🎬 Video Presentation of BeyondBitcoin Whaletank Hangout #226 on September 30, 2017 edited by @SteemPowerPics

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Welcome to another project-packed episode of the BeyondBitcoin Whaletank featuring 4 incredible community driven projects. If you have heard about Whaleshares and BeyondBitcoin, but are not sure what they represent, this is your opportunity to watch, listen and learn.

Steemit has evolved into a community of people coming together with similar interests to share posts on topics that are important to them and the people who follow and connect with them. The BeyondBitcoin and Whaleshares communities are extensions that operate independently, but work in tandem to support the development of community-building projects both on Steemit and offline in the "real-world".

Hosted by:

The following recording is from Whaletank Hangout #226 on Saturday September 30, 2017. This is another exciting edition covering 4 different projects by a diverse group of dedicated advocates, each with their own goals to help and support people all over the world in unique ways using the power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

To truly understand what these projects do and how much they help, please take the time to listen to the audio.

This audio was edited by me to remove 90% of the "umms, uhhhs, throat clearings, awkward pauses, and mic issues." There is some minor content editing in this edition, but nothing that alters the context of the project overviews presented in this recording.

Projects covered in order of appearance:

RuDex (Russian DEX)
Presented by: @bitspark
Russian translation, Russian DEX, and Russian Ruble MPA

Voiceshares @voiceshares
Presented by: @rideofpassion
The voice of the suppressed, with an aim to bring about a revolution for a better world!! Fitness Sessions have been added, and other updates are presented.

Get.Set.Game @gsgaming
Presented by: @bambam808
Updates on the gaming community on Steemit, upcoming contest and Rewards Token

BuildAWhale @buildawhale
Presented by: @themarkymark
BuildaWhale now has over 200,000SP. Bidding Bot, Human Curation, Building a Witness on Steemit

You have to keep in mind that Steemit/STEEM is based on the same blockchain technology that runs Bitshares, the upcoming EOS platform, as well as all the tokens that are trade-able across them all on the Bitshares DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

The tokens become extremely powerful tools for funding real-world projects that provide help for people with depression and mental health issues (VOICESHARE), people recovering from cancer treatments (HAIRSHARE), non-profit programs assisting with the Red-Cross (LOVESHARES), projects to build clean energy solar farms across the globe (TOPSOL), and so many more. Plus the direct financial support tokens like BeyondBits and Whaleshares bring to projects that do not have their own supporting token provides hope for so many.

Do you have a community-building project?

If you have a project that you would like to share with the community and even put forth a funding proposal, be sure to check out @OfficialFuzzy blog to find the weekly Whaletank RSVP post. Follow the post instructions to leave a comment with your project information, then join us at the scheduled time over on the Mumble live chat server.

To connect with us on the Mumble live chat server...

Step 1: Download the Mumble App
If you need to be on your mobile phone, you can download the "Plumble Free" app. It is a great 3rd party app that works very similar to the desktop version. Setup is the same for both.

Step 2: Setup the Server Connection

  • The program will ask for a certificate, select create a new/local certificate.
  • Enter the following server information:
    Label: BeyondBitcoin om
    Port: 64738
    Username: Enter a username (steemit name is best)
    Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3
  • Save the Settings.

Step 3: Setup and Test you Audio/Mic

  • If you don't have a push-to-talk mic, click the mic icon to mute yourself.
  • You can use the advanced settings to turn off the chat room alert sounds.

I hope to see you in the next Whaletank Hangout!
Saturday October 7, 2017 @ 10:30AM EDT

PLUS - you will earn free tokens just by
attending the hangout and signing the guestbook.

If you DON'T have a Bishares account yet,

You will need to provide your Bitshares account name
when you sign the guestbook to receive your free tokens.

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That was a great story from voiceshares.


Yes, @Voiceshares is expanding nicely within the community and finding lots of synergy and support with others.

It was also good to hear from @themarkymark about the Witness voting and creating nodes on Steemit.


Yeah was good to hear he has 'built a whale' too, but the nodes and technical stuff confuses me :)


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