THE SECRET of success in life, love, family, business, finances and health, (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th part.)

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hello friends, I wanted to make a compilation of the four parts of the secret that previously published with the aim that it is available to you and in turn is more comfortable to read it, this is a matter of personal growth and development of the power of the mind in our lives.

today I want to bring you the tools of success, I speak directly to you of a book that totally changed the focus on my life, this great book gave me the power to control my life and everything around me including the People who come to me, all of them receive part of this power by being close to me or my family.

I know what all this is about, but the solution to your problems is at your fingertips, just accept, what I will give you with all disinterest, that secret of which I speak has been hidden for a long time , the leaders of the world from very remote times tried to hide it and keep the secret only with their heirs or only with those who were going to supplant them to be the only ones who could reach the greatest riches of the universe. This secret has been present from the beginning of creation to our days, only that due to ignorance we have stopped focusing in the right way to achieve everything that we propose, this famous book of which I speak is called: THE SECRET.


This secret came to my life on the day least thought, I come as a gift from my mother to whom I gave little importance, since I was a person with little time to read, but one day in my bed almost at 2 o'clock in the morning. morning and without a little sleep to sleep, I thought about how difficult life was, that I gave the best of myself to achieve success and I did not achieve it, I did not have the woman I loved, I did not have the money I wanted and I miss a house, my whole life at that moment was a complete disaster, but I kept thinking selfishly, what I have to do to achieve success and that everything I want to be fulfilled, then traveling between my deliberate thoughts, I heard a voice in my inside that said the secret, I did not understand at the time but from one moment to another came to my memory that moment in which my mother gave me that book and I remembered that it was called the secret, I immediately started looking for it inside my window and there was all powdered, that book that at a certain moment my mother gave it to me without any interest so I started reading it.


The secret is an original publisher's book: Atria Book / Beyond words, New York.

When I read the first lines of this book I understood that the book was made for me, because the dedication said it, and I took it in a very personal way, and in the same way I want to dedicate it to you, I want you to know the secret and share it with all the people you can, dear friends of steemit once they know this great secret, there will be absolutely nothing they can not reach, their most intimate and unattainable desires will be in their hands just waiting for their minds to believe them, so that the universe grant them.


The brightest minds as they were: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein, as well as many other inventors and theologian knew the secret and now I share it with you.

As above, so below. As it is inside it is outside ... The emerald table, circe 3000 a.C.

You may ask yourself what is the secret, I will explain it to you in the way I interpret it, The Secret is the application of the law of attraction in our lives.

So simple the Law of Attraction, enter and find out for yourself that it is this law that offers us so much power and benefits. It is important that you know that everything that happens to us in our life is created by ourselves and attracted by our thoughts, it is possible that at some predetermined moment, we have hit this harsh reality without realizing it, creating a catastrophic chain reaction that they have caused grief and discouragement, poverty and misery, lack of love and unhappiness, and you will ask how I myself can be able to attract these bad things without knowing it, what guilt I can have; Nobody wants bad for himself. Every day we get up asking God to take us away, the evil of our lives, that poverty is away from our families, that we have a partner who is not unfaithful and that money reaches us for what is necessary and guess what happens ?, the law of attraction acts and we receive what we ask, we break down:

First thought:

Take away evil from our lives.

Maybe for many this sentence is well formulated and literally well written, but for the law of attraction does not work well, in the law of attraction it happens that everything that comes to our lives, comes because we ourselves have attracted , and we attract it because in the unconscious state we ask it, we focus on what we do not want to ask for, and at the moment when our mind connects with our emotions, the miracle occurs. When we ask God to turn evil away from our lives, we focus our attention and feelings at any unpleasant time related to the evil, from an illness, until they are robbing you in the worst case, and guess what? Puffsss, it happens that you get mugged or you discover some sudden illness or something negative happens in your family environment where you are directly affected, and just then we say, God, what happens to me this and that "what have I done wrong?" my dear friend I bring you the answer to all your ills, you are the only one guilty and responsible for what happens to your life, change your focus. Instead of asking for evil to move away from you, change your way of thinking, do not think about evil at the time of asking, you should ask for an example: "God fills my life with blessings and sends your angels to take care of my steps "We are basically asking for the same thing, but we change the way we ask and do not attract evils to our lives. Remember, everything you think you attract.

Second thought:

Let poverty leave our families.

The first thing we think about is poverty, and you know what happens, we attract what we think, believing that we move poverty away, we do not realize that what we are doing is attracting more thoughts of poverty and with them the feelings that create the formula perfect for it to happen, and poverty is created in our lives, so let's change our way of asking as follows: "God fills my home with much prosperity, so that my life and the life of the people around me will be more Happy, remember, everything you think you attract.

Third thought

That we have a partner that is not unfaithful.

Here apply the same principle, do not ask for a partner who is not unfaithful, because you are attracting infidelity, think and focus your thoughts on the perfect woman or man, think of a faithful, loving, attentive, admirable, dedicated couple, focus your thoughts towards the positive side, instead of seeing the glass half empty, materializes the glass half full, the law of attraction acts on the basis of what you think and feel.

When you think and feel, it is the formula that makes it possible to materialize all the things in your life.

The law of attraction has been present since the beginning of time and has been interpreted in many ways, in different cultures, from the oldest religions to the most modern have applied these universal laws, religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism , Christianity, and Islam, civilizations such as the Babylonian and the Egyptian have transmitted in their stories and stories, This is a ubiquitous law that has been in all ages from the beginning of time to today.

John Assaraf. For me the simplest fortune to contemplate the law of attraction is to think that I am a magnet, because I know that a magnet attracts things to him.

The like attracts the like.

In the book the secret says: "Like attracts like", this means that when we bring a thought to our mind, immediately begins to interact with the law of attraction, attracting more similar thoughts, which is why we must take care of what we think, it is important to maintain a conscious mind.

It is possible that at some point in our lives we have experienced what it is like to attract similar thoughts, when listening to a song and then not being able to get it out of your mind, the song continued to play continuously in your head and it was even a moment when you heard it very clearly and detail, without realizing you were paying all the attention and focus in it, it happens that in doing so you were attracting very strongly similar thoughts, and in that way the song significantly influences your life, many religions and sects have used this power to activate thoughts both positive and negative, which has led many people to change their lives for both good and bad, those people who have been influenced by certain music that has led them to suicide, or have led them to kill someone, it is because they are being influenced indirectly, by similar thoughts of the music they listen to.

Maintaining a conscious mind allows you to have control over your thoughts and your life.

John Assaraf
Our work as human beings is to maintain the thoughts we want, to be clear in our mind what we want, and from that base to start invoking one of the great laws of the Universe: The Law of Attraction. You become what you think most, but you also attract what you think most.

Focus on knowing what you want, once you have clear in your life what you want to be and where you want to go, from that moment you start thinking about it constantly, reproducing it like a movie, and it happens that when you know what you want and you have it as your first thought, you attract it to your life, from that moment that powerful law begins to act, where your thoughts materialize in the objects that are in your universe.

Thoughts are a Universe of possibilities.

Once we have understood that we are the magnets of our life, that the thoughts we have attract the like, and that we are creators of our own universe, we must begin to create our whole world, as we want it, I want to give them the necessary tools to change their lives in all areas, imagine their minds as the lamp of Aladdin, where they are granted 3 desires to remove the genie from the lamp, in this same way the law of attraction works in our lives, only that our desires are infinite , we have a genius that grants us the desires that we want in our life, so powerful is our mind.

Concentrate your thoughts on attracting the good, the main problem of the human being is that we concentrate more on what we do not want than on what we really want, and this manifests itself again and again, without knowing why, it changes the way think and concentrate on thinking about the things you want, that will change your life and your environment, the wrong way of thinking has infected the world for thousands and thousands of years, that is why I wanted to share this with you. My intention is to create a generation of people, who think positively so that they generate a positive world.

>The writer and defender of the personal delegation of power, Lisa Nichols says:The law of attraction in very obedient. When you think about what you want and you focus on it with all your strength, in each moment, it will give you exactly what you want. When you focus on the things you do not want, "I do not want to be late, I do not want to be late", the law of attraction does not hear the "I do not want", it manifests what you are thinking and will do it again and again. The law of attraction does not know what I want and I do not want, when you focus on something, whatever it is, you are provoking it to manifest.

I will give you some examples that will help you understand a bit what this famous writer means.

The denials that you pronounce are received by the law of attraction.


  • "I do not want to get my clothes dirty," the law reflects it as; "I want to get my clothes dirty"
  • "I do not want to be poor, I want to be poor"
  • "I do not want to be late"; "I want to be late"
  • "I do not want to get sick;" I want to get sick "

Each time we emit a thought in any way the law of attraction acts immediately, no matter what, or when, only acts in a neutral way that is why we must pay close attention to our thoughts and the approach we give to them, to achieve total success.

Many times we have repressed to achieve success in our lives, without realizing it, but the power to change your life is in you, you are what you think and you are the genius of your own lamp with infinite desires, the universe opens the doors to give you everything you want.


The power of your mind.


If in the past we were not aware of our thoughts and if now we are, the same chain of events will always be generated, whether or not we are conscious of what we think, we attract the thoughts that most dominate our mind, and if we keep thinking in the past and we find ourselves in the present, living again and again the same past situations, but we continue thinking about them, we keep an open cycle that is perpetuated by the law of attraction, we do not give way to what is coming, but rather , we confine ourselves to live eternally in a particular situation that never ends.

It happens that many people acquire patterns that lead them to live, again and again the same situations without an explanation, and object that they are paying karmas from past lives, but the real reason is due to the law of attraction, it must be given importance to what is important, back to the page and continue through new paths.

"When something starts, finish it"

Do not leave anything inconclusive in your life, if you go through a process of any field, whatever, take a time to finish it, do not start something and then leave it adrift, when we leave spaces in our lives that for reasons we do not finish, we focus our attention directly or indirectly on it, and the power of the mind begins to act as we constantly face more failure, than happiness, and when there is something that is not finished in life, the mind works and reminds you Whenever there is something unfinished, for this reason, the law of attraction acts taking you to live the same situations indefinitely, because you are constantly attracting the likeness of your thoughts.

If you start something, dedicate yourself to finish it, but if for some reason you can not finish it physically, take the time to close that cycle in your mind, imagine that you are finishing it, or take the time to close each space of your life involved in that situation, this will allow you to move forward without the need to think about what you left behind or to involve feelings in your thoughts, just keep moving forward, remember that what happened, happened, we can not change the past, but we can change the future.

The mind is more powerful than you think, you can move up a mountain just by thinking about it, in the Bible, you talk about faith, "Faith moves mountains", but that is faith, faith is the certainty of what is not seen, conviction of what is expected. Even the most ancient religions accepted it, the law of attraction in combination with the power of the mind, act on matter, giving rise to what is called by religions as miracles.

Scientific studies have come to determine through experiments with different people, that the mind can heal, the mind secretes endless chemicals that allow our body to regenerate automatically allowing it to heal, and even prevent one of the most degenerative diseases common of these times, the use of generators in menopausal women decreases in a marked way the risk of suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the hormone of happiness, allows to maintain a more hydrated skin and prevents people from looking old, as well as there is a large number of hormones in our brain that plays an important role in our body and organism, giving us many benefits, imagine that we are able to activate each segregation of these substances to our body at our will, we could be able to combat anxiety, sadness, rabies, diseases like diabetes and all the diseases that existed sten, we would have the ability to regenerate our body without any problem, all this is possible just by activating the power of the mind, only 1% of the population has developed their brain capacity to more than 10% of capacity. Imagine that you can be part of that 10%, it would be a universe of possibilities, all this we can achieve if we want, only with the power of your mind.

Now is the time to change all those negative thoughts to stop creating negative situations in your life, you have all the power to create your life as you want, you substitute bad thoughts for good thoughts and start living a completely different life, you can Observe things from another perspective and your whole world will change for the better, but to achieve this you have to learn to master your mind. The simplest way to master your mind is to silence it, through meditation, meditate helps control your thoughts and revitalize your body, in the book of The Secret, give a simple formula that helps you focus on your thoughts and you can do at any time and where you are, repeating "I am the master of my thoughts" meditating on it, at least you start with three minutes and you will get the focus you need.



The great secret of life is the law of attraction.

  • The law of attraction says that similar attracts like, so when you have a thought, you are also attracting similar thoughts.
  • Thoughts are magnetic and have a frequency. When you think, thoughts are sent to the universe and magnetically attract all things that are on the same frequency. Everything we send returns to its origin: you.
  • You are like a tower of human transmission, transmitting a frequency with your thoughts, if you want to change something in your life, change frequency by changing your thoughts.
  • your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think or focus on is what manifests in your life.
  • Your thoughts materialize into objects.

I wish with all my heart that you learn to control your thoughts, that you allow your lives to change and you can enjoy this benefit, after finishing sharing this magnificent teaching with you, I hope you can observe for yourself the great change that will be generated in their lives, share these teachings and help other people achieve total success.


The Law of Attraction


#The Simplified Secret.

We live in a universe where there are laws, just as there is the law of gravity. If you fall from a building, it does not matter if you are a good person or a bad person, you will hit the ground. MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH.

In this chapter of the secret, it emphasizes that the law of attraction as well as the law of gravity, are natural laws, totally impartial, fair and exact, therefore everything that happens around us, both good and bad, has been attracted by ourselves. Many times without the slightest state of consciousness, we think about things that we later attract to our lives, negative things happen and we are attracted to ourselves, but in an unconscious state, only with a thought do we activate the law of attraction that is why we we must be careful when thinking, we must be attentive to our thoughts, one of the best ways to be focused on what we think is through meditation.

Now from this moment you have the keys that will open the doors of success in your life, stop believing that you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time and that is why bad things happen to you, you are the architect of your own life , begin to believe, that you will receive good things because you have wished for it, what you think from now on will be the structure of what you want in your life, if you want to have a lot of money, if you want to have the woman or the perfect man, health, new business opportunities, everything absolutely everything that surrounds you is part of your thoughts, think big and everything will come to you in addition.

It is impossible to control our thoughts. Scientists do not say that we have about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to try to control all those thoughts? Fortunately, there is a simpler way and it is our feelings. Our feelings help us to know what we are thinking. MARCI SHIMOFF. Writer, International Speaker and Transformational Leader.

Based on how we feel we begin to create our thoughts, feelings quickly tell us what we are thinking, before being aware of what we think we should be aware of what we feel and that our thoughts are born of, there are two types of feelings, good feelings and bad feelings, you can not have good thoughts if you have bad feelings in your life, like feelings of anger, or sadness, and sometimes you think of good things, that would go against the law of attraction, imagine this like a circle, where the thoughts attract the feelings, and at the same time the feelings that are generated attract more similar thoughts, therefore it is an endless line in the universe that is repeated again and again, only until you decide that you are going to think. Now you will ask yourself how I am going to achieve it, changing your thoughts and changing your feelings, do not let anything take you out of your balanced state of mind, start by feeling happy.

It worked for me that when I am upset by something that happened to me during the day, or with a particular situation and I feel frustrated or any of the negative feelings, I try to change my mood, mitigating a comedy movie, laughter generates a state of incredible relaxation, improves my mood and makes me feel good, after I've done this, I think about what had unbalanced me and I see it more clearly, change the perspective of things and even think, that it was not worth It is worth bothering me for something that could not change anyway, and so I try to avoid similar situations that would take me out of my state of happiness.

Dedicate yourself to be happy, do not let worries, daily chores and routine change your mood, what could not be done today is done tomorrow, and the worries are to get ahead of something that has not happened, and when we We worry, we change our mood unnecessarily.

Laughter is a good therapy and a good way to focus our thoughts, guess why children are so happy, why do not worry about anything, not with this I mean we should not take care of our responsibilities, but of that it's about getting busy and not about worrying.


BOB DOYLE SAYS: actually it's very simple - what am I attracting right now? -, well how do you feel? "I feel good", well it's still that way.

Now I ask you, how do you feel now? Observe within yourself how you are feeling at this moment, if you are not feeling as you would like, focus on feeling your feelings inside and change them intentionally. When we focus our feelings with the intention of changing your mood, you manage to achieve it. One way to do this is to close your eyes, keep away all kinds of distractions, focus on your inner feelings and smile for a minute, without a doubt you will change your feelings and thoughts drastically.

You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and who feels your feelings.

The main objective of our life should be, feel good, because this positive feeling is the signal we emit to the universe and attracts more of the same to you, that is why the better you feel, the more you attract the things that will make you feel better and help raise your spirits even more.

Create a list of feelings that will help you when you need it most, eg write down particular situations that make you feel right immediately, memories, fun moments, nature, your favorite music, any of the things that make you feel good and when you are going through a difficult moment, focus your thoughts on this list of things so that you can change the tune of your thoughts from bad to good, from anger to tranquility, from sadness to happiness, use this list of resources to center your feelings and stay in a balanced state .

Love is the greatest emotion.

One of the best ways to focus our aura is through love, this is one of the most powerful universal forces, with the power to change our lives immediately.

El Amor es una de las emociones con más poder de influencia en el ser humano.


Love can directly influence the law of attraction. One of the simplest concepts that I can give you is the following; The origin of being well can be applied to your pets, it has been proven that contact with animals is one of the most relaxing experiences that exist, it allows to balance the mood of man, produce an emotional state describable, such as happiness, tenderness, love, tranquility and a large number of positive emotions that we achieve through our pets. When we love our pets, that great state of love offers your life well-being.


The combination of thought and love is what creates the irresistible force of the law of attraction. Charles Haanel.

The frequency of love is the highest you can emit, one of the most powerful forces in the universe is love, if human beings were able to love all people and things in the same way without any distinctions , our life was totally different, our life would be transformed, in the Christian religion, this principle is understood and the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth said in his commandments, Love your progimo as yourself.

It is noteworthy that some of the great thinkers of history referred to the law of attraction as the law of love, if you keep unpleasant thoughts towards someone, immediately begin to manifest in your life those unpleasant thoughts, you can not harm others people with your thoughts, you harm yourself directly, so it is of utmost importance that you think about love and give love to people, since the main beneficiary of everything is you, the higher the love you share and give to the The greatest world is the power of the law of attraction, imagine everything you can do with loving thoughts, and ask in this frequency what you want, everything will come to your life as a shower of blessings, the doors of the universe will open to you, only you have the keys to open them, start by applying this great principle you will not regret it.

When you begin to understand and really master your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to see how you create your own reality. that's where your freedom resides, that's where your power lies. Marci Shimoff

There is a quote from the great Albert Einstein; The biggest question a human being can ask himself is: Do we live in a friendly universe?

Once we know the law of attraction we can answer the question with a YES, because when we see the universe as friendly, the law of attraction activates in your life in a friendly way through the like, if we interact with this question taking it beyond expectations, as it says in the book as a splendid universe, we proclaim that our life will be splendid, because the universe conspires in your favor.


  • The law of attraction is a law of nature. It is as impartial as the law of gravity.

  • You can not experience anything unless you invoke it by repeated thoughts.

  • To know what you are thinking ask yourself how you feel. Emotions are valuable tools that tell us instantly what we are thinking.

  • It is impossible to feel bad and have positive thoughts at the same time.

  • Your thoughts determine your frequency and tell you immediately how often you are. When you feel bad you are in the frequency of attracting negative things. When you feel well, you attract the good things with force.

  • The resources are pleasant memories, nature or your favorite music, these can help you change your feelings and your frequency in an instant.

  • The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. The more love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are using.

The creative process

In the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Bryne, she mentions that the creative process used in the secret, taken from the new testament, is an easy direction to execute so that you believe in three steps that I will mention to continuation .

  • Step 1: Ask.
  • Step 2: Have faith.
  • Step 3: Receive.

First step: Ask.

To start asking you must understand that you are in tune, once you are in sync with the power of love, you are ready to ask. Remember the universe is the genie of the lamp that is there to grant unlimited desires, only you have the power to decide what you want for your life.

Bob Proctor recommends in this book. Take a sheet of paper and write: What do you really want ?, Write it in the present tense, one way to start is to write it like this: I am a happy person and I am grateful for ... and then explain how you want that is your life, in each of your aspects in detail.

You must be very clear about what you want in your life, be very careful when asking, we do not want things in our life that we really do not want, focus on what you want and not on what you do not want.

If you are sitting thinking what you are going to ask and you really do not know what you want, write and ask the universe to clarify your thoughts and desires, do not let anything stop you in your creation process, just ask!

Step 2: Have faith

This is a very important step, but first it is important that you understand what faith is. Faith is the certainty of what is expected, conviction of what is not seen.

You must believe that what you are asking for is what you are receiving, no matter how, you should only have the certainty and full confidence that this will be fulfilled and imagine convincingly that you receive it materially, as if you were ordering by catalog, you observe what it offers you, in what you like something you simply ask and with full confidence you just wait for it to arrive, in this same way it activates the power of the law of attraction in our life, only that here the catalog is you, and you ask for everything you can wish for.

From the moment you ask with faith, that you believe what you are asking for and that you already know will come, from that very moment the universe conspires in your favor so that all the things you ask for come to your life, you must believe that do you have. How do you get to believe? start by pretending, be like a child plays to pretend, act as if you already had it, while pretending that you already have it you begin to believe that you have received it, the genius always responds to the thoughts that predominate in your mind.

Doctor Joe Vitale. You do not need to know how it's going to happen. It is not necessary to know how the Universe is going to be reorganized.

Lisa Nichols Most of the time, when we do not see the things we ask for, we get frustrated. We disappointed and began to doubt, the doubt brings disappointment. Change the doubt, recognize that feeling and replace it with another of unshakeable faith "I know it's on the way".

Step 3: Receive.

Ask and believe that you have already received it, the only thing you have to do is feel good, when you feel good you are in the frequency of receiving, you are in the frequency of receiving all the good things and receiving what you have asked for. A quick way to enter the frequency of receiving is to say, now I am receiving, I am receiving all the good things that are in my life, I am receiving "you say what you want" now.

And whatever you ask in prayer, if you have faith, you will reach it. Matthew 21.22.

Take the first step with faith, you do not have to see the whole staircase, you just have to climb the first step. MARTIN LUTHER KING.

This has been another summary of the secret I hope you like it and receive it with all the love of the universe, do not forget to comment and follow, give an up vote to your life and allow yourself to grow in all aspects of your life, ask the genius of the lamp, believe and receive everything you ask, the universe conspires to grant it.

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