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If you truly believe the title that "crypto mania is in full effect" then you should be cognizant that a peak is in the short term future. Just be careful out there everyone! Yesterday was particularly brutal and illustrates too full effect how quickly crypto value can vaporize. Take profits as you go along.


Yes well all need to I say yes take profits as you go or at least as needed !!
Thank you

If you look at BTC price over time though, you will notice a very steady pattern. It hits a low point about every 2 months and 2 days after it's previous dip. It has been happening for the past year and a half now. If this holds true this time around, then BTC should be at it's next lowest point before another rocket ride around January 10th 2018...

BitCoin dip and rebound.jpg

MajorBeesley MCoin 1000x50 signature.jpg


Great graph thank you!

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yeah looking at holding 30% Alt other than the royal coin (BTC)


I'm 90% alt, 10% BTC

thanks for sharing, smaller coins really do have bigger gains, verge and cardano i put my money on.

Got to ride the ripple wave a little... shouldve had a bigger position though >.< i knew it would fly when it was starting to be implemented!

what about the dropping of bitcoin recently? is this normal and expected to fluctuate in same manner?


Yes, the holidays/end of fiscal yr have brought the dip. Do not be alarmed, BTC will rise again 10 fold!


now im trading in bittrex and bittrex transection fee is so high..


Very smart, another one that is on the back end of coinbase is GDAX. Fees are extremely low. Thanks for your reply!


how much?? coinbase is batter then bittrex??

Your post is waoooo. Thanks for sharing. I can't to see more of posts. I follow and upvote you.

crypto craziness for sure 😆

Wow get a awesome info by this post.

crazy flush out....all the weak hands will be taken out and the next run to 2018 target of 100K begins next year

Amazing bro good article about crypto

If it dont make money it dont make sense

small coin will be vital next,thanks for the post @natebelt83