, and by now it is almost barren of haemoglobin. It is a poor carrier of oxygen. Anemic. The American body is bleeding. It is death by a thousand cuts. The community is suffering.

America, indeed the world, is now in constant need of blood transfusions. Quantitative easing. A perverse euphemism hiding the extreme medical interventions of the voodoo doctors at the FED and the IMF. But this new blood doesn't circulate. It just aggregates in stagnant pools around big pharma’s drug deals, rent seeking monopolies, regime change, war and terror. It doesn’t circulate. The body, starved of nutrients, has reached the terminal stage.

Money should circulate to where the body needs it! It should always flow to where we, the people, need it. The problem is not only to do with the monetary system. There is a problem with the body too. Of course our current political elite make noises about representing us. They say that they will help the money to circulate to where it is needed. Yeah right. On the promise of an election circus every so many years. Weasel words.

You see the problem is that the same people who regulate the money supply decide where the money goes. It is like conflating our brains with our hearts. A horrible mish mash. How can a single organ be both a brain and a heart?


Whenever we interact as social beings, engaging in discussions, engaging in transactions, this is where the green shoots of governance grow. It all starts with our consensus. We humans are gregarious beings. Consensus is built into our natures. In fact currency only arises because of this, because of our social groupings. Currency is secondary to consensus. If we are to have a new and open currency then surely concomitant with this we must also have a new and open form of governance.

I used to think that Steemit was a social media platform. I used to call it that.

But thinking more deeply I have now come to believe that Steemit is a governance platform.

Everything we do here, every post, every action, is governance. Everything is an act of governance. Through our interactions we are evolving the social norms around which our community coalesces. Indeed many posts here talk about governance directly. Block producers campaign here. We discuss reward pools and how they should be distributed. We talk about what to do with that huge stake of steem controlled by Steemit Inc. But even a post in the black and white photo challenge is governance. It informs our shared view of the world. We build on it.

Here’s what I find so amazing about Steemit. The amazing thing about this blockchain is that it includes in its protocol ideas about how the value should circulate. It asks us where the blood should go. Everytime we thumbs up a post we are saying that this is valuable to our community. The block producers are the hearts that pump those steem dollars around but we decide where they go. These two functions, like in a healthy body, are separated. They are related, interdependent, but separate.


I really am in awe of @dan’s prescience. My contention is that in building Steemit he was not really building a social media platform, rather he was exploring how to move beyond the notion of the blockchain as a simple mechanism for the transfer of value. The blockchain represents the social being. Dan gave us Delegate Proof of Stake. It draws us humans in. We need to vote for block producers to secure the network. We are right there in the consensus algorithm. But beyond that we decide how the value circulates. We decide where the community’s shared value should go. That's what's most important.

The most valuable thing, the most vital thing in any community is the evolving consensus around which the community forms. Whoever is leading that consensus by engaging in debate and organising and planning needs to be rewarded. They need oxygen. On Steemit they need Steem power to power their continued good works. Applications like Telegram and discord, as useful as they are, are not enough. The chain needs to record the hard work of those that keep the community healthy. The brain, connected to the body, is brought to life by Steem power. So so too with Eos. Eos tokens also need a body to power, a community to enliven. Eos needs to be a social platform too.

Being A Currency Is Not Enough

I have come to believe that it is not enough for a blockchain to merely be a currency. That's the revolution, that's what this paradigm shift is. The old notions of money, the old understandings of currency are dead. Blockchains circulate tokens. Tokens serve communities. Inside the blocks in the blockchain you will find what we the community values and the tokens circulate so that our values can breathe.

I sincerely hope that one of the community benefit contracts in Eos is a social media platform. A governance platform that is curated by Eos token holders who stake Eos tokens for voting. A platform that rewards community builders with those selfsame Eos tokens. Like here on Steemit a place where the community can meet and thrive.

What do you think? I haven’t completely convinced myself even if I sound like I have! Nearly! Anyway I love Steemit and I don’t see Eosit as competition. We already have a strong community. Just watch @davidpakman’s interviews with the likes of @stellabelle and @aggroed. The idea is rather that all blockchains should be social platforms for their communities. Otherwise the chain is missing the most important part.

And I really hope that @dan keeps posting Eos development updates here regardless.

The photo is of Untitled by Jonathan Owen exhibited at he National Gallery of Victoria.

@soufianechakrouff and @imp.unity asked recently why I hadn't posted in a while. Now that's what I'm talking about!


Blood transfusions is a really great way to describe what has taken place with "normal" currency. Honestly, this cryptocurrency thing is something I am learning more about every day and I still feel like I know nothing! There is so much to learn and my head spins a bit on some days! :-) Thanks for the post, it helped me understand this crypto thing a bit better.

That's for sure!

Thats the thing... People involved need to Go beyond the make money part.
We are in the middle of a huge experiment that Will change How interactions in the world Will happen.
This is a true revolution in the making.

Exactly @phgnomo

Minds have to run beyond the "how much can I make?" thought to "how much they can impact?".

Only then can we say we are truly moving forward or that we are actually making a difference. This revolution that started with steemit is big and I think @dan's work (Eosit) is just a tip of the iceberg

Money is part of this, but the focus need to be on other things too.

While I enjoy the platform greatly, that is exactly what I don't like about Steemit. People who are only interested in making money. I think the whole competition for upvotes and rewards is flawed. I would like to see Dan fix it. This platform sometimes reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

Many are just interested in earning money. They don't seem to go beyond that

@dan you are the boss,nice suggestion @phgnomo.

Excellent post man. Thanks for linking my post. I recently was talking about crypto with someone IRL and they were asking how there could be so many different currencies and I made the point about real world currencies and how many of those. I told them it was like different communities on the internet coming together. You are right about the governance and that will continue to play a huge part moving forward. There is so much drama in crypto and fighting which reminds me of stupid conflicts between countries. I really want to be a part of a community that works together to improve things and I feel like through blockchains this now possible.

Your post was the light bulb. I had been wondering about how Eos plans to incentivize staking for voting and thinking about those community benefit contracts and after reading your post it made sense, of course, one way to do it would be the same way steemit does. And it all helps governance and community at the same time. Thanks for your post, I seriously wouldn't have written this one otherwise

Awesome that you found my post helpful. I think it really was a light bulb moment for me when I realized how valuable a social network on EOS could be. Not just the money aspect of it but from the power of a community that can unite to make positive changes. I already see steemit changing the lives of so many and I think we stand to see that on a bigger scale with EOS. I am confident Dan will be able to figure out some better governance system. There is the distribution problems with Steem and that causes issues here. I know EOS will be better but interested to see how they solve these challenges. I definitely think we will see a new type of social platform built into EOS with the ability for many more to be added.

Your image using body functions is amazing. It changed the way i see this platform. And the way i see Eos.

I am new here. Only a newcomer trying to understand crypto. To understand steem and eos. I came to this post trying to understand why Eos should be a social media platform too.

Now you made me understand it.

I am not a techno-expert. But i am a writer. An artist. And now i understand this completely.

This is beyond money. Beyond technology. This is about people, community, subjective concepts of value and content. Ideas dancing and evolving. This is about flesh and blood, moving and creating things. I understand art.


Thanks @flashfiction! That's a fantastic compliment. Steemit is a great place, especially for artists I think. You are going to love it here

Actually I just checked out your blog and you've settled in big time already!

Great post. I have only lately begun thinking about the importance of "social presence" and "social identity" in securing the blockchain. Many coins focus on privacy and anonymity; EOS and Steemit are a direct challenge to that, and propose that social identity leads to good governance for the ecosystem. Like I said, I'm just now starting to think about this. You said it much better than I, upvoted and resteemed.


It would be worrying but it's a fair to even chance I reckon

I cannot agree more! EOS will provide the ultimate foundation for the best social platform! Steemit is fuctioning now and is gaining a huge lead in this blockchain based social niche! That's why I'm here and will be for a while. However, I am keeping my eyes open for an EOS based Social Platform! It could be huge! I've recently started learning more about EOS and I'm completely blown away! I wrote an article a couple days ago about EOS and why I believe it will be the way to go in the general token battle. Check out the link if you have a few minutes and let me know what you think! :-)


my conceptual mind has been hard at work on this topic. My consensus on your views of consensus within the block chain mesh very well. I guess that pun was undoubtedly intentional.
When you spoke of steemit not being a social media platform, and more towards the attributes of our consensual nature, that is; our propensity towards the common mind agreement, I was riddled with goosebumps for a moment because this is all become very clear to me on an integral level, and I feel that I have a head start in this understanding. It's articles such as this that deserve the attention of the mass user base here.
I cannot tell you how many people view my perception of blockchain and steemit as a farce, and I can't help but to feel bad for them. I have tried to reach out to everybody I know in my personal Circle, but I'm sure you know what kind of reception I'm met with. in fact I haven't been able to convince anybody that I personally know, but this is no fault of their own due to our political bodies in the United States fuding the hell out of this blockchain technology. as it is, it doesn't deter me from my positive outlook, because I simply know what's coming.
So I happened upon your feed, because you upvoted one of my posts. I always make it a point to look at the people that look at me. I want to say thank you for your up vote, and reciprocate with not only up voting you, but also resteeming. in fact this is a post that really should be resteemed by everybody.

PS. Thanks to your extensive vocabulary, I invariably learned a new word today (prosaically)
I love it! Thank you so much for your Insight. also I noticed this is the first time you've posted in awhile, I really hope to see more content such as this from you in the future. Followed!

Thanks @futuremind! I feel that the shift is sneaking up on us. It's almost like the occupy movement went underground, into the blockchain, and us maturing there, gestating. I agree with you, something big is coming soon.

A few people I know started out laughing at crypto but their views have transformed since becoming involved. I love how getting into this stuff educates us, makes us better people wrt our communities

Some people, dare I say most people, won't or can't see change until it's already happened. I used to think it was only because they happened to be out the loop and didn't get exposed to the idea. Since I discovered crypto in the summer I've seen that they can see it right in front of them but they're unable to truly see the implications of this technology. It's like they can only connect the dots retroactively.

I've got the sense from talking to people that it may even come in part from very different ways to perceive reality. All the most innovative ideas, that is to say ideas that were of a sufficient leap forward, were created by those who were able to see two essential things. First, to believe there probably is a far better/efficient way to do things. Two, that the solution or better way may not exist yet and the answer may well lie outside of the box. It's one thing to look at improving existing technology but it's what we call "visionary" if we're able to create something which fundamentally changes everything and not by accident. A line I like from an Andreas Antonopoulos talk about Bitcoin is, "just like with the internet things that were previously unthinkable, are now thinkable".

The truly innovative person is one who sees the past as something that which has happened as a matter of record, rather than something which controls the present and therefore by extension the future. Where new ways of doing things is seen as freely possible because we're not a prisoner of the past.

I've had people personally make the argument I'm sure you've seen as well, that crypto will never take off because there's so few places currently to spend it right now. I'm amazed this even sounds reasonable enough to say without the individual becoming aware how silly it is half way through uttering it. Although there are many great examples I always use email and computers. You could say no one's going to use email, it will never take off, because look how hardly anyone has a computer in their home. Obviously this is a completely backwards way to see things. Those that see things this way can't truly innovate. They can only see one step ahead, a minor modification to an existing structure, they can't generate anything novel. It's not possible for them to be able to see the sense in any idea if it didn't already exist and for which the infrastructure isn't already there. For the same reason they couldn't see it before, after it's already happened they can look at the transition and then it it seems perfectly clear. Now they can see it, but all that's happened is the line has been moved.

It's sort of like the mistake you can see in retrofuturism where they couldn't conceive of the internet and how we'd use our phones in regards to social media. Instead any conception of the mobile phone was just a regular phone except smaller and more portable. Even the computer just got smaller but they imagined most notably as something we'd use to make video calls, or as a more efficient library. You might think that's fairly close but it is actually very different because it was mostly just imagining what already existed, but smaller. But the true meaningful innovations were missed completely and that's because they really had much less or nothing to draw from to be able to imagine it.

So it is with Bitcoin, in that the implications are so incredible and vast that it's difficult to even imagine it. The evolution of money to a digital worldwide trustless network owned and controlled by no one is a technological disruption of such significance in the history of humanity it's going to invariably be something impossible to understand by most people for the same reasons I gave before. They'll only be able to see it after it's already happened, because then it will be the past, then it will seem obvious.

(tagging also @futuremind)

Very exhilarating and exciting to be part of the of the early adoption! I'm very grateful for the upvote too @mjhomb. For a minnow like myself, this is quite significant. I look forward to our interactions in the future.

I do think steem is a nice base for a better society, respecting , supporting each other is the way to go.
That is what i see with steem, having transparency and our own governance, enough taxes and debt money!

i could not convince no one back then when i figured bitcoin, it was at 80$ :D . I was in a budget and could not afford it , the next time i check it... was at 500$+ and i went: Ohhh.. shiit!, i'm f*ck dumbass! :D

Anyways... lol. I am still on a budget :) [looking for job] , i do not think i can grasp any Eos.. cant afford it (just like bitcoin lol) well still need to dig more around Eos... do not even know the price or the whitepaper ... :)

So I am really thankful to STEEM, to exists. Hopefully in a near future we see, groceryshops, markets, travel tickets, etc accepting steems rather than fiat, Banks are the ruin and even ruin peoples lifes taking out their houses!, why a bank has to own houses! really is insane!

In "real world" we elect officials to represent us (vote for us), then those vote and decide for the rest of the persons that got them elected (we)..., and that represents a lot of power for those elected officials, since there is not much transparency, talking mostly about Money, some of them could go and take shadow money ( from a corp lobby.. a criminal org, etc. ) to influence on the votes. Those elected official are the so called "politicians"

Is time to stop unknown people take decisions/vote for us!, they are usually not thinking about us! :)

With a platform like this, there is much more potential, we can have more impact on the society, not just locally but globally, everybody can help everybody now around the planet. finally your voting counts!, and indeed your vote is power!

Much Power and Respect Fellows!

Have a good day!

Well said @sublimate...well said 👏

Amazing post and I 100% agree with you. EOS will have everything BTS and Steem has + everything else.

The future is bright my friend.


Great post. I have faith in blockchain technology and EOS, steem are amazing platforms.

Thanks @draffanahmed. Come June something amazing is going to happen. I think so.

I agree looking forward to it.

Great Post. We are in the middle of a transformation that will not only impact how we handle transactions with one another, but it will have a social impact; most likely a huge one. The questions that I have is how deep that impact will be, how it will affect our social fabric, how collective and more inclusive decisions will affect our day to day lives and how the balance of power and control of resources will look like under the paradigm shift. As a Chinese proverb says, may we live in interesting times.....

Money is not actually useful until it is actually used. I believe that this same standard applies to cryptocurrency.

EOS is being built to offer many uses, including the social media applications postulated in your post. But the governance aspect is a meaningful boundary in all social cases.

EOS will need a large enough developer base to attract "governance-positive" entrepreneurs as well as a similarly primed market of users.

They're using that funding from EOS token sale to attract developers right? They got the architecture, governance, and the capital. It's the new world where we'll really start "living" on the internet. Just the beginning.

No offense but you sound like a shill.

Yes it's exciting to me.

Thanks for your response but I would not be so quick to claim that they have the governance issue solved.

The EOS rollout should be very interesting!

Yes it will be indeed. And so much can happen between now and then. No one knows what will succeed until it's out there in the wild. It's just exciting to see so much innovations and progress being made.

Ultimately though, this decentralization talk is, like many other ideas of society is more a philosophy than a practical means of organization. Same with the socialism experiments of last century. Egalitarian ideas function ok in small groups, but larger groups require order and governance. Those with power make the rules. No one has solved the collective action problem yet; ultimately we personally take the actions that benefit us the most, even if those actions are detrimental to the group as a whole. Eventually in a decentalized system, some people are going to end up with an outsized level of influence and power, and they will use the system to maximize their benefit, at the expensive of the vast majority of the rest of the group. You already see that with a behavior of a lot of the whales here. Government gets a bad rap, but let's not forget what the purpose of it is. By giving everyone an equal vote, you allow for the masses to pool their strength to have enough influence to challenge that of the powerful indiviual members of society. While it does have numerous failings, it's still the least bad system we have. Decentralization with no governance leads to neofeudalism. Good governance leads to stability, cohesiveness, and shared prosperity. Reglation must exist to ensure that we act in a means that actually leads us forward as a group rather than the few that gain power.

I hear you @cygon. It's an experiment. My feeling is that society holds together as much as it does despite our government. I believe in human nature I suppose, that's the premise. That when freed from exploitation and given the right tools our natural curiousity and community mindedness will shine through. Anyway I understand you point of view for sure.

This video conveys what I think we are up against:


Ultimately though, this decentralization talk is, like many other ideas of society is more a philosophy than a practical means of organization. Same with the socialism experiments of last century. Egalitarian ideas function ok in small groups, but larger groups require order and governance. Those with power make the rules. No one has solved the collective action problem yet;

You're talking as if bitcoin doesn't exist. Bitcoin DOES solve that exact problem.

Now of course Steemit does have some issues which is what you're referring to and is a bit different. The conclusion isn't that decentralisation and blockchain is some kind of failed experiment, it doesn't point that way at all. The main reason the drama with the reward pool is the way it is, is because of lack of development for Steemit. It's hardly changed since I got into crypto in the summer. A few simple rule changes could make all the difference. The point, though, is that it will be a blockchain solution that must and will be found. The answer isn't to go back to centralisation it's to create blockchain based rules which disincentivise those from gaming the system, and insensitive quality content creators. Centralisation should be kept to an absolute minimum if there's no other way. You gave up way too quickly.

Does Bitcoin cure cancer too? Bitcoin is a decentralized proof of concept that works for a very specific application. Steem is a much more complicated concept that relies on stake holders to work together for the platform to be successful. Sure you can make the rules better, but people are always going to find a way to game the system. Not to mention Bitcoin's governance is part of why I think it's eventually going to fail, and Steem still needs some sort of governance to make those rule changes.

I'm sure it won't be called EOSit though, but something else.

Haha. I know. Dan was asking for name suggestions on the Eos telegram channel, not too seriously though. There has been nothing official, it's just speculation ATM!

Only question now is what to do with all our Steem!?

Keep it if course! Steemit isn't going anywhere IMO. Time will tell though...

This is clearly true and I support the fact it should be a social media platform too.

The video was so informative . But I would download it and sit and watch for the part I watched about the bitcoin I guess you are right there.

Yes, it is complicated but to understand all the aspects and to get a handle on this stuff, we have to know our way around by educating ourselves.
New wheel is a great example to describe cryptography and bitcoin concept. The author seems to be from biological background and perhaps finally ended up in cryptocurrency and computer science. Great combination and really an impressive way of explanation of money circulation through blood circulation.

Very nice and informative post. I got to know somethings in the post. But the question is ..... is @dan the CEO of EOSit ?
I agree with the conclusion that blockchain should be more than currency isn’t enough. Community makes up the world’s system itself, there’s potential growth in community.
It’s quite interesting to know that steemit is a governance platform. My definition of steemit has been a social platform presenting your timeline as a personal blog and getting rewards for contents and value added.

I don’t see EOS as a competition for now but it’d definitely be a little more competitive when the fight for traffic occurs.

To my own little understanding, the income generated by traffic is directly proportional to the existence of a particular website/platform. EOS being an equal match with steemit I should say will definitely reduce traffic on steemit but never to worry. Steemit is growing and EOS will have to keep up the pace.

Thanks for sharing. I was educated

I love your review @mjhomb.

It portrays careful follow up of trending events on the platform. If only more persons could view the platform this way rather than the money making machine way.

Good job

Thanks @j-stark. The whole thing has been troubling me. I really think that some of the inflation in any DPoS system needs to go to the community builders. That's what steemit tries to do. Eos should too and steemit should have no problem with that.

You're welcome

has @dan thought about everything????

looks to me like he has. a visionary.

I want to believe that visionary is more like an understatement. The guy is a genius

Steemit is a great platform, the amount of work put in to create value and then getting paid for that valuable content is exception, but you lost me @ eos the last time @dan did a post on it I promised myself to do more research on it and here I am again not entirely sure wat it means lol but so long it has to do with crypto and from your write up that it is a welcome development!!

@mjhomb wow didn’t look at article read time before I started, Very in-depth.
Only on break will have to come back to this one, defiantly perked my interest!

Quick thought, look at how many platforms currently coexist each with their own niche following. I doubt it will replace steemit unless the platform if any is created was an exact duplicate with some major benefit. Many users use multiple social media’s as is to increase visibility as we see here people bringing their youtube videos onto d.tube.

Hello I am a artist from South Africa, I have been making digital art for 3 years every day, I am trying out Steemit and would really appreciate your support with a Upvote or even a follow. have a super day @debart

Ignoramus that I am, @mjhomb, I've not even heard of Eos... But, I am turned on by the Big Idea of Steemit as a governance platform!

Will muse over these memorable lines, below, for a bit. Thanks, for sharing your stimulating ideas:

"Whenever we interact as social beings, engaging in discussions, engaging in transactions, this is where the green shoots of governance grow. It all starts with our consensus... Currency is secondary to consensus. If we are to have a new and open currency then surely concomitant with this we must also have a new and open form of governance."

Thanks @yahialababidi! And you are no ignoramus. You are a teacher in the most important school!

You're a generous soul, my friend! We learn as we teach and, perhaps, we teach what we most need to learn, in this world of marvels and paradoxes :)

Hmm.. EOS is the software. You can build a social network with EOS, but EOS itself does not "need to be a social media platform."

Well my point was that Eos, because it is DPoS, needs a motivated community to vote for block producers - people who stake their Eos tokens for voting. These people are so important and need to be rewarded for their participation by some part of the inflation in Eos. It's a vital function voting, but they cannot be rewarded for their vote directly. Moreover it is their social interactions like here on steemit that keeps the community strong and responding to problems with the platform. I try to argue this is governance. Like @eosgo and their forum site for example. What better way to reward them then by rewarding their acts of communication and efforts to respond to challenges through a knowledge sharing dapp that lives on the chain it serves. Call it an Eos governance platform that receives governance related posts and allows voting for posts by eos tokens staked in the voting category. That was the point that I was trying to make.

Why do you stake Steem power and do you vote for block producers? Do you read block producer updates and campaigns? Do you engage in discussions about rewards distribution? Some people do and it's important for steemits health.

Awesome post with great fact. I have great confidence that EOS will transform the world in future. All thanks to @Dan CEO of EOS

An incisive article into the pumping heart of Steemit @mjhomb. Quality work. Instant resteem!

Steemit is the best and we all love it but its really to good to see the development updates of eos.
It would be really great if eos launches it's own social platform

Welcome back happy to see you again posting, and sharing you great experiences we appreciate that friend

I think I read a post that EOS will also become a social platform. Yeah, I would love that.

Used to think that it was a social media either. Thanks for the awareness.

Brilliant, thought provoking piece. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

Well worth the upvote and follow!

The idea is rather that all blockchains should be social platforms for their communities.

Yes, I also think this would be the next revolution with cryptocurrency.

@mjhomb this article really helps me take some very serious things into consideration. Really appreciate your effort and explanation of the current events. Thanks pal.

I saw the article well. Thank you.

its amazing great work keep it up
blog of the day
stay blessed and keep posting an informational posts

Thanks for the post and the video is top notch it would be really good if all you said on the video could be implemented and it was so informative especially the breakdown on the crpytocurrencies

Thanks! The video is by the inimitable @corbettreport.

Hello @mjhomb, I made a post about DTUBE, you should defenitly take a look at it!

Wow. Im a newbie here, invited by people who sees steemit as an earning platform, we were wrong. It's just so nice seeing steemit in your perception. And I agree with you, now Ill never look at steemit the same way again.

I will follow you to see your future posts!

You may be interested in knowing that a Chinese tech company is building a revolutionary social media platform on the EOS block chain named ONO.
I have written two articles about this platform. Here is the first link;