Are EOS Airdrops using an Inconsistent Snapshot Point?

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Hello EOS Community,

I'm not sure if this is an issue or if I am just getting lucky. It seems I received air drop credit for tokens that I sold on June 1 prior to the snapshot. This isn't happening on all airdrops, just some of them.


Prior to the EOS Genesis Snapshot, I sold some of my EOS on June 1 (when Binance re-opened deposits).

The reason I did this is to be on the safe side, because I did generate my key pair offline using Node and manually linking my ER20 wallet (not through the EOS website). I used a very helpful guide from @eosnewyork, however my concern was that I may have had user error and for whatever reason could have really messed this up and had the wrong public key versus private key pair (to my excitement I did successfully have my tokens transferred). Particularly I was concerned by some error codes that presented themselves when I executed the commands in Node. Note that I am not a programmer. So to hedge my risk of user error, I hedged by keeping a small amount on Binance (counterparty risk) and then converted the remainder straight into Bitcoin on another hardware wallet (EOS price increase on launch risk and losing my BTC compare). Once Binance is up and running, I plan to re-enter my position (and based on recent market pressures I will luckily get more EOS per BTC than I began with).

Getting to the Point

I was disappointed about selling off some of my EOS tokens because of missing out on air drops (but the risk of losing everything was also concerning).

Despite selling a portion of my EOS stock prior to the snapshot, my original ETH wallet is receiving full value air drops (as if I did not sell my tokens one June 1). The two airdrops that have done this so far are:

  • KEOS

In fact, prior to purchasing a hardware wallet last fall, I had my EOS in a different Ethereum wallet. So for HEALP, I received an airdrop in the old wallet and in the new wallet.

I honestly was only familiar with a small handful of the many airdrops and not sure what these are even related to.


Please feel free to share - what are you experiencing with air drops?

Is it possible those who acquired tokens at the last minute might not receive their AirDrops because it went to an earlier snapshot? Is this intentional?


And - if you are interested in the tax considerations of the token swap see here:

Picture Credit


I did some further research:

KEOS is using May 31, 2018 and somehow related to block production:

HEALP I can't find anything on yet.

Some Airdrops had dates before the move to the mainnet. I know I got eosDAC around May 15th.

Thanks good point, yes that one I recall was very early. The ones referenced above came in very recently so I am just a little confused.

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