What's Next For EOS? - CryptoLions Block Producer

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Who is building tools for EOS?
A really interesting conversation on what's next for EOS


How will new Dapps test their EOS applications?

The network monitor was also built by Crypto Lions and they plan to grow it into a block explorer and more.

Some high-level discussion on putting Truth Bonds onto the blockchain. What are performance bonds and how they hold politicians accountable?

How do you choose someone at random? Verifiable randomness is another big idea from Crypto Lions.

A new way to think about diversity on the blockchain. Do we need some "bad guys" to round out the space with accountability?

Integrity is paramount to the EOS blockchain.
What happens if 15 BPs collude and validate bad transactions? Here's the backup plan.

How will teams manage budgets, report operations, etc? We're in the very early stages with EOS.

How the rewards curve has been adjusted for EOS BPs.

Plus much more...
Roman is very well versed in EOS and this is a really interesting conversation.

Cheers my crypto friends,
Brandon @HappyMoneyMan


I liked Roman's viewpoint on that BP's running primarily on AWS can have its advantage if it is at a lower percentage like 20 or 30% of the servers producing blocks.

Another great video!

Yea, at first I was anti AWS, but he makes a really valid point. It's a great tool as long as it doesn't become a single point of failure.
Roman was really well versed. he was one of my favorite people to listen to

is it good time to buy EOS ?

Can't say but all coins are down... So I guess it should be the rt time.

kiya bat kar rahe ho

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I think it's already trading on https://deltafork.io

Is it even fully launched yet?

Ha ha ha! Who still believe in Eos?

@onecupofcoffee doesn't.

should i invest on EOS now??

Good question. You might want to ask @happymoneyman that one.
I'm bullish on Steem long term but I dunno about the other cryptos.
If you get some earnings you should sign up for @dustsweeper.

I would research EOS now. I can't give investing advice. I love Steemit also. I think gaining as much knowledge about DPOS is more important than investing.
Steem, EOS, and blockchain are changing the world

is it good time to buy EOS?

I guess it is launched. I think this was my most popular comment ever. lol
You might want to sign up for @dustsweeper. I upvoted one of your blog posts so my vote counts.

Haha yeah, launched two days ago and today its already paralized XD. Didnt know about dustsweeper, Ill probably sign up tomorrow, thanks for the tip!

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I hope EOS has the same price trajectory as Ether over the next couple of years.

is it good time to buy EOS?

While the EOS blockchain technically launched on June 10 at 13:00 UTC, the answer to that question is effectively no. That's because the crypto tokens created by Block.one's $4 billion EOS initial coin offering (ICO) are locked up until the network elects 21 "block producers" (the equivalent of miners for the new network), and as that still hasn't happened, currently no one can start using EOS just yet.

Good answer. Thanks. And now we are unlocked. Exciting times.

EOS has yet to prove itself with a valuable use-case. atleast Steem has P-o-S block producers and a network of creators. The big banks are just propping up this Shell of a cryptocurrency.

is it good time to buy EOS?

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very informative! thanks

Excellent video was very good, thanks for its dimension and give a specific detail @happymoneyman

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Nice information for nice persons ;)

Thanks for the info!! Followed you!
-Frolickin Raptors

Great video dear.Thanks for sharing it

I don't like eos. Lisk is better than EOS

After the EOS mainnet launching, its price may pump

Well conversation, really enjoyed this information and learn a lot. But is it fully launched?


Thanks for sharing !!!

Are we rewarded by staking our EOS coins?

Thanks for sharing this post friend, good luck and congratulations

Thank you for sharing for us

Good EOS video, I wasn't aware of some of the tools already available for it thanks for sharing!

We should wait and watch

What Next For EOS?
EOS Raises $4.2 Billion Before Mainnet Launch

Keep up these killer interview! Great resource for our community!

EOS is the future, at least until Cardano goes mainstream!

what makes cardano better?

EOS has 0 Use case. Atleast Cardano has trades and proper team management.

this is nice

Nice, thank for sharing. Following you to stay tuned for more..:-)

EOS is hot in Korea, I heard.

Great thanks for sharing!
I personally can't wait for cross-chain liquidity with the Bancor.Network! So glad they are one of the 21BP's as LiquidEOS!

Nice video.This video is perfect.

es una pelicual muy diverdita creo que unade las mejores donde actuó Jim Carry

Excellent news. Crypto Lions sounds awesome. Good luck in the bidding.

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The convercation is so nice. The event already launched or not ?

May be EOS Go for More Partnership..

thanks..this conversation is so nice...
thanks for share

nice very informative

Another master piece from u brother great job :)

Well this is superb

i think eos best profit coin in 2018

Eos Realy King

Good investment choice in eos. will it be worthy?


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really, EOS project is very nice project

its Great post about EOS....

Wow That is Great

is there a way to check how much Transactions per seconds is EOS clocking right now?

people were claiming anywhere between 10,000 - 1,00,000 TPS before launch !

Hope this project rocks

Very good article 😇😇 resteemed

good to know about this...

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great news

I have bought some EOS but other than a brief summation I havent looked into it that much which is why I only bought a few of them just to see what goes on but can anyone explain to me what this mainnet looks to achieve and do I need to move my EOS somewhere else or will KuCoin take care of whatever goes on because they are doing a swap if I'm not mistaken. Like I said I'm not overly knowledgeable on EOS so any info would be nice I know with Tron Binance will be doing the swap for you come the 25th which is independence day for trx so I was just curious what all is happening on the EOS front and who better to ask than my fellow Steemians

Very nice video. I think eos will grow up in 2018 but I prefer Neo and Ada

both are my fav crypto.. Ada has huge expectations and Neo is always good for passive income

Le see.. What Happens in the Future .. Hope for Good...

is it right time to buy EOS??

It's a timely presented. thank you for that .:xD

Exciting to hear these developments!

I think EOS will have a hard time competing with it's big brother ETH.

I don't think it going to help in future anybody agree

Just hold the EOS you will get amazing result

Will EOS gain the momentum like Ethereum in the near future?

I hope EOS will be the number 1 token on coinmarketcap))

Very nice ..keep up

I am a big believer of EOS. I hope in coming years we all can make some amazing ROI with EOS.

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eos will be best daap platform

Eos is not good as trx...trx and bnb is the future

Great job by the Crypto Lions... The idea of putting truth bonds into the blockchain is commendable..

People are going nucking futs over EOS. That's all I know.

From the little information I have about eos it promises to be massive and roboust. My question is, "is eos going to be a crypto for cryptos? ", Like a platform for the implementation of other crypto tokens.

very informative post, crypto change digital market world.

Great Video. Is it good time to by EOS at 10.69 USD.

Amazing video! By the way, Please don't forget to follow our blogs and vote. Thank you.

I Checked the post fully and surprised what a brilliant thing share in here, am damn sure who post this he must be a brilliant and honest person, best of luck

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I think EOS will be worth of $1000 within 2 Years.....

Thanks for the update.

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