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Blood transfusions is a really great way to describe what has taken place with "normal" currency. Honestly, this cryptocurrency thing is something I am learning more about every day and I still feel like I know nothing! There is so much to learn and my head spins a bit on some days! :-) Thanks for the post, it helped me understand this crypto thing a bit better.

That's for sure!

Thats the thing... People involved need to Go beyond the make money part.
We are in the middle of a huge experiment that Will change How interactions in the world Will happen.
This is a true revolution in the making.

Exactly @phgnomo

Minds have to run beyond the "how much can I make?" thought to "how much they can impact?".

Only then can we say we are truly moving forward or that we are actually making a difference. This revolution that started with steemit is big and I think @dan's work (Eosit) is just a tip of the iceberg

Money is part of this, but the focus need to be on other things too.

While I enjoy the platform greatly, that is exactly what I don't like about Steemit. People who are only interested in making money. I think the whole competition for upvotes and rewards is flawed. I would like to see Dan fix it. This platform sometimes reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

Many are just interested in earning money. They don't seem to go beyond that

@dan you are the boss,nice suggestion @phgnomo.

Excellent post man. Thanks for linking my post. I recently was talking about crypto with someone IRL and they were asking how there could be so many different currencies and I made the point about real world currencies and how many of those. I told them it was like different communities on the internet coming together. You are right about the governance and that will continue to play a huge part moving forward. There is so much drama in crypto and fighting which reminds me of stupid conflicts between countries. I really want to be a part of a community that works together to improve things and I feel like through blockchains this now possible.

Your post was the light bulb. I had been wondering about how Eos plans to incentivize staking for voting and thinking about those community benefit contracts and after reading your post it made sense, of course, one way to do it would be the same way steemit does. And it all helps governance and community at the same time. Thanks for your post, I seriously wouldn't have written this one otherwise

Awesome that you found my post helpful. I think it really was a light bulb moment for me when I realized how valuable a social network on EOS could be. Not just the money aspect of it but from the power of a community that can unite to make positive changes. I already see steemit changing the lives of so many and I think we stand to see that on a bigger scale with EOS. I am confident Dan will be able to figure out some better governance system. There is the distribution problems with Steem and that causes issues here. I know EOS will be better but interested to see how they solve these challenges. I definitely think we will see a new type of social platform built into EOS with the ability for many more to be added.

Your image using body functions is amazing. It changed the way i see this platform. And the way i see Eos.

I am new here. Only a newcomer trying to understand crypto. To understand steem and eos. I came to this post trying to understand why Eos should be a social media platform too.

Now you made me understand it.

I am not a techno-expert. But i am a writer. An artist. And now i understand this completely.

This is beyond money. Beyond technology. This is about people, community, subjective concepts of value and content. Ideas dancing and evolving. This is about flesh and blood, moving and creating things. I understand art.


Thanks @flashfiction! That's a fantastic compliment. Steemit is a great place, especially for artists I think. You are going to love it here

Actually I just checked out your blog and you've settled in big time already!

Great post. I have only lately begun thinking about the importance of "social presence" and "social identity" in securing the blockchain. Many coins focus on privacy and anonymity; EOS and Steemit are a direct challenge to that, and propose that social identity leads to good governance for the ecosystem. Like I said, I'm just now starting to think about this. You said it much better than I, upvoted and resteemed.


It would be worrying but it's a fair to even chance I reckon

I cannot agree more! EOS will provide the ultimate foundation for the best social platform! Steemit is fuctioning now and is gaining a huge lead in this blockchain based social niche! That's why I'm here and will be for a while. However, I am keeping my eyes open for an EOS based Social Platform! It could be huge! I've recently started learning more about EOS and I'm completely blown away! I wrote an article a couple days ago about EOS and why I believe it will be the way to go in the general token battle. Check out the link if you have a few minutes and let me know what you think! :-)


my conceptual mind has been hard at work on this topic. My consensus on your views of consensus within the block chain mesh very well. I guess that pun was undoubtedly intentional.
When you spoke of steemit not being a social media platform, and more towards the attributes of our consensual nature, that is; our propensity towards the common mind agreement, I was riddled with goosebumps for a moment because this is all become very clear to me on an integral level, and I feel that I have a head start in this understanding. It's articles such as this that deserve the attention of the mass user base here.
I cannot tell you how many people view my perception of blockchain and steemit as a farce, and I can't help but to feel bad for them. I have tried to reach out to everybody I know in my personal Circle, but I'm sure you know what kind of reception I'm met with. in fact I haven't been able to convince anybody that I personally know, but this is no fault of their own due to our political bodies in the United States fuding the hell out of this blockchain technology. as it is, it doesn't deter me from my positive outlook, because I simply know what's coming.
So I happened upon your feed, because you upvoted one of my posts. I always make it a point to look at the people that look at me. I want to say thank you for your up vote, and reciprocate with not only up voting you, but also resteeming. in fact this is a post that really should be resteemed by everybody.

PS. Thanks to your extensive vocabulary, I invariably learned a new word today (prosaically)
I love it! Thank you so much for your Insight. also I noticed this is the first time you've posted in awhile, I really hope to see more content such as this from you in the future. Followed!

Thanks @futuremind! I feel that the shift is sneaking up on us. It's almost like the occupy movement went underground, into the blockchain, and us maturing there, gestating. I agree with you, something big is coming soon.

A few people I know started out laughing at crypto but their views have transformed since becoming involved. I love how getting into this stuff educates us, makes us better people wrt our communities

Some people, dare I say most people, won't or can't see change until it's already happened. I used to think it was only because they happened to be out the loop and didn't get exposed to the idea. Since I discovered crypto in the summer I've seen that they can see it right in front of them but they're unable to truly see the implications of this technology. It's like they can only connect the dots retroactively.

I've got the sense from talking to people that it may even come in part from very different ways to perceive reality. All the most innovative ideas, that is to say ideas that were of a sufficient leap forward, were created by those who were able to see two essential things. First, to believe there probably is a far better/efficient way to do things. Two, that the solution or better way may not exist yet and the answer may well lie outside of the box. It's one thing to look at improving existing technology but it's what we call "visionary" if we're able to create something which fundamentally changes everything and not by accident. A line I like from an Andreas Antonopoulos talk about Bitcoin is, "just like with the internet things that were previously unthinkable, are now thinkable".

The truly innovative person is one who sees the past as something that which has happened as a matter of record, rather than something which controls the present and therefore by extension the future. Where new ways of doing things is seen as freely possible because we're not a prisoner of the past.

I've had people personally make the argument I'm sure you've seen as well, that crypto will never take off because there's so few places currently to spend it right now. I'm amazed this even sounds reasonable enough to say without the individual becoming aware how silly it is half way through uttering it. Although there are many great examples I always use email and computers. You could say no one's going to use email, it will never take off, because look how hardly anyone has a computer in their home. Obviously this is a completely backwards way to see things. Those that see things this way can't truly innovate. They can only see one step ahead, a minor modification to an existing structure, they can't generate anything novel. It's not possible for them to be able to see the sense in any idea if it didn't already exist and for which the infrastructure isn't already there. For the same reason they couldn't see it before, after it's already happened they can look at the transition and then it it seems perfectly clear. Now they can see it, but all that's happened is the line has been moved.

It's sort of like the mistake you can see in retrofuturism where they couldn't conceive of the internet and how we'd use our phones in regards to social media. Instead any conception of the mobile phone was just a regular phone except smaller and more portable. Even the computer just got smaller but they imagined most notably as something we'd use to make video calls, or as a more efficient library. You might think that's fairly close but it is actually very different because it was mostly just imagining what already existed, but smaller. But the true meaningful innovations were missed completely and that's because they really had much less or nothing to draw from to be able to imagine it.

So it is with Bitcoin, in that the implications are so incredible and vast that it's difficult to even imagine it. The evolution of money to a digital worldwide trustless network owned and controlled by no one is a technological disruption of such significance in the history of humanity it's going to invariably be something impossible to understand by most people for the same reasons I gave before. They'll only be able to see it after it's already happened, because then it will be the past, then it will seem obvious.

(tagging also @futuremind)

Very exhilarating and exciting to be part of the of the early adoption! I'm very grateful for the upvote too @mjhomb. For a minnow like myself, this is quite significant. I look forward to our interactions in the future.

I do think steem is a nice base for a better society, respecting , supporting each other is the way to go.
That is what i see with steem, having transparency and our own governance, enough taxes and debt money!

i could not convince no one back then when i figured bitcoin, it was at 80$ :D . I was in a budget and could not afford it , the next time i check it... was at 500$+ and i went: Ohhh.. shiit!, i'm f*ck dumbass! :D

Anyways... lol. I am still on a budget :) [looking for job] , i do not think i can grasp any Eos.. cant afford it (just like bitcoin lol) well still need to dig more around Eos... do not even know the price or the whitepaper ... :)

So I am really thankful to STEEM, to exists. Hopefully in a near future we see, groceryshops, markets, travel tickets, etc accepting steems rather than fiat, Banks are the ruin and even ruin peoples lifes taking out their houses!, why a bank has to own houses! really is insane!

In "real world" we elect officials to represent us (vote for us), then those vote and decide for the rest of the persons that got them elected (we)..., and that represents a lot of power for those elected officials, since there is not much transparency, talking mostly about Money, some of them could go and take shadow money ( from a corp lobby.. a criminal org, etc. ) to influence on the votes. Those elected official are the so called "politicians"

Is time to stop unknown people take decisions/vote for us!, they are usually not thinking about us! :)

With a platform like this, there is much more potential, we can have more impact on the society, not just locally but globally, everybody can help everybody now around the planet. finally your voting counts!, and indeed your vote is power!

Much Power and Respect Fellows!

Have a good day!

Well said @sublimate...well said 👏

Amazing post and I 100% agree with you. EOS will have everything BTS and Steem has + everything else.

The future is bright my friend.


Great post. I have faith in blockchain technology and EOS, steem are amazing platforms.

Thanks @draffanahmed. Come June something amazing is going to happen. I think so.

I agree looking forward to it.

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