SFEOS Announcement - Initial Founder Tokens

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I wrote the details of the Founder Tokens in this post. To summarize, anyone who creates content, or helps with administration tasks, for the game can get Founder Tokens. These tokens are currently not tradable on the open market, though they one day might be. If the game is successful, token holders will be eligible to receive in game resources on an ongoing basis and have influence in the DAC (Distributed Autonomous Community).


How to Receive SFEOSFOUNDER Tokens

  1. Join the SFEOS Founders Community Sites
    1. SFEOS Discord - https://discord.gg/f4U942j
    2. SFEOS Loomio - https://sfeos-ideation.loomio.org
  2. Spread the word about SFEOS
    1. Follow and Resteem (Vote if you want to support the project)
  3. Let us know what type of content you might be willing to provide or how you might want to help in other ways (sponsoring contests or helping financially in other ways is also appreciated) - Just a note about commitment level expectations: I work a full time job and can't put every waking moment into this project. We are NOT expecting a huge commitment of time and resources, but if you have that and want to, we wouldn't complain. We want this project to be fun for everyone involved. Help out a little or a lot, we appreciate it all.
  4. Get a bitShares account - Without a bitShares account we cannot issue you tokens.
    1. Create an account here: https://wallet.bitshares.org
    2. Direct Message me (sfeos-chadrick in Discord) with your bitShares account name so I have your account name on record. I'll give you your first Founder Token for just doing this one thing, even if you never create any content for the game.
  5. Ideate with Us
    1. Reach out on Discord
    2. Start specific content threads in Loomio on specific subjects before creating content so we can make sure we are all on the same page.
  6. Create Content and/or Help Out In Other Ways
  7. Post any SFEOS related Steemit articles on Discord
    1. If you're working on content, post about it so the community can get excited and up vote and Resteem your stuff.
    2. Don't spam non-SFEOS or garbage content or you will be removed from the Discord
  8. Consider Joining these Beyond Bitcoin Groups - These folks are helping to develop the Crypto space into a very awesome ecosystem - A true collective of Mutual Aid Societies
    1. EOSTalk Discord - EOS.IO related community and topic discussions - https://discord.gg/WaN27D2
    2. Whaleshares Discord - Steemit community discussions, contests and events - https://discord.gg/E9Rm9yT
    3. Bitshares Discord - Bishares development community and discussions - https://discord.gg/z2MSfWg
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I hope this project boldly goes where no other DAC has gone before.

I'll be following and upvoting and recruiting. Although most of my voting power is under the account #BuildFreedom.

Also I will promote SFEOS on my twitter @ibuildfreedom

Thank you so much for the support. Looking forward to working with you...

Really Cool!! I will be setting up my bitshares account today. Should I be on loomio also?? What do you think?

Yep, we will be doing specific task ideation on there as time goes on.


How cool @sfeos

I'm someone who think great games with an in built economy and economic incentive to play will be huge. I've all ready looked into a few, like augmentorsgame.

I'm not sure how I can contribute. I have quite a few followers on Steemit, so I guess I could spread the word.

Yep, community is everything right now as we gather team members and ideate. Thanks for your support.


I just wrote a post. Hope it's OK. Let me know if I should change anything. I will post more about it in the future. I got you on follow.

This project seems like it could evolve into something interesting :)

I'm in !

Currently a bit loaded between the @steemmakers project, my 3D modelling, and my delve into the world of Alternate Reality puzzles/enigmas (not to mention my upcoming Internship ;) ), but I'll see if I can't design you a 3D printable goodie of some kind.

hmmm... it'll have to be space-based and incorporate your logo somehow.

We'll see when I have the time again XD

Until then, I'll be hanging around watching what happens here on Steemit and in the Discord :)

That's awesome @pbock! Look forward to having you on board.