Why EOS Nation chose to go the self-funded route

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A big thank you to all the EOS Nation Ambassador for helping with translating this document into as many languages as possible.

EOS Nation was formed around a set of core values worth preserving at all costs.

What started as a faint “what if” quickly turned into a wild rollercoaster of late nights calls, cross-province travel to give presentations and interviews, and never ending Telegram chats.

Dan Larimer had a vision, and we had a team committed to making it happen.

It became clear very early that this dream would need to be self-funded. Anything less would weaken our entrepreneurial mission. Maintaining a 100% self-funded startup has allowed us to stay true to our values.

There has been pain and temptation in going through the iterations this way, the enticement to veer from this ideal has been a continuous challenge. But ours has been an exercise in keeping our values at the forefront of our vision, strengthening our core team in the process.


Throughout this process, we accumulated a web of trusted mentors, advisors and other Block Producer candidate colleagues. These have become sustained, supportive relationships, providing advice and strategic input. We’ve also bolstered our healthy ever-growing following of supporters who believe in what we’re doing, are rooting for our success and who continue to challenge us so we can better ourselves.

Being self-funded also allows EOS Nation to grow organically; our logistics and business model will fluctuate and we want to stay flexible. By remaining independent we are encouraged to take small steps before scaling up.

We’ve built a culture of inclusivity and collaboration to ensure our remote EOS Nation Ambassadors are as hooked into and embedded in the business as those of us in close proximity. We value autonomy and collaboration - so we work hard to live those values.

Through these values, we create a stronger, more compelling customer value proposition, transparent and trusted.

We strive to bring value to the EOS ecosystem. This means we toss away any thought that doesn’t bring meaning to our community from day one. We are forced to build something valuable. Each minute we spend is time used to improve the EOS community.

We believe in EOS Nation to the point where we’re willing to take on risks. We’re invested since we love EOS; we love the ecosystem we’re in, and we’re passionate about the brand that we’ve built. There’s nothing else we’d rather be doing.

Ultimately, ours is a movement of founders who lead and share a vision of how EOS can grow to make our world a better place. And that, cannot be bought.

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You a strong independent BP dat don't need no outside funds.

We couldn't agree more. We believe BPs staying independent of outside influence should be a core requirement to operate a node on the network. Great post.

I noticed it's uniqueness. No doubt EOS has a greater future

I believe in the vision of EOS ,decentralized Everything for Everyone!

That's a good idea. It sounds like you have a good plan.