The Great EOS Discord Migration and Why You Need To Delete Telegram

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For a long time now, the EOS community has been using Telegram to communicate. Telegram has many flaws that create, well... you could say a certain discord.

Why Telegram was the wrong choice

The following reasons are why Telegram will not support the overall advancement of EOS.

1. Too Many Chats

Do you find yourself bouncing from chat to chat just to keep up with the flow? Have you ever came across a chat that you desperately needed at one time, but did not know it existed?

2. New Updates are Hard to Broadcast

Do you ever sign into telegram and see that you have over 2000 messages in certain channels? Do you read what you missed? Do you ever see the same message come up in multiple chats? The way telegram is structured now, it is very hard to update the ENTIRE community, and typically a handful of members see the message before it gets lost in the next flood of messages.

3. Plain Old Inefficient

The way the community is set up now into smaller divided communities, there many repeated questions that get answered over and over. The time spent answering these repeated questions can be better spent improving the community. This wasted time is not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way Telegram is.

Time to Come Together Again

The new Discord server will help in making a well-connected and quick to adapt community.

By having the entire community in one place, many of the inefficiencies of Telegram will no longer be a problem. Discord has the ability to host many different channels, with the ability to pin up to 20 messages per channel, so you never miss out on crucial information. Here is just a broad overview of the categories we have set up in discord. The server can be quickly managed to add new channels.

discord categories.PNG

First Time Discord User?

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a discord account and join the server!

  1. Head over to
  2. Fill out your information on the page.
  3. Confirm your email that you signed up with
  4. Thats it, your done!
  5. Come join everyone at -

Join The Fight!

Now that you have joined the movement, let your friends know! #DeleteTelegram

*Please note we think both can exist, this is just a rallying cry to those who prefer discord. If you enjoy TG, we encourage people to use whatever suits them best in the end.

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Thank you, it was very much needed !

discord is where I keep my 100+ steem servers with who knows how many channels, I prefer not to mix it up :) Also nobody will delete telegram as long as @dan is there. And why are you still promoting your telegram channel? Put your money where your mouth is :)

Believe Dan is in the discord as well

So what is his username then? It‘s daniellarimer on telegram.

Please note we think both can exist, this is just a rallying cry to those who prefer discord. If you enjoy TG, we encourage people to use whatever suits them best in the end.

What kind of reaction do you expect with a gonzo pic like #DeleteTelegram :) I value your intentions though.

You seem to be commenting quite a bit, so I guess it's working. Tell us how you feel!

I use both but have definitely gravitated to the EOS Discord server (EOSTalk and EOSio) for the info I need to keep in the loop, learn and understand what’s going on - here's why: As a new-comer just in, the learning is steep and time sensitive. SO I gotta get amongst as much as I can and then sift through it all as quickly as I can. The learning curve is steep. But fascinating and fun - particularly with EOS. I've found EOSTribe so far resonating in mindset with my own values and I’m stoked with their vision. But that’s just one BP out of 300 or so, right? Gotta check out the others too - Not to mention all the cool dAPP's! One-by-one. The Discord group has helped more with that process than what Telegram has, probably just because of how its structured, its difficult to analyse the info stream - and Discord keeps this nicely organised. My 10c.

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