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The block.one team has been working around the clock to finish up EOS Dawn 3.0 in preparation for several months of testing prior to releasing EOSIO 1.0 in June. Developers will notice significant improvements from prior releases. One of those improvements relates to how contracts are defined.

Read more on my Medium blog.


Thank you for posting @dan.

Wishing you all the best.

We are rooting for you and your team.


I have invested on steem and SBD because of u.
but u left the steemit.
I also purchased EOS a lot.
I believe you. and I want you to come back steemit.
If you have plan to develop another steemit.
plz notice us. I want to join u.

Dan is working on a successor to Steemit to be released on EOS.

The updates on the EOS are impressive. I can not wait for it to be up and running.

Great team work!

You are a pace setter. I am privileged to witness history in the making.

Can't wait for the official release of the EOS block chain based platform. I know it will be very fast and your productions always amaze me. You are a genius.

@dan hello hope you are doing good may i know that EOS will be just a currency like other crypto or it will be like a steem that we can easily earn it as well ?
please let me know about this and how we can buy EOS ?

Considering the latest controversy surrounding Facebook and its user data, I believe that the time is right for the roll out of a social media platform of some sort on a blockchain through which accountability and governance is more transparent. I look forward to seeing what you have in store with respect to EOS.

right thoughts

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Thank You!

right thoughts on @steemcleaners? You made this comment like a million times on different posts and same comments on multiple ones. How's the "farming" going? From what I see on your account, it's doing fine.

I wish you my fellow steemians like this simple art! Which contain the revolutionary graphine fact as the strongest 200 Times than Steel .... projecting this on EOS as it’s founder @dan who also founded the graphine blockchain with it’s top ups of bitshare , steemit, and EOS blockchains 😎

I wish you my fellow steemians like this simple art! Which contain the revolutionary graphine fact as the strongest 200 Times than Steel .... projecting this on EOS as it’s founder @dan who also founded the graphine blockchain with it’s top ups of bitshare , steemit, and EOS blockchains 😎

Can't wait for June!

Very cool. So I will assume for now that the contracts will play a key part while the processing of 'transactions' will not be slowed or affected. Really, it continues to amaze me at how you are able to do such complex programming with a relatively small team, while the likes of Ethereum are struggling to hold on with a much broader develepoment group.

I just bought my first EOS tokens last week and hope to add some more to it before 1.0! Thanks for all the updates! Good Luck!

Now! It just more interesting with the Eos pretoken launch on June 1st
Perhaps, a simplified guide on registering via Myetherwallet would be so appreciated

He usesvmedium instead of steemit :/ that says a lot

Nice to see everything is going smoothly. Waiting for the release of EOSIO 1.0 in june. Bought EOS from when it was 0.5$ and this was the only investment that I didn't considered selling at some point and probably will not consider doing it. I am also eager to hearing news about the new social media blockchain or dapp that you are considering building. Competition is fun.

Here is something fun that I created on dMania some time ago :





I read you bought EOS already, please can you kindly state in short sentences how to buy EOS. Thanks in anticipation

Sure. You can either buy them from exchanges (binance, bitfinex, okex, etc...) or directly from their site eos.io . The difference between buying them from exchanges or from the site is explained here :


Also make sure to register them after you bought, because EOS will move from ethereum to their own blockchain in june and if you don't you will loose them. Here is all the info that you need for registering them :


Thanks my friend, I’d check it out. Thanks for your help

Haejin competitor? Don't think so.

Looking forward for the launch of the revolutionary product that may be the real game changer in handling smart contracts.

Yes, expectations are really high.

Believe me , it’d be a real game changer. You know smart people believes in tested and trusted sources . We can all see how steemit is blooming and this is just the beginning and @dan a co founder is onto another one so you see it’s 100% assurance to be a game changer

The reality in this situation has an overwhelming feeling that i took the chance from when it was a baby 0.5 and watch all this magnanimous growth and developments upon developments arise, June is no long time at all to see this begin

Can't wait until June 1st... Go EOS!

Hey @dan!
Can you leak anything about steem 2.0? ;)

Keep up the good work! June is gonna be HUGE for you guys :)

U are very correct @travelersmemoire, June is gone, hope of create benefit when it up. Thanks a lot

I can't wait for it to be released in June to try out its amazing features.
Many great things happening in June💃🏻.

I can’t wait for June 1st! Here we go! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Wow... Am so excited about this. @dan, thanks for this update. Thumbs up to your team.

I really do not understand the concept of EOS 3.0 project but I’m certain that I’m learning and getting better. I read the blog and I got a better understanding. I’ll like to have more knowledge though. That’s why I’m here.
Thanks for sharing this

It’s been quite a while I’ve been following the progress of EOS. @dan, I have faith in you as a co founder of steemit and steemit in all sense had contributed greatly to the lives of almost a million all over the world . The launch of EOS I believe will bring another life opportunities in many dimensions like its relative steems.
I wish you success and I can’t wait for this promising EOS to be launched .

Finally I’m taking this time out to tell you I mistakenly sent 3sbds to you but I got to realize it’s no mistake afterall . I’m declaring that little earning of mine as a contribution to the launch of EOS. Success is guaranteed.


My Elder say every mistake is a style and for a purpose and today u have see that it was for the support to the create work that will bring good benefit to the community. Thanks @olumideolowyeye @dan

Yeah everything has a purpose in life and all things happens for a reason. I’m glad I made the mistake lol

Haha...What made you to send this SBDs to him? Anyway your name will be embedded forever in the blockchain..EOS will surely be a success!

In my comment I mentioned I mistakenly sent the sbd to him, if you had read my comment then you’d definitely see I mentioned it . Thanks for your comment

@dan you and your team are really doing a great job

That would be very awesome,kudos to the block.one team in their incessant effort to ensure the success of the project EOS 3.0, thanks for the information

I cant wait for this create opportunity and thanks a lot for your hard work toward this and informing us to tire our seat bell well. @dan

It is a awesome grandula of appreciation these team sure deserves, a definition of human evolution is the ability of a man to take concious effort to offer his precious time to elevate a space for another man to live better. All i see is more strength to these world changers, im indeed proud of this generation, this movement is the future of this moment in a circular momentum, we are live EOS

Dont you feel elated to be in this generation EOS?

I can't wait to use EOSIO when it's released in June.
It's so good to finally hear from you Dan.
I hope to reach you in Medium.

Its good to hear from you dan Thanks for sharing I am first time read your post and follow you thanks for sharing information keep it up

oh wow, that's really a great move, can't wait for the release in June. All thanks to the block.one team. Cheers!

best of luck for EOIS release @dan.keep it up thanks for sharing keep it up

This is really great, we highly anticipate the quick release of EOSIO and do wish developers well in the quest to better it.
Nice one @dan, we await success come June.

Wow that's great news @dan sir. I appreciate your work. Keep it up. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

Wow sir we have been waiting for a long time for EOS. It's great to hear from you. EOS is already going up in the currency chart. Waiting for the official release of EOS block chain bases platform.

Hai @dan ..I heard about EOS only few days back and I was able to understand that its way of working is somewhat similar to steemit. I would like to know more about this and what can I do to be a part of this project? Is this project restricted only to some millionaires?

I had seen your interviews where you seem to be a visionary of sorts. I'm from India..Thanks for your efforts to make the dream of a new world to come true! Kudos.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing the system updates too😁

Thank you for information

It is very great option and new carrancy it is good for user and a nice post

Best of luck for the EOIS release @dan. I know EOSIO will enable so much to be done. I wish to have some stake in EOS before the release. Heading over to the Medium post now. Thanks for the update.

Hello @dan.

Where do you think the steemit competitor using EOS will be ready? Is it for this year or perhaps the next?

Sir, EOS Marketcap How much USD?

Wohoooo! Aggrandizement is back!

I think i need to buy more EOS....

Everyone should say 'goodbye cardano'. Nice moving to the moon.

The block.one team has been working around the clock to finish up EOS Dawn 3.0 in preparation for several months of testing prior to releasing EOSIO 1.0 in June. Developers will notice significant improvements from prior releases.

Wow that's good job you guys are during towards developing EOS i must say this the right time to get more EOS now the price is low thanks for sharing @dan

Wonderful to see how much effort is put is being put into all this by you and your team! I have just read that Google works on its own blockchain-related technology yet I think that it won't be decentralized. So it is of utmost importance to strengthen the core of your blockchain-related technology and EOS is THE key from my viewpoint. Shorter codes and more simple actions are a very great step forward in making the final release as neat and orderly fashioned as possible.

So again, great that you put your Heart and passion into this! The Art lies in the He-Art!

I'll do my best to put as much Love and Heart into this platform, for my part.

Best wishes,


Great Strides

The excitement is tangible, I am hearing more about EOS daily, it is building and I am tweeting and blogging on it more than ever I think.

Have a nice weekend @dan

Well done for all you do. The work you put in has been remarkable and impressive. I can only salute your kind of person and amazing heart. Thank you for doing all these for us all. Well done sir.

Thank you for your important work! Have a nice day, friend @dan !

Waiting for June...
I really have high expectations and the more i read about EOS, the more i fall in love with it

I can't wait for the release of EOSIO 1.0 . I anticipate this with my whole life

Its good to hear from you again Sir @dan
Wow this is getting interesting. Can't wait to use EOSIO when released. Kudos to the block.one team. Its so great to see how much effort is put in place by you and the team. Lots of amazing work going on. Wow.
U're such a rare gem Sir. Thank you so much for all you do. Lots of love

I'm holding some EOS, but I'm yet to do the registration. But I would get to it before that June 1st 2018. I'm very bullish on EOS. Thanks for the change you bring to the cryptocurrency's world.

@dan we have faith in you. Keep building these decentralized solutions for humanity. You are an inspiration for us humans who care about other humans and not profit.

Much love and respect and thank you for being an inspiration.

Thanks for this update. Heading over to medium straight away

Wishing u all the [email protected] forward to it...


Very exited for your new project EOS ,and can not wait for the launch . Any possibility for an EOS wallet prior to launch date to registrar EOS bought on exchanges ? The erc 20 is not user friendly for granddads :)

Sounds great and we will all be waiting for the release. Good development

Can' wait for th EOS to be up an running
I admire the team work, great job guys.

I'm looking forward to see where Eos goes. There is great potential here. I hope you make it to Cryptolina in June.

Before my own eyes, I see a fantasy playing out in 3D.
Weldone Dan and the entire development team.

You always bring strong news like this,nice work in the development side also,keep it up @dan.

EOS is probably the most exciting project in the blockchain sphere so far @dan, and I am looking forward to a future developments.

In the meantime I have to turn to your previous project and ask you — can something be done at Steemit against the strong bullies who are flagging innocent people out of pure fun?

Here is an example on my recent post:


Thanks for Share Interesting Info @dan Hopefully EOS Ideas Success with Current and Fast.

38 replies and nobody complained about aggrandizement with tongue in cheek yet?

I too own the Eos.

Hi sir @dan, @ned #CEO STEEMIT.COM, happy day to you. I adore you so much though I cant show this off until being a position of meeting you. But a day might come when we meet at the grace of God.
By the way, I think its due to His wish we can communicate each other. Sir 'STEEM' is the source of inspiration for building up a global relationship among the stranger steemians around the world. Thanks to you who have shown us such a holy path leading to some what perfection of our soul giving at the same time an earning also, which is key to every aspect of development in human life. But sir, we being human born in developing country have to try very hard to succeed and start from zero. So, our human resource need to be boosted up with some help of 'STEEM' power through your good offices so that a number of youth power may be motivated there by giving them an opportunity to open their heart before the world. I hope you see my point sympethise with me at the application of my heart.
Sir, we are spreading awareness of the #STEEMIT community among the youths of North-East India. And sir you will be happy by knowing the fact that our community is on a fast trend of growing. But sir, so sadly I want to make u aware of a small week point of ours is that we have very low VOTING POWER and for which we are not able to encourage the new steemians of our region. As being not financially sound, we are too unable to buy some amount of #STEEMS and increase our voting power. Sir, there are many steemians among us who are posting valuable posts with much effort but the result they get is just equals to nothing. For this reason a chain of discouragement is going to tie up many among us. So sir, I including we will be very much happy if u take a step forward by helping us. Sir, please do something to make our community strong. We will be ever grateful to you.
With a great hope with you.
Thanking you in anticipation.

It was my old post, but posted again.



@ned & @dan.




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