Dan's Massive Q&A Part 2 - EOS Telegram Summary 1/24/18

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As promised in yesterday's summary, here is the second half of Dan's Q&A, which extended well into the early morning of January 24! This may be the longest Telegram Q&A we've seen, surpassing his two day session on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31st.

About the dust rate, aka what will be destroyed upon genesis block, including part of yesterday's answer for context:

Security in EOS:

Diminishing returns on extra block producers:

The actual voting process (Steemit's current voting page):

Everipedia airdrop:

Perhaps Dan will show up to everyone's birthday parties:

Reminding everyone he's still admin:

Casual confidence:

One of the more frequent ongoing questions:

Exchange questions:

Dan referring people to his blogs (his most recent, the one before that, and the oldest:

Innocent answer to a non-question:

He never stops:

Dan's future plans:

On past relationships:

Governance plans:

Token holders already asking about the next big VC announcement:

To HODL or not to HODL:

Dan on rekindling old relationships:

Stan is Dan's dad and the "Godfather of Bitshares" but he can only make suggestions to the community:

Another popular ongoing question:

"BM" refers to bytemaster, Dan's alias on GitHub:

Ideal blockchain:

Patiently answering every question (beginners should start with the EOSIO whitepaper):

Token holder vs. developer goals:

Dan's playground:

Typo corrected and wisdom delivered:

How the inflation rate will be adjusted:

Qualcomm and hardware wallets for Android phones:

Block producer requirements and gratitude:

Still answering every question:

EOS on OS:

Dan is not affiliated:

Making a statement about his long term plans and answering a question about "minimum hashpower to be elected as BP":

Dan staying grounded:

On whether EOS could be finished early and ICO stopped:

Explaining the reasoning behind Novogratz and VC funding:

Dan on what drives him, along with future plans:

Eth to USD ratio:

Fighting scammers:

Thanks from users kept pouring in:

On max TPS:

Integrating with other blockchains:

Learning to crypto:

Satoshi's Bitcoin code and more:

On other blockchains:

Private keys:

Ideal block producer numbers and governance:

Finally, a word on Vitalik before calling it a night. Follow Dan on Twitter:

Dan was back early the next evening of Jan. 24th , discussing the new Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings:


EOS Go is a community effort to launch EOS blockchain as envisioned by the creators of EOS.IO.

Anyone can participate in this historic event on June 3rd, 2018. Thousands of token holders will be required to vote for EOS to successfully launch; you can become part of EOS Go by educating others, writing articles, making videos, attending/hosting meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and more.

If you're interested, please start by finding your role on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

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This was a really interesting read, always good to get Dan's thoughts. Thanks for sharing this with us

Thank you again for the excellent source of news and information about ongoing EOS developments. I'm really enjoying following your blog, exciting times ahead!

Great, I never knew of this, I'm definitely participating and, sharing this info to as many as are interested in participating

This is gold in the form of text

As always, thank you for your amazing job in summing up the discussion.
The one thing I´m not so happy with though is, that when Dan is asked for the relationships between STEEM/BTS and EOS he always responds with "EOS is way better" and with that basically saying, that STEEM will be obsolete in the near future. I mean, I´m sure he is right, that every new thing he is doing will be "better", but this may happen in 1-2 years with EOS too and I surely don´t want to see any of the "old" services die already in their infancy, just because "dad" has a new baby ;)


I agree. I was sad to see him say "no" that BTS has not association and no plans to redeploy on EOS. His message is basically that it is up to the governance communities and I see what he means. He can't force a community to join EOS and isn't likely to pay their bills.

BTS governance has 600M in reserves. Why aren't they voting on various plans to integrate with EOS?!?! Now is the time before both STEEM and BTS are usurped.


Right, from Dans perspective, he is only founding new stuff and then moving on to the next, but it´s like telling a 2 year old to move out and live by its own - chances are, that this won´t end in a good way. Competition between the Larimer blockchains won´t be beneficial, since they have similar goals and the supply of cash flow is limited. Again, for him it won´t matter, but people like us, who have invested time and money into Steem may have a rude awakening.


So I've been following EOS as closely as I can without being someone who writes code that compiles properly and I've got some concerns about EOS. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. https://steemit.com/eos/@gmikeyg/raising-realistic-concerns-regarding-eos-proposed-operation

Keep up your good work mate. This is truly the best community!

Great answers, thanks for sharing. And...root! haha :D

@eosgo thank you very much for taking the time summarizing it. I'm in the telegram group but there are a lot of messages to read.
Do you read the messages on BP group, dev group, or governance group?