Three new themes and RSS feed for ENGRAVE bloggers!

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After the latest update, which was very successful but focused mostly on our backend architecture and stability, we've been working hard on things that are much more noticeable for end-users. And here we present three new themes completely for free!

It means that Engrave bloggers have six themes available to change their' blogs appearance.

Changing theme is super simple - just visit your blog settings on our Dashboard, select desired Theme and click Save. Refresh your blog and you will notice different blog appearances. You don't have to have technical skills to use Engrave, isn't it cool?

And we're going to release much more important themes-related feature soon. Make sure you follow @engrave!

RSS feed

There is a lot of tools and users that use RSS feed. You can, for example, enable automatic posting your articles on different social media, like Twitter of Facebook with

Your feed is available at /feed address. For example:

Use your favorite tool to follow other users blogs!

What is ENGRAVE?

Read our first post post: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network

Engrave is a native blogging platform with a completely different approach. You can create a blockchain-powered website in just a few seconds with your own desired domain. You can choose your website's design from modern and nice-looking templates with integrated Steemconnect. Your readers can vote and comment on your articles directly from your blog to make it worth more. Engrave helps hobbyists to create their own blogs on Steem, build an audience and monetize almost every legal content easily. Encouraging readers was never easier because of great and dynamically growing Steem userbase. With our help, you can build own blog and reach valuable readers to earn on your content without having skills other than writing!

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Estupendas noticias para una estupenda aplicación de la red Steem!!! Steem on!!!!

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

Possibility to change your blog appearance is unique for the Engrave platform.

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

!tipuvote 2

Looking great!

Thanks :) More themes coming soon :)

Hey I was looking at an engrave site and it seems to be loading really slowly.

Yes, I already found the issue and make a fix for that. Website should be quick as before :)

great work guys! will you ever allow people to mock up their own do you think or have that marketplace work?

Yes, we are working on themes marketplace :) Will be released soon, I hope.

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This is great news, thank you :)

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you!