Why EOS May Blow Ethereum Out of The Ether

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Speed. Cost. Scalability.

Boom! Bam! Gone!



The word "may," is the joke of the millennium, maybe even longer than that.

It's oooover, boys and girls. Over.

Yip, "may" is pretty soft... you caught me playing it safe on Steemit again

Hello dan! Your post has been featured in the latest issue of STEEMINT - The STEEM Intelligence Journal ... we very much enjoy your thought-provoking/inspiring videos!

Thanks Bud, definitely interested in this!

Great point about newbies using steemit and not even realizing the gravity of the blockchain. lol that hits home in some ways haha.

All Good

Very Good

Surprisingly Good

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Frank III

Eh...don't don't mention it.

Did you see that Jaxx + STEEM

Yeah, that's exciting. Jaxx is the reason I bought rep tokens in the first place. It will be great exposure for STEEM

Thanks for the heads up....I never heard of EOS. There sure seems like alot of big names behind Ethereum. I think there will be many winners. Thank you for the comparisons.

you can watch Dan Larimer's EOS intro here:

Link: [Consensus Day 1] Dan Larimer's Introduction to EOS talk

dig it....thanks so much !

Here's a cliffs notes summary of the presentation if you prefer that format: https://steemit.com/eos/@trogdor/introduction-to-eos-the-epic-blockchain-operating-system

Its just the same reasons why Bitcoin is still around. First mover advantage means a lot. Ethereum was the first mover in smart contracts platform. Will it be the best in future compared to later tech most likely no. Does that mean everyone will switch over to the latest tech? To answer this just look at credit cards. Everything about them is so 60 years ago yet everyone use them b/c everyone already accept them.

Very interested to learn more about EOS. Sounds very promising. Thanks for the info.

Your video is excellent and I'm starting to get kind of excited about EOS. I'm looking forward to learning more and more about it and I can't wait till the eventual launch.
The idea of having a crypto like EOS that can execute transactions without fees is truly remarkable.
Keep up the good work! Following and upvoting!

Ethereum is here to stay, if some new contender has a valuable solution, it will be implemented and gobbled up by Ethereum.

good new project, I just dont think will surpass Ethereum

Very good thanks.. :)

Dan that almost looks like the Zehr's right near the 401 exit at Hespeler Rd in the 519. LOL

lol Good guess fellow Canadian! but it's in waterloo

Ahhhh, that is where I joined Lee Valley Tools.

My whole family is from the 519.

I was there for some holiday time a cpl yrs back and refilled one of my jugs of non fluoridated water over there one day.

I had a tenant from there too back in the day.

Dan great post! I made a cliffs notes post of Dan's consensus presentation on EOS if you are curious: https://steemit.com/eos/@trogdor/introduction-to-eos-the-epic-blockchain-operating-system

Cool! Will give it a read. Pretty excited about this project!

upvote and RS for u

There are at least 3 other cryptocurrency going to compete with ETH ;) And they are being developed for a long time. Tezos, Qtum, BOScoin.

And EOS is just a HYPE and FOMO right now so it won't be easy. This kind of HYPE REALLY reminds mi The DAO :)

But it's good for us.

Isn't QTUM built on top of Ethereum?

did you understand the payment model? 1% of EOS tokens = 1% of EOS resources (buy versus rent). but then who's paying for the ongoing bandwidth costs, etc? feels I kept missing something there.

A response to Coindesk's article accusing EOS of being a Ponzi: