Never gunna give you up b1!

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Blockchain is a very interesting technology, everything you do on the blockchain leaves a permanent trace.  I have been investigating accounts related to the b1 account and found out some very interesting things.

The information here will show snippets of output from cleos, but you can follow along using a block explorer of your choice.

The b1 account

There is a special account on EOS which has only 2 letters, it is owned by the key that block one registered on the Ethereum network.  The key which is set to both owner and active for the b1 account is as follows:


This can be verified with a block explorer by searching for the b1 account.

Other accounts using that key as a permission

./ get accounts EOS5cujNHGMYZZ2tgByyNEUaoPLFhZVmGXbZc9BLJeQkKZFqGYEiQ


  "account_names": [





Thats interesting... The key holder of the b1 account is also the holder of rickrolledb1

Lets see which keys control that account.

./ get account rickrolledb1


     owner     1:    1 EOS6ka7tgmPJGEAPnNsxxeSNQUwqLMu44gZhnHY8RtXwPPKGFadak

        active     1:    1 EOS5cujNHGMYZZ2tgByyNEUaoPLFhZVmGXbZc9BLJeQkKZFqGYEiQ

The key ending EiQ is the b1 key, but the owner key is:


This is new, lets see which accounts it controls

./ get accounts EOS6ka7tgmPJGEAPnNsxxeSNQUwqLMu44gZhnHY8RtXwPPKGFadak


  "account_names": [






There are 2 new accounts here, all related to the original b1 account in some way


Very interesting site (, claiming to provide inside information about EOS.

The DNS for this is covered by privacy protection so I will leave it there for now.

**eosinsiderio** has another key which has other interesting accounts, I will not delve deeply into them though

./ get accounts EOS4zGGN7cE2a6rXTKdDVSacdSjVZsUjWK8yoeWU5SHTSQbfXrWPs


  "account_names": [










Seems like an interesting account, probably a test for timelocks and/or account recovery.  My prediction is that at some point the active key will be circulated publically, Dan (or someone close to B1) are preparing to leave their wallet on the table ;)

This was previously announced here

Their private key has been published and people are invited to steal the tokens.

What I think happened here

The eosinsider account has created the rickrolled account and then assigned b1 as the active key, will block one engage with this account?


Somebody created an account using b1 public key as active on new account. This somebody could be anyone.

./ get account rickrolledb1


 owner     1:    1 EOS5cujNHGMYZZ2tgByyNEUaoPLFhZVmGXbZc9BLJeQkKZFqGYEiQ

    active     1:    1 EOS5cujNHGMYZZ2tgByyNEUaoPLFhZVmGXbZc9BLJeQkKZFqGYEiQ

Now b1 has complete control of this rickroll account if they want to assign it to someone else!

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