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Sup people, it your favorite girl on board. Hahahaha, your number one steemit amebo girl.
I'm running a doctorate degree on amebo already. Hahahaha.
See you too amebo, what are you looking for here. Hahahaha, we are both amebo like that.

Well apart from the amebo, I want to keep everyone from this end updated on happenings on steemit.
It been really tasking, and I feel like crying when I don't get enough. Lolss

So, guys I was able to cook something for this episode and I hope u enjoy it. Smiles, you must oo cos I had you in mind when I was preparing it.

DJ pay the music... Me is in love

Have found a man, stronger than anyone I knoe. He shares my dream I hope that someday we share our home....

( is it your love? Is it your man. Hahahaha tounge out)

Lets take this a glass of zobo together. Oh somebody have gedigedi( @ttopswag ) hahahaha..
Ltes just take chilled water
Breath out
So we done with the semester and I'm back home... Smiles, home sweet home.
It getting boring self, when you are in schools u want to go home, when you're at home you want to go back to school. Which one do you na like kwa?

Me I'm missing my friends oo, I'm missing school.
So I would be in Lagos for the for the next six month. I hope I survive that oo.
This one iya Rebecca will not let me be now.
Missing my special favourite guy😭😭.


  • Do make it a date with me, I'm gonna be live discord @naijapidgin channel today 7pm!!!!
    Let discuss our amebo better there. Don't miss the show pal here is the link

  • Have you heard of #naijahealthcare?
    Also an initiative of @ogoowinner, see here to read more

  • You don't know what treading? Are you on steemit at all?
    See don't be deceived anyone can do amebo.
    OK that the trending language, and there is a challenge going on check here for details

  • in a bid to promote newbies with rep below 45...
    I found this post by @prechyrukky about treatment for some illness, do check it out here. You would find it useful

  • And here is another awesome poem that caught my attention by @chidera, talking about molue
    See it here
    If you know Lagos you will know molue. Smiles

*I'm just wondering how I have come to love amebo like this. Lolss.

  • This one na gossip oo and no be me tell you, (whispering) something big is gonna happen in @adoore-eu kitchen tomorrow. You can't afford to miss it. Promise me you will pay her blog a visit tomorrow.

  • So @daniel-otaniel is in love. Hahahaha (is nor me that say it oo)

  • OK this is a very sad amebo, and I'm so sorry.
    @Julietisreal and @kweenzykruzy were attacked by armed robbers and were robbed of their phone and all
    I hope kweenzy is better now, she got a swollen face(that fine girl that celebrated birthday not long ago) if you see this Darling, I'm sorry about the incident.
    And @julietisreal I saw her with this guy drinking one pico... Drink like this. Sorry too dear.

  • @adabless,!!!!! Oooooo, how many times did i call you! what have been eating?This one you are getting bigger, humm. Leme just shut up.

  • So that was how somebody called boss @eurogee a mother fucker,(is nor me oo)
    Guess what, @smyle removed him immediately from the eronation group. Hahahaha. Instant judgment, but I think he was added back. Some people lack talking manners(sorry if it you oo, I was only saying my own oo)

  • So house rent abi @mediahousent, somebody cannot chat with you again because you are a whale abi? OK oo

  • So that's how @burlarj turn to buyer oo
    Because they have pay his salary now, we won't hear word on the blockchain again. I want to sell oo, #1000 per SBD. Thank you

  • @illuminatus is so desperate to get fat oo. If he is a girl now, I would have recommended some special diet for him. Lolsd

  • Which one is sin card bayi, kuku kee me oo
    Sin ko, sink no.

  • @zizymena don't tell me that man is still on your neck. Humm, see find cold water and pour on his head abi which one self na?

  • @onos, humm. Better tell me who your girlfriend is, who is that fine girl you took picture with. You this omo Igbo boy OK.

My regular please, the lukewarm water very cold water for my cough. Keep clam cos I'm about to burst your balls

  • Hahahaha, I can't stop laughing since, so our everyday twin crusher @illuminatus is finally getting serious with his life. Hahaha
    So he is getting married to this beautiful steemer...
    Leme be your chief brides maid oo( which one is chief and maid self, wisdom will not kee me)
    Date- June 2020, what where u expecting before(raise eyes) run away

  • So guy abi men, what exactly do you want in a relationship? @roseblessing was asking all of the guys last night on discord, non of them could tell. You people don't know abi. OK

  • Cough @tojukaka and @gee1 where did you two go to last night?.
    Na snapping picture in the toilet.

  • What up with my steemit mum @mimy and her baby @ehiboss, It been a while we saw them together.
    Or did you two stopped taking picture?

  • @pearlumie how far your baby now, is she on steemit now. Winks

  • @ewuoso seems to have a thing for girls with nice voice, se I nor go and do voice training bayi. Lolss

  • @burlarj what between you and rose? That you are using @Rose-collete picture for dbd. You DAT don't believe in love, leave my sister oo.

  • I saw this somewhere and I love it, words from Mr wonder on #backtoschool community group

You don't know heart break until you make this money and discover theirs no one to spend it with. 😢
Build relationships twice as much as you chase wealth.

It ready hit me hard, do pounder on it.

Sup there, how is steemit going.
Hope you post everyday, try and do that oo.
so I got these challenge and contest for you

@gee1 fun time is there for you to catch fun on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday
@ulog is there too, tell us how you spent your day
So many contest and challenge to participate in.
Just make sure you are catching enough fun.


OK that is me dancing again. Hahahaha
Dancing is a goal

@bookoons hair, you would definitely find your style.


  • Tomorrow is @jeaniepearl's birthday!!!!!
    Hurry, there is gonna be a birthday bash on her blog tomorrow don't miss it with lots of SBD to be won.

Listen to the following announcement and make sure you don't miss any if these

  • Air-clinic weekly program

You won't want to miss any of it, so fun filled and interesting

  • A lot of exciting moments on @naijapidgin, make sure you don't miss out on any. We die here
    Abakaliki girl, you and your slavery girl

  • Have you heard about the #lovedoctor on steemit?
    You shouldn't miss his Monday shows #air-clinic where he give answers to @zizymena questions and gives relationship advices. 8:00 pm

  • @jeaniepearl TGIF show is out, @sunnygirl is our guest(I want to be like you when I grow up sis)

And for tomorrow, Saturday anticipate...

  • @zizymena Saturday relationship night. You shouldn't miss it, with the show on discord #naijapidgin 8:00pm (Hahaha)

  • @adoore-eu, restaurant with mouth watering meal(you know I love you mum)

  • Lets talk about it with @oluwatobiloba on Saturdays( I sent ice cream to you, promise me you will go and taste it too)

  • @soorefunmi saturdayselfiecontest (I won, @camzy tounge out for you!!!)

  • @camzy g.o.a.t. the entertainment flash guy. More gist pls

Happy birthday in advance to @jeaniepearl

missing item


All pictures are from pixabay

To my awesome readers, thanks for coming. I love you.
Thanks for taking out time to read my amebo don't forget to join me on discord ooo see here for the discord link
Thanks to @zizymena, @jeaniepeal, @adabless, @burlarj, @bookoons, @daniel-otaniel😘 for the support so far.
Thanks for the gist.
I'm so sure you love my steemit dairy, and I take it as a duty to get you entertained.
So do you have a complain, contribution or suggestion? Feel free to drop it on the comment box. I love you.

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Until I come your way again

Be you!


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Our favourite amebo steemian i hail😁
Nice update on your steemit dairy dear, never seen you danced be4
HBD to @jeaniepeael in advance, @rebeccafl wont miss ur show on naijapidgin discord group 😉
Missing item should be the dont be decieved challange made by @ewuoso

Did i dance well?
Thanks for stopping by😘

Yaaayyyy... Rebbekksss is here again... Hahahahah.. B4 I say anytn

Missing Item

First challenge by @ewuoso (don't be deceived)
Check [here](

Here it is

@oredebby baby
Thanks for stopping by boo😘

I do really love it....thanks for keeping us updated.

Meanwhile, I'm available for little bride oo

I'm glad you love it
Which little bride is that. Lolss
Thanks sis😘

Lol.. This one that you have taken your amebo to another level (@naijapidgin) oga o. Lemme quickly do what i am doing so that i wont miss it

Thank you boo😘

@illuminatus is so desperate to get fat oo. If he is a girl now, I would have recommended some special diet for him. Lolsd

I need to know that special diet😥

The diet is called the "protein ++" diet. If you know, you know.

Hmmm.... I guess it isn't meant for me then.

You na man oo.
You no fit take am

This na BBC focus on steemians. Nice updates @rebeccafl

Thanks boo😘

Amazing concept you've got [email protected]
Truly creative projects

Thanks dearie😘

@Rebeccafl, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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I really laughed my heart out here. Very interesting concept!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Boss, i'm humbled.
I'm glad you love it

This your concept is nice gal.m proud.

Thank you😘

Rebe baby, this your Amebo is First Class o. Also this your twerking Ehn.

My sister, i dey floor oo. Make i stand up

@rebeccafl!!!! Why is my name always appearing on every amebo?? Is it ya fat?
@illuminatus getting married kwa? Ok o

Because i love u na baby😘


how many times did I call you?

One time oo
Thanks for stooping by

Hahahahaha. You really took long before going for a doctorate degree in amebo. See how you started with my case. How did you know something big is coming tomorrow to my kitchen? I wonder how you travel to get all these. Amebo fit you well.

This is wonderful, cant stop laughing here

Thank you mummy😘

Lol z, if armed robbers visit me ehn, you will be the one to be arrested!

You killed it again deary, keep soaring.