[Consensus Day 1] Dan Larimer's Introduction to EOS talk

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Hey all,

Sorry I haven't been able to provide another update about Consensus sooner! It has taken a while to get this video uploaded, but here is the intro session that @dantheman is giving on EOS throughout the conference. It's a great talk and worth spending a half hour to watch. Enjoy! Oh and sorry about the video quality... it was taken on a smartphone.


Thanks for sharing.

thanks for voting my post friend.

EOS is going to be an amazing system and token! Thanks for the video!

EOS processes blockchains in parallel making transaction speed and bandwidth higher.

It provides built in functionality, like any OS, for developers, allowing them to make applications faster.

It is very well backed by people with money and should be well marketed and well accepted by industry.

Those are my first thoughts and opinions, and I will surely be buying EOS tokens as soon as they are available! To find out about token distribution, sign up for their email newsletter here: http://eos.io/

I've signed up for the newsletter but was wondering whether I would need BTC or some sort of crypto currency to buy the EOS tokens when they become available or will I be able to use real money? (I don't like using the term "real money" but you know what I mean)

I don't think it is common yet to be able to buy crypto coins/tokens yet, although we did do it for the VIVA ICO. We accepted wire transfers. I would say, wait and see what is announced via the email newsletter. But if you want to be prepared for the most likely case of having to use crypto, then buy some Bitcoin which can easily be turned into Bitshares if they decide to use that as the currency to buy EOS. Bitshares was Dan's first project and some say it may be the currency to buy EOS but really, no one knows, or at least I don't know! :-)

Hey @robrigo & @matt-a, just a head's up. @Crypt0 was forced to take his Consensus recordings down from YouTube. I think you'll probably want to take the posted video down from YouTube.

I was just listening to @Crypt0's latest YouTube video that he posted this evening - Coindesk, who hosted Consensus 2017, went on a super offensive, they first contacted @Crypt0, and then they flagged @Crypt0's YouTube account for copyright infringement and got his ability to livestream suspended for three months!

Link on to @Crypt0's video on Steemit

Link to @Crypto's video at min 21:23, where begins to tell the story of how his ability to livestream got taken away.

He specifically states the removal at min 26:24

(posted from @jesta's beta.chainbb.com)


will be re-watching and making sure to fine tune the development of my vocabulary to really enable myself to explain the big picture to my peers that are less technical savvy.

brilliant explanations here into matters of governance...and dispute resolution. wow factor is massive.

This is plenty of blockchain experience talking!

I really feel like we are at the forefront of a new era. I hope that someday we will look back on 2017 the same way we look back at the early 90s and the internet. Only time will tell but I think EOS has the potential to be revolutionary.

Not only is this concept amazing, but it eliminates GAS! Bye bye ethereum! Still trying to take all this in. The man just invented the blockchain OS.

Thank You @robrigo for taking the time to record Dan's speech and posting.

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I joined Steemit 7 days ago and really feel humbled by how many excellent/cogent/timely posts are created here on Steemit every hour of every day... AND we make money doing this !!!

Thank You again !!

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so many tokens out there hopefully this will be a good one to invest in.

Looks like a worthy ICO from my POV... link for ICO or email notification widget?

I agree, worthy ICO! If you want to know more about how to get some EOS, please sign up for the email newsletter here: http://eos.io/ Cheers!

I am agree

Wow this is awesome! Dan is the man. Thanks for uploading the video.

Thanks for sharing dude!

Actually the video quality was quite good for a phone!
Very interesting tech!

It was my phone and I had actually left it on 640x480 like a moron. I had used that res a few weeks ago and didn't realize that, that was the res we were using. Oh well, what matters is we relayed the message, that was the point and it was mission accomplished! Dan said they're releasing a nice proper video with pro equipment very soon so stay tuned for that as well!

Sounds like some exciting stuff. A blockchain operating system? An entire web hosting marketplace? The possibilities seem to be huge!

Where can I trade EOS???

upvote and rs 4 u....

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