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RE: [BeyondBitcoin RSVP] Whaletank Hangout #227 | 2017-10-07 | Sat @230PM UTC | Over 650 $BD in Awards!

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  1. The #Whaletank transcription service has at least one added member: @chuckyfucky who will be translating to Spanish as well! So we might as well call it the #Whaletank transcription and translation service! This is great for spreading news about the projects being discussed here. Like @bitspark this can have a huge effect for say people in the Philippines. My transcript of the @bitspark talk gained a lot of attention and also some questions for the @bitspark team which I had to redirect to them!
    Alex @alexpmorris created a java program to not only ease the merging of subtitles but positioning them and inserting speakers names and it can also create transcriptions out of the subtitles with links to speakers' accounts! I tested it and it works great.
    Update: I also have a little suprise for you and it concerns marketing of our projects and BitShares. Stay tuned and please upvote and spread the word, thanks.
    As for DECENT I had agreed on doing an interview with @jringo for which I'll hopefully find time later this week.
  2. #beyondbitcoin, #whaletank, #growth-ideas, #transcript
  3. Appropriate links to share?
    -Multitrack recordings of the #Whaletank 226 talks last Saturday 30 Sept.
    -Modo avanzado, transcripciones y subtitulos de tu charla #Whaletank Por @nutela
    -Presentacion de video del Hangout de BeyondBitcoin Whaletank 226 30 de Septiembre , 2017 Editado por @SteemPowerPics
    -Bitspark, remittance done right
    -Translation services Ad Honorem
  4. @Nutela, Mumble: Nutela
  5. I'll be giving out coins for people who can help me transcribe, and if they wish translate the projects announced on the #whaletank. This we'll do together and we can even support the projects by sharing the author awards.
  6. nut3l4 (NUT3L4). BitShares UIA: NUTELA

Hey, Thanks for this space. Yes thanks @nutela and @alexpmorris we have found ways to make transcribing easier, that being said, i currently teamed up with another person who is helping me with the translation work. We want this to be an engagement tool with the community, the idea is to reach everyone who has a language barrier so that they can learn about this amazing proyect. Also, as im already reaching out to the spanish community and getting the whaletank known, we are seeking for other community members that are willing to help us translate for other languages as well.

It is good to see this evolving over time. @chuckyfucky has done a great job translating my Whaletank posts to Spanish, it will be interesting to see how a full transcription/translation of the tank turns out. Not an easy task.

@steempowerpics if you could record and/or the multichannel that would help us too, is that any more work? I mean you just delete the same time-amount but over all channels (for each speaker) so that they sync up.

I will have to see. Doing full edits on multiple tracks means nothing will lineup as it get further into the timecode, especially if people talk at the same moment in time. Editing the last tank (70 mins final) took 3 hours already. I will have to test this week and record in multi -- if anything I can grab the merged from Fuzzy or Africa if it doesn't go well.

Right, you should be able to delete the same piece from all tracks otherwise it wouldn't make sense.
Here an example:

will trim globally across all tracks in the timeline.

I use Audacity though. :-)

Do you need transcribers to Filipino?

Whoa! I missed your comment, I believe you already spoke to @chuckyfucky right?

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