EOS Launch Day. EOS Misconceptions. EOS Airdrops.

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EOS will launch the mainnet today in just hours. There are many rumors surrounding EOS and disinformation flying around. I discuss the details of why EOS is a breakthrough in blockchain technology.

First off, DPoS or Delegated Proof of Stake is a democratic system of voted in block producers (miners). These producers will always be 21 in number and their power is decentralized as they do not (pool) their power. They are voted in and can be voted out at any time, much like the the board members of a company can be voted out by shareholders and other board members. This alleviates the 51% attack problem that we are seeing with other proof of work cryptos. In order to even tamper with EOS in this way 15 of the 21 block producers would have to launch a coordinated collusive effort before being voted out of position. Even then, they have little reason to do so, as they are in a Proof of Stake model, where they own a large position of EOS tokens.

Secondly, there is a lot of confusion on how the $4 billion in ICO proceeds will be spent by Block.one. Instead of having ICOs raise funds by collecting EOS to fundraise for their projects, which leaves investors open to potential scams, projects will have their tokens airdropped to stakeholders of EOS. This will give Block.one a central authority on venture capital, but at the same time thwarts bad actors from running scam ICOs. In order to gain value, they will have to put in work and prove to block.one that they deserve funding. They are free to raise funds in other ways, but will not be collecting EOS as a "fuel" for the project like Ethereum ICOs. Launching on EOS will be open source and anyone will be able to create a custom blockchain. This will also keep EOS tokens from being sold off by ICOs and creating selling pressure on the EOS token in markets.

Thirdly, the lengthy timeline of this ICO is not a bad thing. It keeps whales from buying up all the tokens in the first few days. More investors can get their hands on tokens, this gives the network more users, which in effect should give more value. The network effect of Metcalfe's Law is a more prevalent valuation metric in blockchains.

There will be airdrops occurring shortly after launch, so you'll want to have your tokens registered and in an ERC20 wallet like Metamask or MEW. Amongst others, here are a few of the upcoming tokens EOS holders will receive in airdrops

Holding EOS tokens will allow the EOS investor to simply reap the rewards of all future projects. The $4 Billion in ICO funds are an investment in the potential of this platform.

I believe this ICO will set a precedent for others in the future.


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You mention a very interesting tidbit about the 'Hash power worth 1000$ needed to cause a 51 percent attack'. Now that one almost made me wet my pants............. its a major surprise, at least for me!

I got to understand the (delegated) DPOS after coming to the steem blockchain. Frankly I did not understand it for a while but only with time and a lot of reading and listening I got a bit of a hold of it. People who claim DPOS being centralized probably don't understand what you mentioned - which is that mining pools have already done much worse to POW coins. (Although I understand the need for pools).

EOS has been huge until now. In fact when all is said and done I consider it an alt to look for in the coming year. Thanks for sharing this man! Needed to hear this after all the fudding that's going on with EOS

The EOS Korea Announcement was misconstrued and its suggestions disregarded by the market. A billion dollars of the cash raised from the EOS ICO is currently authoritatively dedicated to ventures on EOS, the undertakings financed get airdropped to EOS holders as the component for token appropriation rather than ICOs. These airdrops will begin considering into the estimation of EOS as an ever increasing number of ventures get financed and more airdrops happen. The vulnerability of "how the EOS ICO assets will utilized?" has been cleared, affirming that the EOS ICO assets will be utilized to develop the EOS blockchain.

I am a BIG FAN of Connor Kenny and @investing. EOS will be a Very Big Deal.

Thanks for you sir

Agree, interested to see how all goes.
Lots of contrasting statements out there in the info.
Cheers to eloquent, true communication.

Wow so much talk about EOS in the last three days has really been stunning, they've tried to sweetened blockchain and make it quite easier for even a lay man too, however what will this mainnet detail? What should we expect of it? Is it a features on it's own? I'd like to know more, amazing update

I think rather we require a Q&A stickied to the best which I'd be glad to add to. Here is a post I composed for r/digital currency however you get the jist. I needed to impart to you a few things I've found out about EOS. Indeed, truly, I know… yet before you downvote me to hellfire attempt and take a couple of minutes to check whether there is something you didn't definitely know in here about the forthcoming system. All things considered, we are the early adopters that will help shape the foundation to come. While we as a whole need our own particular portfolios to succeed the truth is that any achievement is great accomplishment for crypto. Also I'm certain a few people are interested given the crazy value activity of late.

This is blockchain and crypto 101. In the event that you don't possess the private keys to your tokens, you don't claim them, PERIOD - putting away tokens on a trade can be awful news. On the off chance that you are not a dynamic broker, there is zero motivation to not secure your property in a private wallet to which you claim the key. The plenty of wallet alternatives leaves no reason for not taking control of your tokens. At present, EOS is an ERC20 token, so making a wallet can be as straightforward as introducing the MetaMask program expansion, or as mind boggling as setting up a disconnected wallet utilizing the MEW programming on a neighborhood machine. You choose for yourself which security framework best suits your speculation size and tech mastery.

EOS.IO is programming that acquaints a blockchain engineering planned with empower vertical and even scaling of decentralized applications. This is accomplished through a working framework like develop whereupon applications can be constructed. The product gives accounts, confirmation, databases, nonconcurrent correspondence and the booking of utilizations over various CPU centers and additionally bunches. The subsequent innovation is a blockchain design that can possibly scale to a great many exchanges for every second, disposes of client expenses and takes into consideration fast and simple arrangement of decentralized applications.

hodling my EOS. I think the rest of 2018 will be a great year for it!

i am really appreciate your post.because you sharing very important tropic today. EOS Launch Day. EOS Misconceptions. EOS Airdrops just excellent high quality thought tropic.this video very talentfull.because you explant this tropic very perfectly step to step.what,s a amazing explantation quality of you.i am really prode feel doing to give friend as like you.always sharing very best experience idea giving in your dtube channel.i am already subcribed this chanell.i am a big fan of your best channel.just marbmvelous.its very helpfull alltime for every steemians.everyday your good anylysis to see learning alots of new thing all steemians specially me.its very special for me.thanks to sharing very important post in your blog.very well done.overall bamper..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.my dear friend.. @investing.may god bless you..all the best..

Great post, I had no idea token holders will get stake in multiple blockchains. Good stuff! Anyway, was wondering, is there a way to verify if the private EOS key secured during registration via metamask is correct for the public key?

Know anything about the ClaimAll function in MEW (MyEtherWallet)? I followed the register function and can see my EOS balance in the token list in MEW, but I didn't follow the ClaimAll procedure listed as the 4th item. I didn't use the EOS token sale website but Bitshares instead.

I left mine on exchange for now

The EOS market price has stalled around $12.40, with volumes just above $1 billion. The share of Tether (USDT) trading remains relatively high at above 26% of all volumes.

Hi dear connor thanks for your videos
mr investing on the road
it helps alot of people and i hope u have a nice trip
i dont have any eos but good review
best regards =)


EOSI programming is a blockquake engineering that is designed with higher power and scaling of decentralized applications. This is done through an effective framework such as applications can be created. Product accounts, confirmation, databases, nonconcurrent letters, and bookings utilizations on various CPU centers and additional bunches. The next innovation is a blockquake design that can scale to several exchanges per second, settle client costs, and consider the fast and easy system of decentralized applications..........

I think EOS will triple its value in next two months.... And take off from there as crypto has become more mainstream from last year... Good luck guys

Wow good news....
Upvote and Resteem.....


Eos is very great deal there was wonderful and amazing discussion regarding the EOS from last few days....
Eos has done very much hard work to strengthned the steem blockchain and to vote or vote out any person at any time..
All that whether it is EOS launch day, misconceptions and EOS airdrops these are very innovative ideas which will helpful to all the steemit family and for me especially in various ways..
So i am thankful to you and your innovative thoughts obviously for posting and sharing such an incredable post..

eos is very good coin,its lunch coin market

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I froze up and didn't pull the trigger on EOS even though I've watched all your videos. I went all in on steem before it sunk so I'm waiting it out. I have discovered @dtube in the meantime and really enjoy it. Even got a few dtube votes in the process so it feels great.

EOS currently seems little bit gaining. But I guess before ending 2018 it will great project. EOS holding much better. Very soon for coming EOS airdrops.

I recently learned about airdrops, thanks for the headsup on EOS

Wow, this is good news, EOS will launch the mainnet today in just hours. You have provided confirmation about EOS and disinformation flying around. You have discussed the details of EOS and it is very important and very helpful. Thank you very much

This is an informative post.. Thanks for sharing....

Great to see Everything about EOS this is awesome stuff @investing.

Love is when investing likes my comment on youtube ♥♥♥


Wow the Hash power needed to make an attack is quite daunting. I think EoS still needs to do abit more work to prove itself, I do believe it to be a leading crypto and believe in it.

What do you think Bitcoins rise and fall will contribute to EoS as a lot of the cryptos still shadow Bitcoin which at this stage should not be happening.

Eos is the future thanks a lot @investing as i still remember your words you have introduced it when it was 2$ thats why i always say that i will trust you blindly,lots of love sir,take care.

EOS EOS EOS i love this project.

Good job :)

Unusual way of making your video, but as you said “the old way”. You explained very well what Brendan Blumer and Dan Larimer are doing. Obviously Dan has a sneaky way, but at the end it’s about EOS’s future. I personally hold both ETH and EOS. What I love about EOS is that I as a users can make transactions and interact with dapps for free in as well as delegated proof of stake, as you mentioned, resolves many of the problems seen in POW and POS systems. I personally left my EOS on exchange to do the mainnet swap for me. After that swap happens which should take about 48hrs, I will withdraw my EOS Mainnet tokens to the official (verified) EOS wallet once it’s out not to miss any airdrops. It may not be the best way, but it’s my best option at this time. I hope it won’t get too complicated or too stressful. You could make a video about that though “what to do after the swap”.

Great to see your own website sir as i will surely follow it.

I love dtube series. Video

Great video about eos sir thank you so much sir.

I'm glad to see EOS launching today. You discussing most valuable details through Dtube video. It would be really useful information who's invested EOS projects. EOS will be better before end of this year. Nice you decided to shared @investing.

Very good info, thanks!

Eos is the future and steem behind it to change the world :)

I only remembered about the EOS registration on 31 of May. I was super busy with my study and other stuff. So I panicked and had to sell all EOS tokens because I was confused about the registration method. And the possibility of losing them.
And here we go... now it is 20% up, yay.

I am very exited on EOS launching. Just 18 hours remaining. I hope EOS go higher and higher. Goos luck and best wishes. Thanks to @investing about providing us EOS introduction. I wishes you a very good luck @investing

I think one of the best things about EOS that Dan addresses is the fact that transactions do not cost users anything (they do through inflation which is what pays the block producers but the rate will be small enough that it will not be felt. No all inflation is bad, FYI - it depends on what it is used for, and in the EOS case it is being used for the benefit of everyone) . In the ethereum protocol you need to have ether to pay for every every transaction, so for instance for me to post this comment I need to pay with ether. To me having users have to pay for every little transaction is not viable --- especially when you have a choice between EOS where you don't pay. Dan really has thought of almost everything, but I am sure there are things that we don't know that we don't know. But Dan has built a platform that is flexible enought (hopefully) to over come unforeseen problems and bugs.

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