That is unbelievably detailed and how this stuff should work. Radical transparency, absolutely wonderful stuff, EOS NY!

You're right @flountown. This is how all businesses will run in the future because of decentralization and EOS.

I for one assumed nothing less than complete professionalism and excellence from the @eosnewyork team and this ownership disclosure is completely in line with my expectations. Fantastic work you all are doing and a great example of leadership for the rest of the BPC community. Congrats on navigating and overcoming some very difficult hurdles.

Does any-one want to make a :I-Voted-For-EOS-Block-Producers-Meme?

Very interesting. Thanks for the transparency and disclosure. Good luck!

I need help delegating power through cleos .

I keep seeing "buyrambytes" and "dwlegatebw" but I can't figure out how they are executing that? Can you help?

You guys were one of my votes for my ~350 eos.

Cook Islands is a pretty interesting choice. They’re mostly known for being one of the few locales that is willing to tell the US gov to get bent.

You all rock! and set a great example for other BPs

Wow fantastic. Transparency in spades. Perfect representation of what a good BP can do.

I just resteemed your post!

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