- Regarding Development of the EOS.IO Software and Chinese Purchasers of EOS Tokens

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September 6, 2017

As many of you know, recently distributed an update outlining the developments we have made to the EOS.IO software to date ( wishes to clarify that the development of the EOS.IO software (see the EOS.IO Technical White Paper) continues to be our primary focus and those who have followed our EOS.IO Roadmap will be happy to know that we are actually ahead of schedule in the development of the EOS.IO software. will be announcing further software developments on a regular basis so if you have not already joined our mailing list, please feel free to do so at

Developers who are interested in building their decentralized applications on a blockchain based on the EOS.IO software should feel free to contact us at [email protected]’s decision to exclude citizens and residents of the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) and entities formed under the laws of the PRC (collectively, “Chinese persons”) from purchasing EOS ERC-20 compatible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (the “EOS Tokens”) pursuant to the purchase procedures and policies on the official website was made effective September 5, 2017.

Chinese persons who purchased EOS Tokens prior to September 5, 2017 remain subject to the terms and conditions of the EOS Token Purchase Agreement.


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Can someone help me out. I am trying to claim about 50 tokens I bought in the last round. However the transaction costs are higher than what I paid for the EOS... (using Metamask). I didn't have this problem last time but this just seems ridiculous. Paid around 40 bucks for the EOS, now the confirmation is costing over 50 bucks... Did I do something wrong? Last time I paid a few bucks transaction costs for 140 EOS...

Man, I swear I paid over $200 this week alone in fees and charges... Every time I do something crumbs fall off and it adds up! We have decentralized currency, and now we need to eliminate the greasy exchanges. They are just more of the same dirty crooks...

What exchanges are you using?

should not be costing that much.

You have your gas price and limit set too high. Set to 2-5 gwei and limit to about 2 million.

use MEW with your metamask account , on contract choose "claim" then enter auction day number it would only cost $0.31/day, do not use "claim all" it would search contract from day one and high gas usage
Read it here

Been pending for 2 hours now, though I also have another pending one from the method used by @tarekskr, so dunno if that causes for trouble. Wish I had ur method seen first cause it seems to be the most legit one. Awful lot of trouble claiming a few tokens xD

How much gas did you put in? Can i see the latest tx?
Were you in main net?

Gas was auto set, and should have been high enough according to ur post.. Anyways, just checked, and both this pending and the other one completed. My tokens are finally claimed :)! (probably would've spared me some bucks if I took your method first though ^^)

Use claim function instead of claimAll function to claim tokens.
Enter the Period number of the distribution in "day" field.
You can find period number on or
claimAll consumes more gas as it scans through entire distribution. claim only scans the distribution of that particular period.
hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply but @namirasteem already came up with that :) Problem has been solved.

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Tried this but it's still pending after almost 10 hours...

in MetaMask, I use the gas limit which they describe for Myetherwallet on their distribution page , as of September 14/2017 its 4500000 Limit and set gwei to 1, that should reduce your fees by a lot. Real problem is that EOS distribution use "claim ALL" instead allowing us to claim for specific days.

Did you try reducing the gas price?

Yeah, I reduced it to 2.80 dollars, not sure how many gas it was exactly, but this is close to what I paid for it last time. And since that was 3.5x as many coins...

Go to ether gas station to check best performance gas usage

I'm very excited about EOS however after much research I have one question I hope someone here can help me with- Dan Larimer mentioned that Bitshares can and already is hosting ICO's, why not use Bitshares for EOS token distribution, why use Ethereum? Thanks

I have exactly the same question...I'm using Bitshares and I think it's the most advanced blockchain on the market, I really don't understand why people is using Ethereum which is very slow with a poor GUI...when you use BitShares all the others blockchains look outdated :)

I'm agree with this. Steem is absolutely fast. Bitshares also.. almost a glimps

This is obviously a strategic move. Ethereum is has been identified as their direct competitor, and i would say EOS has accumulated more Ethereum than every other ICOs out there and this accumulation process is for a year. This simply means they can control the ETH market, drive the market to which ever direction and make sure EOS stays at the right position in the industry. Accumulation continues.

nope. sell the ETH from each daily sale the following day. Zero build up of ETH position

this is one of most often asked question about EOS after "what E states for in the name" ;)))

Think it is worthy of a good answer then :)

Dan already said that EOS doesn't mean anything... Unless he was just making a joke.

Enterprise Operating System - From one of the main devs linked in page ;-)

I have the same question why not support EOS with Bitshares?

I think it could be something to do with the flexibility of smart contract creation. EOS ico is bit special comapred to other ICOs and the tokens are distributed for an year. Maybe that could be the reason.

I agree Sukeshtedla, I did some digging and this is a great explanation to much of the FUD surrounding EOS from ignorant people- skip to 2:30 for the answer to why they used ethereum blockchain

Very good! Thank You!

You're welcome!

I asked this question on the BitShares forum. It would not have been as big on BitShares.

over priced , doesn't help investors only help establishment ftsio

Your comment isn't going to be popular. But it needs to be noted, even if one disagrees. Many people who buy into ICOs are hoping to fully benefit from being "early investors". Or "getting on the lift at the ground floor".

But consider this real possibility, uncomfortable that it is - the lift might not go upwards but to the lower floors.

Just saying...

thanks for the Information..

any chances for price recovery? Still it's at the very bottom:


good blog


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I know this whole thing ain't really that good for EOS, as china seemed to have some pretty big investors. But it does mean I can get them for an even bigger bargain now xD

wow nice post I like it so cool

this is great!

How do I get my EOS back: Bought it on Kraken, mistakenly sent it to ICO contract address.

A few weeks ago I bought some EOS tokens on the Kraken exchange. I had them safely stored in my Trezor.

Then a few days ago I read on steemit about the need to "register" my tokens so that I don't lose them when the EOS blockchain is created.

But in reading tutorials about registering, I was following advice as if I'd bought my tokens on the ICO, and I mistakenly sent my Kraken-bought EOS tokens to the ICO contract address.

(At the time, I was under the impression that this was what had to be done no matter where I got the tokens. No one said, "Don't do this if you got your tokens on an exchange.")

I believe that all I really had to do -- with tokens bought from an exchange -- is map my wallet address to a public EOS address, and I've done that. But this mapping to my wallet will be meaningless unless I get my tokens back into that wallet.

On the etherscan page below, the four most recent "EOSCrowdsale" transactions are me trying to reclaim my tokens using "create custom token" etc., in MyEtherWallet (and wasting ETH gas in the process).

The transaction previous to those four is the one in which I sent away my EOS tokens to the ICO contract address. (The one before that is the one where I bought the tokens on Kraken.)

You can see the same transaction in ethplorer:

My question is: How can I reclaim my tokens from the contract address I sent them to, and get them back into my own wallet?

send a detailed email to [email protected] there are many people mistakenly sent tokens to the ICO contract address. I think they will send these tokens back to you at the end of the ICO i.e june 2018

Feels bad for them. After a couple of days, EOS still hasn't recovered. It's still down 50%.... Just shows how much impact that ICO ban have.