post #7 one of my best friend's is a lake

in environment •  5 months ago

The lake was brilliant and beautiful today with the sunshine hitting the clear bubbles of the waves just right. Me and my best friend the lake had a lot of fun today swimming and I could have hung out for ages.

Though my heart is full by the beauty of and appreciation for the lake, it is also with a heavy heart that I type. The health of the lake has been struggling for years, most notably the last 6 years, but these things are accumulative so probably much longer. I have had a lot of great conversations with this lake that go back my childhood, and in my 20's I made lots of promises to come back and help. Now here I am in my 30s doing work to help the health of the lake and I wonder about it's, and our (all of us), future. The memories my nieces and nephews will have of the lake will be quite different from my own. The beach and lake quite visibly have problems and yet we can't seem to change our ways , reduce our impact and make the right decisions. Shit like this reminds me of the movie perfect sense. Have you seen it? It's been awhile for me, but essentially humanity across the globe begins to lose their sensory perceptions one by one - such as smell, taste, hearing and sight, in an end of the world type scenario. Other people have different interpretations and reactions to this film of course, but for me what may seem like adaption and resiliency to some, was humanity's unwillingness to face what was happening and address the root of the problem. I do believe when it comes to climate change, there is a lot of amazing positive things happening, but the dominant powers are stuck in a colonial mindset and seem to have turned off their sensory perceptions when it comes to the global environment. Much love to those who are fighting for the health of people, planet and all beings<3<3 <3 If anyone else reads this besides Dylan, my apologies for being a downer. I do have a lot of hope and positive ideas ahead for posts on this topic. I am very interested in ecopyschology , decolonizing and ecosystem & human health and transformative systems changes that are just. If you have thoughts or resources on the topic, I'd love to hear them. Part of Joanna Macy's book Active Hope is allowing ourselves to feel the pain we feel for the world, instead of surpress it or constantly distract ourselves from it, so we can move forward with new insights and inspired actions.

Alright, signing off in gratitude for being where I am, doing what I am doing, and getting to hang with my best friend<3

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