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Nahu Padilla "Puku" - Bio


At 11:30 p. m. on the evening of May 7th, I was born. I assume miraculously for everything I carry in my gestation. My mother could not have children, it lasted for something like 5 years trying to treat a medicated hormone treatment, in the seventies, my two older sisters were born, eighteen years before me. And the factory was closed. Ready it was not until a trip to the United States of America, to the state of Florida, or Disney World, that my parents made in the eighties, in August specifically, that I appeared on stage. In the Contemporary hotel, modern enough for the time, with a technology quite adapted to the budget that was spent on paying that season there.


And in those conditions I was conceived, let's say I wasn't an accident but I wasn't quite planned either, just something that came up between a couple who wanted each other but that was it. My mother's rather risky pregnancy, so I was a high-risk baby, I was born on a day when life and death surrounded my mother and me, a scenario that repeated itself constantly for many years afterwards. My mother, Alicia, was from Opus Dei. Being inside her womb, she took me to spiritual retreats so that people could ask for me and pray for me, so that I could be born well, without problems, something difficult passed my mother in her thirties and in the eighties there was not yet the right technology to give birth to someone of that age, she spent many months lying down on the doctor's instructions, that is why I like to stay so long.... I don't know, the point is that my holy mother almost lost me, I went to miscarriage also.

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And I was dead inside her, they echoed her to discover that she was lifeless and that I had to be taken out with a curettage, a natural abortion, the doctor and she, crying down in the elevator. But as if it were a miracle or an incredible foreign story, the doctor had a feeling and marked another button and told him that they were going to do a last echo so as to verify that he wasn't really alive, and for that little moment, I am here writing this, when I echoed it, I moved, of course it was discovered that I suffer from a murmur in my heart but it turned me into a living miracle. As the days passed after I was born my life was quite pleasant, I remember that my first ghosts I saw them being in the cradle, at four or five years of age, I remember several "people" that visited me being in my first years of my life, that parallel to my dreams where until today I see spectra, entities and astral travel, subjects that I will deal with later...


Few nice little childhood memories, but there were. But it was the result of internal fights, ruthless conflicts, lovers, domestic violence, irreverent punishments, senseless beatings, hatred, ice law, suffering, I remember three events that I think changed my life radically, at 5 years old we went to a beach club of which my parents were partners, my mother and I entered the sea and a swirl of sand sucked us up against the ground leaving us without air, came to the sea. My sisters miraculously rescued us and we came out relatively unharmed, but beyond the fright I knew that my life would not be normal at all. Two years later at the age of 7, two events proved this fact irrefutably. My family was part from the Andes, another part from the Llanos (farm lands), my parents loved traveling outside the capital of my violent and bleeding Caracas.


In a traveling to the state of Guárico, we was inside the wagonier truck that was always bad, as if it were stuffed and that a few days before had been taken out of the workshop, a white, turkey Wagonier, in one of these lonely places the right rear wheel, the one on my side, where I was sitting, incredibly leaves the chassis and makes us land in a ditch of a road abandoned by God, incredible. The third of these events happened when I was 7 years old also, in the estate of my uncles, I liked horses very much, many of my children's outings were to the racetrack to visit my uncles in their restaurant, my uncle had been a jockey and good we were going to share the weekends to there healthy, I loved to bet and many times I won, I stopped gambling at 14 years old, the same year I quit smoking.


At the age of 7 I hadn't lived long enough, but if there was one thing I had in mind, it was that I liked horses. So I got on one, had some respect for them but it wasn't my first time in one. But something went wrong this time, the frightened horse wanted to run, wanted to get rid of me, entered through a small space between the outer side wall of the house of the family and the fence that separated one farm from the other, fence and wall decorated with branches of lemons with thorns of various sizes that were inserted into my body as the horse ran through that bloody natural alley, so much was my pain, my fear. And that's the beginning of my life.

At the age of 9 my father had started to move away from my house with his lovers, a time of bitterness and darkness, I do not reproach him for anything, but at the age of 10 he was already away from home, smoking, drinking, with adult people, many rockers and punks, people who lived life from a quite intense and subversive point of view, rebellious, rebellious, and contentious, those were my real origins, my family, as having been adopted.


When I was 9 years old, I had written a series of articles and even a first book, I had read an encyclopedia and quite a few books of different nature and content, I easily started conversations with adults and that built an image of intellectual at a young age, nothing common in an environment of children so I had to make a transcendental decision, meet the nerds and live a relegated life, I was one of the first students in the class, with good average.


The children of my age didn't fit in with my way of seeing the world, the adults, my roles to follow were collapsed structures, I had severe acne and weight problems, I didn't fit the canons of a cool guy, I was more part of a dark underground, I saw many people throw up drunk or get high before I was 11 years old, many people mocked my physical appearance until I was about 16 years old when I was about to become a drug addict. After that facial calvary and weight loss thanks to the tumors that I suffered from the 12 years until the 15, two quite intense operations, a lot of rest, without moving with my vertebrae limed, sore all the time, my guitar and rock understood me, my family supported me when they were good among them, the maternal bipolarity affected me enormously, she was well some days, others not during the following days.


Everything that had to be lived and seen of the wickedness of the human genre I lived it when I was young, not for my family, for my crazy acquaintances, or for my dead, I felt the torture in living flesh of demons, not mental, of beings that visited me to make me evil, black shadows in my room, dreams that when awakened became realities, like burned skin or scratches or desperate situations with spectra of the sun.

So, I have had tumours in my spine, since I was 12 years old, suffered terrible pain in my back, which could be caused by the blow with the horse, the repudiation of my environment and the demonic tortures I experienced, I always had the hope that the days would be better for me, the absence of my father was something everyday, as well as having to work at 14 and 15 years old, with tumours in my spine and a cork stopper.


A path in which I wanted to live and travel and drown my frustrations by taking them to the musical plane and draining them with each chord. I had few happy moments in those years but enough, at the age of 17 years after undergoing radiotherapy, the tumors had disappeared. Except one who operated on my left arm. A 12 year old lady made me many prayers to heal my spine, that was an unforgettable experience, later on I will delve into that, that double paranormal life that surrounded me since I was born, my visits to cemeteries, my disappearances from nowhere for hours to strange places when I was very young, my traffic accidents that I also survived like a "miracle".


Its like when the bus passed over me when I was 17 years old, on my legs, and my arms and that I am inexplicably alive, my other traffic accidents after that or future wrecks in which I was inexplicably saved, the times when they pointed a gun at me and didn't shoot, my paragliding fall a few years ago, my other accidents, my trips to the Amazon jungle and the Gran Sabana Forest (in Venezuela). Asking for a ride, and in many parts of Venezuela, with my camera or doing art, or laying hands on people or healing them or doing exorcisms and expelling demons and helping those who really needed it.


Paranormal communications with dead people, meeting people of different culture and religion, learning from them, nourishing me, traveling with "unknown" beings or angels, in my dreams, taking me to beautiful and dantesque places, the sky, the various hells, the whole paranormal world, my mission still unknown but necessary to the world, the abuses that many violent people committed against my person, policemen, relatives, companions, during this time of war. I still don't know what the world has in store for me, but I have plans to live every day, breathe, be happy, give thanks, help, advise, heal and heal people, with the art I do or with something else, you can always do and give something more for the other, respecting and listening to it. The most important thing is not to lose sight of goals and plans. To fight, as the warrior I have always been, to rise up every time I fall, and to help others to rise up too. Breathe deeply and connect with that energy so that I can tell my story and somehow help others to move forward, evolve and fight like me. The rest will be taken care of by fate and God for what I have to live from now on!



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Hey @nahupuku,

Wow! ... What a post. Like the pics. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

Keep up the good work.

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:D thanks a lot bro!!! :D amazing, :D thanks for your words! later , cheers

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thanks alot friends!

¡Marvellous! just marvellous Nahu Padilla Arbelaez. Great Introduction post mate. :)

I am very glad to know that after all that amazing odyssey to put one foot on this planet, you are now well, healthy and kicking hard mate. It's always nice to met new rebellious mavericks, renegades and young outlaws who want spread the outside-tha-box free thinker's magic spell everywhere.

Very welcome to this outstanding corner of an Advanced Platform of Freedom online and good luck with your "Unknown Heroes Foundation Project" @nahupuku.

I'm following you closely now and I expect to accompany you on your splendid and promising journey through these waters from now on.

Cheers!! :)

muchisimas gracias! :D aca estamos a la orden, en caracas, venezuela paisano. bendiciones y buenas vibras para ti. mi primer post fue este mismo pero en su version en español. mi meta era ser un posteador bilingue y ya tengo de ambas partes! :D un abrazo y bienvenido a mis steem blog

Pues siguele dando nomás al Bilingüe hermano. De hecho lo haces muy bien. :)

Como habrás quizás ya observado, yo hago exáctamente lo mismo. Bueno, aunque probablemente, lo que yo publico, es más bien en mi humorístico, extravagante y temible Spanglish. Jajaja

Salud y pa'lante brorel!! }:)

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genial genial, un abrazo y gracias por tu consejo @por500bolos .jajaj siii y eso es lo q falta ahorita y mucho! el humor, un millon d gracias por el apoyo! d verdad q si! vale ya lo edito, aunque pense q reveur no votaba en español pero genial lo hare, si hace poco antier m curaron el post en vivo, de historia de un donativo, andres bello y mfestra super geniales! receptivos, gente fenomenal! un abrazo grande para ti y bendiciones mil.

@reveur ven

Y aplica tu magia!! :)

hi @jerrybanfield if you wanna read about my (Im spanish´s writer but im ´translate some of my post in english. like this one (the biographical and the donation´s history post and this one about my tattoo/art museum shop, here in Caracas, Venezuela, that its the place that i receive donations for help´s others

Hey! Que bueno encontrarte también por acá. Mucho éxito!

ainss <3 :D :* igualmente!