Why EOS Is The FUTURE Of Cryptocurrency! - Creator @Dan Larimer Explains

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In this video, I talk with Dan Larimer, creator of Steemit/Steem, BitShares and of course EOS, a cryptocurrency making the rounds and quickly finding its way to the top of the cryptocurrency ladder.

There's no doubt why EOS has been doing so well as of recently. EOS prides itself on being one of the most decentralized and transparent cryptocurrencies on the market.

In @Dan Larimer's own words,

"EOS is all about my continuing mission to find free market solutions for securing our life, liberty and property. I believe blockchain technology is the future and EOS is designed to be the most powerful, flexible, easy to use, best governed, most decentralized blockchain software on the market."

Dan says he's been inspired by out of control government to build something that can replace the current systems we are coerced by on a daily basis.

With the incredibly high transaction fees and wait times in recent days with Bitcoin, EOS does not have transaction fees.

As Larimer went on to say,

"First of all, EOS is designed to process tens or hundreds of thousands of transactions which increases the capacity which will help keep the fees down. Second, we do not charge fees at all. We do rate limiting which means if you only transact periodically, you're always going to get your transaction through. There will be no fees. The network will never be so flooded that it'll be unresponsive which is a problem with the fee model, that anyone with enough money, about $250,000 a day can completely shut down Ethereum just by fees alone, or at least raise the fees until no one will be able to use it. So the model and the allocation of resource usage under EOS and Steemit completely changes the game in terms of ensuring access to the blockchain."

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EOS has just begun and the ICO ends in June 2018, but there are a lot more announcements yet to be made according to Dan.

Following up the topic of EOS, Dan Larimer goes into Steemit a creation of his and his team's. He talks about the potential of Steemit to change the game entirely when it comes to social media on the blockchain. Steemit's cryptocurrency, Steem has been skyrocketing recently and so has Steem Backed Dollars (SBD), a risk mitigating token for creators on the platform which seems to have garnered a life of its own in recent days, at one point peaking above $19.

As mainstream social medias censor and demonetize creators, Steemit arrived at the perfect time to save independent media organizations that were struggling to get by.

We're just seeing the beginning of a monetary and internet revolution, the likes of which we've never seen before in history. From Steemit to BitShares and EOS, like we said, it's only the beginning.

We appreciate Dan Larimer's time and we hope to talk with him again soon.

See the FULL video interview here:

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I wish I had 10% of his intelligence. He is revolutionizing this industry and there is nobody out there who cares more about Crypto as a resource. Most see it as profits and thats what sets Dan apart. Great article!

I agree but the world think it is Etherum because of the current valuation. We need to bring STEEM up there. No matter we agree here is different to the eyes of investors outside of this community.

We need to invest more, hold STEEM and bring more investors in.

Don't you agree?


What could they produce together?

I am new on steemit please guide me follow me and vote me @cristi

It doesn't need me to say this Josh, but you are a real credit to the #Steemit Community. Your interviewing skills and enthusiasm keep your audience wanting to hear more. Keep up the great work Josh. Stephen

Thanks Stephen! I appreciate it! I wish I'd seen that EOS was traded on more exchanges. I just hadn't seen it on the particular exchanges I use. lol I gotta be better prepared next time. But I really enjoyed talking with him.

Thanks for the video interview. Always great to hear from the developers and to feel their excitement!

How about we have complete transparency for the gov. at every level. Can we have complete transparency for the DOJ, DBI and CIA as well? The entire apparatus of the U.S. is built on secrecy!! LOL

Total transparency + blockchain +gov. will usher in worldwide totalitarian regime on a scale never seen before on this planet.

Nice. Thanks!

Thanks for the post, have learned a lot of great info from your work!

My pleasure! Thank you :)

Yeah. @ceattlestretch
We have benefited from the subject very much
Thanks I did not appreciate your great effort. Bro @joshsigurdson

Awesome as always resteemd for you guys!

SBD re down now under 10$ but i am sure SBD will break the 20$ veryy soon

I'm HODLing personally, though I still find it funny considering it was a risk mitigating token pegged at a dollar. XD

You the man @joshsigurdson! I Love what EOS is doing, its the Future!

Damn right! Thanks bro!

That was awesome, its always great to hear from Dan, he's no doubt one of the greatest minds in the space. Thanks for asking him about STEEM too, since he usually just talks about EOS now

Is it possible to make an EOS Paper Wallet?

I also think EOS is the most interesting and promising coin on the market.

Well written :) cheers

Eos is certainly one of the most promising altcoins atm.

eos is a shitcoin

Every altcoin is a shitcoin, but short term almost all of them will go up, and Eos maybe most.

shitcoin is your opinion.

EOS, babay, EOS!

Go go EOS :)

EOS is a great coin... will sure to buy some... thanks for sharing

I wish I had bought some under $1 when I started looking at it! EOS has a bright future indeed!

Agreed. EOS is the future of Crypto.

thanks @joshsigurdon for video, I totaly agre with that, two months ago i bought this cryptocurrency and i think that in future it will be much more popular and it will be in top

Thanks for the post. I really like this project.

Still to dive in EOS. Think I am a bit late. Prices are running high. Will surely dive when price drops. EOS is the future, that is for sure.

Too bad i didnt buy it more (

Hey thanks for sharing!

I'm pretty anxious to play with the testnet, I think tomorrow i will set up everything :)

I would like to know how eos will be better than neo regarding the creation and execution smart contracts also how it will be better regarding the terms of scalability?

Nice post! In as much as I am yet to know much about EOS as a cryptocurrency, I am looking forward to benefit from it in future. I follow and upvote you. I expect you do same for me.

This is extremely helpful. Thank you and happy holidays! If you're interested.... https://steemit.com/crypto/@natebelt83/crypto-mania-in-full-effect

Thank you and will follow and upvote too

Verry good

Great post! Well information in steemit.

Don't worry. The future of crypto currency is bright.

Stack up you EOS and Cardano...you will be millionare in few years.

Already have strong position in cardano looks like ill be lookn to add Eos on the dips. Eth Iota Eos and Cardano are all competetiors I believe all us based except Cardano which is why I started there 1st

wow wow wow!!! i love your post!!! thanks for sharing @joshsigurdson...my eos holdings are already worth more than my bitcoin holding hehehe

Shared to my Steemit Facebook & Twitter Group👍 I'm a big fan of WAM, good to see you here on Steemit

Cool, thanks for the info! DIdn't look into EOS yet!

Steem have future, now it's time to invest in it.

I myself am new here on steemit. But like others, I have heard of bitcoin for a long time. but have never really tok time to learn what it stands for . I started buying in May 2017. I know a lot more but you never know enough, am also a big advocate for blockchain technology. and one off my favourite project is Eos and Steemit I see Eos more like a asset .Of course I hope to get to know nice people and of course cryptocurrency and how I can get more out of it. and sorry for my English I myself am from amsterdam. So in advance sorry for me spelling and wrong grammar

Today I acquired some EOS, thanks to the interview you gave us. Thank you!

Great post. I've been investing in different altcoins, and with the christmas drop of everything, I might invest in EOS due to your thread, thanks a lot

Phenomenal interview! The more I listen to and read about Dan and his crew I feel the possibility of a complete transformation in the way the world interacts with each other, both personally and financially. Thanks for your post!

EOS is the future of cryptos...

yeah right lol

@joshsigurdson so whats your opinion should i go for bitcoin or steem because yesterday was good day for me and i invested around $3400 in BTC when there was unbelievable low value of BTC

It's awesome information but i want to add something with you article please checkout this information thanks !

Love the concept of EOS. Now, where to buy it as a US citizen?

EOS will certainly take its pace real soon...anyways mate great update...

Thanks a lot for good posting

Hope, EOS can be one of the most powerful coin in the world....

Very informative video.
Steem could be THE cryptocurrency of the future!
Let's all work together to make it happen.
Upvoted and resteemed.

great post , from venezuela follow me and follow you ^-^please, happy christmas

Can anyone tell me why EOS-token costs $2,08 on eosscan.io and $8+ on exchanges?

Crypto currency is the future of this world. No one will use paper currency after some years. Mark my words.

Thank you for the video. The explanations that you give is very appreciated in helping me make the correct choice with investing in EOS. Knowledge is definitely power.

Very informative post. thank you very much for explaining future of cryptocurrency. i will definitely buy your suggested coin.

EOS.. EOS, I might stick it on my buy and hold lost along with Iota and Neo.. good video btw

cryptocurrency will be a big tragedy in the future.

Thanks for providing such an informative post once again.

Great post it is really appriciable nice job

I made a mistake it seems, EOS is not currently in the platform i'm using! Definitely, gonna invest in some because it looks promising!

Your style is unique in comparison to other people I've read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity

$EOS: The only fundamentally perfect token out there !

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Thanks, Josh. Great post!

Watched this on YouTube earlier today. I just wrote a post reminding folk about the contents of this interview and linking back here so they can watch the full interview. It's important to spread the word about these things. SO many people were worried or upset about SBD going up, thinking the $1 thing is a fixed thing. Knowing it's just a florr should reassure many. I'm also resteeming.

Thanks for explaining the Future of cryptocurrency Loved it

EOS is garbage its a shitcoin. People say its an Ethereum killer??? How do you figure EOS needs Ethereum to even exist.

Wow!! Excellent post. Very informative. I have learnt a good lesson about currency.

the future is ours.

Really good stuff here. Thanks for the post Josh. We're ALL learning so much fast!! Keep on with the knowledge drops, man!

a lot of good information here, thanks for sharing this post

Nice post keep posting share love
Merry christmas

With fees down and transactions get faster......... EOS is the future of cryptos, thanks for the post, beautiful info here

we wish all BTC and other Bitcoin Fans good luck for 2018:


Can I read somewhere about the idea of getting more security by less privacy? This is the second time I hear about that idea but I do not understand how it should work fundamentally.
Sounds like having 10000 friends on Facebook will help you out when some shit will happen... Doubt that.

amazing post and thank you for the information you shared

I din't know bitshares , Eos and steem was created by the same founders.
Ether looks really promising with its fast transaction times and low transaction cost.
Might just replace Bitcoin to be the main cryptocurrency of the Market.

Eth might give a run at btc but Eos Iota and cardano will be direct competetors of eth 1of those 4 not btc will ve the future

This is extremely exciting, EOS will change the world of blockchain tech.

thanks for the info

i have bought 1200 Eos on 2usd, I will never sell it. Keep it and hold. I believe i will be rich one day!

This is intriguing stuff here and very important to every steemit user. The incredible capacity to make this currency MOST LIQUID AMONG CRYPTOS is an absolute game changer. This platform melds into virtually every other online commerce activity with so much more ease than so many of these upstarts. Look at every revolutionary device on the marketplace in the tech era and you will see several participants. The real winners remain nimble, adaptive, and listen to what the masses are asking for. Long story short, I really really like what I have seen here in my short time on this platform. Thanks once again for an excellent profile.

Thank you for the post, I have learned a lot of great info from your works!

Thanks A Lot Kind Brother !

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So if I get this;
Someones/ something's bio metric footprint replaces a hard wallet.
That's huge.

I like your post men


Nice one. I will reblog

A lot of good info here.If your interested.thank you.

Good post. Will have read the rest of it later.......thanks

great info! I already have some stake in eos and every day I'm more convinced on it.
already download it to start creating some small test dapps.
if anyone has a good idea for a simple and useful dapp that i can work on you are really welcome! :)
thanks for sharing this video @joshsigurdson! keep up the great work!

good post friend goes on like this

Bu güzel post için teşekkürler :)

Good job, resteemed!

Gotta stack up.

Apparently the most voted publications are those that talk about "steem" "steemit" "bitcoin" "cryptocurrency" and etc, we will have to publish only about that. This platform has become a source of publications about itself. so boring.

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