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RE: The Great EOS Discord Migration and Why You Need To Delete Telegram

in #eos6 years ago (edited)

discord is where I keep my 100+ steem servers with who knows how many channels, I prefer not to mix it up :) Also nobody will delete telegram as long as @dan is there. And why are you still promoting your telegram channel? Put your money where your mouth is :)


Believe Dan is in the discord as well

So what is his username then? It‘s daniellarimer on telegram.

Please note we think both can exist, this is just a rallying cry to those who prefer discord. If you enjoy TG, we encourage people to use whatever suits them best in the end.

What kind of reaction do you expect with a gonzo pic like #DeleteTelegram :) I value your intentions though.

You seem to be commenting quite a bit, so I guess it's working. Tell us how you feel!

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