Distribution of Eos Block Producers and Backup Block Producers by Continent - June 2018

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At the moment - 24 June 2018 - we have only 55 Eos Block producers who are incentivised for their work. There are many more amazing teams who are waiting for our votes. Please consider spreading your votes evenly around the Globe to achieve better decentralisation of the Eos network. This kind of approach will provide better protection from natural or political disasters to the Eos network.

To see a #list of EOS Block Producers Candidates click Here.
Eosio Distribution of Eos Block Producers & Backup Block Producers - June 2018 world Map_.jpg
Number of Eos BPs & Backup BPs by Continent - June 2018.jpg
Eos Block Producers and Backup Block Producers by continents June 2018.jpg

Is Eos Mainnet truly decentralised? What are your thoughts? Please, leave a comment below.

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Very helpful information! I am not sure, if the oceanian active bp is meant to be @EOSNewYork Although they are incorporated on Cook Islands their core team as well as location of servers are in North America. The same might be valid for @EOSDac whose personell and servers are rather Europe focused.

I think everything will even(distribute) itself out. Teams like @EOSNewYork @EOS_Canada and @LiquidEOS are all doing a great job of helping/ engaging the EOS community. Perhaps this is more important at the moment..

Hi @gosia888. This is great content. Would you like to join EOS BP Compliance data/research team and share this data?