Committed to EOS Mainnet - We Are Not Joining Telos

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EOS sw/eden is dedicated to producing blocks on the EOS mainnet. We have committed our resources to building EOS - this position has not wavered since we released our one mainnet pledge two months ago.

It has come to our attention that another candidate has registered our exact vote ID - eosswedenorg - on the Telos alternate chain. That is not EOS sw/eden. Our team collectively decided that while the group behind Telos is offering changes made in good faith, we do not support the fork at this time. We are disappointed in this candidate for attempting to capitalize on our effort, time and resources by utilizing our name.

EOS sw/eden is beginning development on two projects to expand the EOS ecosystem - one targeted at enterprise customers and another at institutional investors. We will have more information coming out soon; in the meantime learn more from our Long Term Plan and receive updates on our Twitter.

Thank you for your support. EOS sw/eden is committed to building EOS.

EOS Vote ID - eosswedenorg

Website -
Telegram chat -


I appreciate that. The main reason for a governance Blockchain is to not fork the Blockchain. And if some BPs can't be patience to wait, that the issues will be solved, then I will not vote for these BPs.
Because forking for the reason for some small changes, hurts the Blockchain.

This is aweful.

How stupid can people be - do we know already who it was ?

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Really shocked me. How come people that much stupid.

The patient and disciplined people on the mainnet will keep improving things. This takes time and work. Everything is so new there's no reason to be upset.

I spoke with a member of the other Sweden-themed team that was using your name and told them they should not try to ride your brand's coattails and that it would hurt their reputation. After that they created a new Telos testnet BP named "swedencornet."

The Telos team discussed your concerns with the other group and they chose to change the name of their servers to the same name they are known by on the EOS mainnet. This was resolved within 24 hours of coming to our attention and no centralized action was taken to force the solution.

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