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EOSNG is a project aimed at educating EOS enthusiasts on what EOS is all about while at the same time, trying to create a community where talents as regards EOS project can be sourced. These talents include Developers, Decentralisation experts, community builders and other EOS -related talents.


EOSNG wants to act a breeding ground of education for enthusiasts that wants to gain an entry into the world of decentralisation but yet need a crash course and a welcoming community for easy integration.

Focal Point

Education and Community

Method Of Governance

Governance will be ensured by a structured consensus among community members. At the moment, the mission seems lightly stated , as time goes on , the consensus and reach will be widened via the suggestion of the community members and the needs of the community as a whole.

Community Hub Point

The community still operates on a Discord Server . These communal meeting points will be extended into other media with time.


Community Heads/Starters



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