The Periodic Table Of Cryptocurrencies. I found this pretty helpful and honestly, pretty cool. #NerdMoney as BossLady says lol

in eos •  4 months ago

The chart is a neat idea, and breaks various crypto into actual categories visually so you can see where things are.

  • Visual learners will really find this very useful!
  • This graphic needed to be left large so you can actually read the finer print, sorry for any bandwidth issues.

  • Related I also found this today!!!

Sources named on graphics.

Your friend

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Nice chart, EOS will be top 3 soon.

That chart might be nice to have as a poster, or on a t-shirt:) Now that I know it exists I feel like I'm going to want to look at it again.




Thanks for all the comments and support my friend.

I always smile seeing your name.

Donde está la leyenda de esa tabla? Saludos.

Cool! Upvoted & resteemed

Great find @barrydutton! Thanks for sharing, will have to resteem, some good info here for sure! 👌

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