What is EOS?

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My guess now is Ethereum Operating System.

Image source from @roelandp's Periscope video found here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YpJknevAnEGj

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Not bad, thanks for sharing.

"No bad, we're still going with Golos though" :-)

Hahah i love this gif :)

Surely, Bo Shen is tired of investing in all of these projects and would like to see a platform that finally brings an End Of Shitcoins.

csi miami.gif

LOL is there really such a scene?

I think CSI Miami ends with this exact clip ~75% of the time...

Such an overacting actor. He deserves a Razzie -or the tv-series equivalent- for every single episode he is appearing.

WHAT, I thought EOS would replace ethereum ?

Replace? Blockchains are here to collaborate :)

maybe @lasseehlers meant "replace as no.2 marketcap currency" ;-)

Given that slide I'd say you've got the last two words right. Perhaps the E stands for "Everything"? I like that we all get to choose our own meaning. Perhaps that's the real message.

Indeed, I like they've decided to leave it up to anyone's interpretation :)

Economics, Organisations and Scalability. Everything Operating System. EOS will always be Electro Optical System for me though!

Enhanced Operating Syndicate

End of Style

Logo from the "Free the Style!" campaign

Haha i like they're deliberately making EOS open for interpretation

Nice work... your guess is not far from the truth. Let the show begin, we will watch it unfold. Followed you @kevinwong

Looks pretty good with their "closed door" presentation :)

I agree, EOS is very promising... Thanks for sharing and updating us.

I do not understand what eos really is to understand this meme so its like a double ignorance that is showing. I apologize

Haha no problem, it's a new blockchain project https://eos.io

I barely understand steem. So give me a bit to understand anything else ok kevin I also followed you if you dont mind much.

Hey feel free to drop by https://steemit.chat. We can help you get up to speed if you're interested :)

a couple posts I recently made on Bitcoin and Ethereum have alot of good resources in them that might be good to go through to help get up-to-speed...

Bitcoin: Officially More Valuable Than Gold, And It's Ascent To The Million Mark...

What The F^<k Is Ethereum? A New Era of World Supercomputing And Why This Is A Big Deal...

The Bitcoin one has some great videos that paint a good picture for why crypto is so important and will keep growing in popularity and value. The links in the Ethereum one give a good overview of the implications for the emerging decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Both are very fundamental perspectives to grasp if getting into all this stuff - and I'd recommend taking your time to digest the material in those as it may all be a great condensation of great content that'll shorten your learning curve... ;-)

Excellent deduction dear friend @kevinwong thank you very much for sharing your point of view

Thanks @jlufer :D

well...as a chemistry major sir EOS is equation of state

How bout equation of stake?

end of steak..

going vegan...?? :-p

Personally, I think it's Extraterrestrial Orbital Station, just basing off of the logo. If it's really next level stuff, the only plausible explanation is that Dan has been in contact with Aliens. Your theory is good though, I just don't think that I'm wrong.

Hahah.. I think Dan doesn't need alien contact. The four years on BTS and STEEM has made him one with superpowers ;)

One might argue that the knowledge he has attained already makes him quite...alien from the norm. Hmm. So, you're right that he doesn't need alien contact ;) The guy's pretty much on a league of his own.


Np :)

Where can i buy it? :D

they will announce via mailing list at http://eos.io/

Thanks! I signed up :)

or Emotions of Sally

Haha it's great. Maybe there's no name to it after all :P

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BTW, you like a little good music? I'm considering to open an account that'll bring quality electronic music to the community. I think no such account exists, do you know?

@rossenpavlov? yeah not enough though

I'm planning to open it anyway and see how the community will perceive it. Let you know when I have it. Maybe for you then also time to start posting again with your favourite music! Looking fwd to that!

feels that way..

That is a logical guess I must say!

upvote and RS for u

Interesting. ☆☆☆☆☆😎

EOS I was reading more like eOperating System. Like eMail, iPhone, iPad, etc.

I could be wrong. Hopefully not tied specifically to Ethereum as it seems way open now and it seems like something BIGGER than ethereum with a chance to bridge many blockchains.


Here's a cliffs notes summary of Dan's presentation if you are interested: https://steemit.com/eos/@trogdor/introduction-to-eos-the-epic-blockchain-operating-system

that zoom-in of the diagram actually says ALOT... a pretty powerful snapshot, that might actually sum it up better than the whole complicated presentation.

though @trogdor has recommended this good coles-notes overview of the presentation: Introduction to EOS: the Epic (blockchain) Operating System

I dunno who the Chinese guy with the glasses is, though thought it was already a pretty good sign when Brock Pierce's name showed up on the partner list...

Escaflowne On Steroids. Everything is going anime!


vitalik exit strategy