THE SECRET of success in life, love, family, business, finances and health. (PART 3) The Law of Attraction

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Hello friends of steemit today I bring you a new chapter of that universal law that has existed since ancient times and was hidden for a long time "The Law of Attraction".

In my previous publications we talked about how the power of our mind, creating things by our thoughts, we give rise to material and emotional things, that everything we think attracts like, based on this teaching I want to continue my journey within this universe of possibilities, open for us.

##THE SECRET of success in life, love, family, business, finances and health. (PART 3)

#The Simplified Secret.

We live in a universe where there are laws, just as there is the law of gravity. If you fall from a building, it does not matter if you are a good person or a bad person, you will hit the ground. MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH.

In this chapter of the secret, it emphasizes that the law of attraction as well as the law of gravity, are natural laws, totally impartial, fair and exact, therefore everything that happens around us, both good and bad, has been attracted by ourselves. Many times without the slightest state of consciousness, we think about things that we later attract to our lives, negative things happen and we are attracted to ourselves, but in an unconscious state, only with a thought do we activate the law of attraction that is why we we must be careful when thinking, we must be attentive to our thoughts, one of the best ways to be focused on what we think is through meditation.

Now from this moment you have the keys that will open the doors of success in your life, stop believing that you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time and that is why bad things happen to you, you are the architect of your own life , begin to believe, that you will receive good things because you have wished for it, what you think from now on will be the structure of what you want in your life, if you want to have a lot of money, if you want to have the woman or the perfect man, health, new business opportunities, everything absolutely everything that surrounds you is part of your thoughts, think big and everything will come to you in addition.

It is impossible to control our thoughts. Scientists do not say that we have about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to try to control all those thoughts? Fortunately, there is a simpler way and it is our feelings. Our feelings help us to know what we are thinking. MARCI SHIMOFF. Writer, International Speaker and Transformational Leader.

Based on how we feel we begin to create our thoughts, feelings quickly tell us what we are thinking, before being aware of what we think we should be aware of what we feel and that our thoughts are born of, there are two types of feelings, good feelings and bad feelings, you can not have good thoughts if you have bad feelings in your life, like feelings of anger, or sadness, and sometimes you think of good things, that would go against the law of attraction, imagine this like a circle, where the thoughts attract the feelings, and at the same time the feelings that are generated attract more similar thoughts, therefore it is an endless line in the universe that is repeated again and again, only until you decide that you are going to think. Now you will ask yourself how I am going to achieve it, changing your thoughts and changing your feelings, do not let anything take you out of your balanced state of mind, start by feeling happy.

It worked for me that when I am upset by something that happened to me during the day, or with a particular situation and I feel frustrated or any of the negative feelings, I try to change my mood, mitigating a comedy movie, laughter generates a state of incredible relaxation, improves my mood and makes me feel good, after I've done this, I think about what had unbalanced me and I see it more clearly, change the perspective of things and even think, that it was not worth It is worth bothering me for something that could not change anyway, and so I try to avoid similar situations that would take me out of my state of happiness.

Dedicate yourself to be happy, do not let worries, daily chores and routine change your mood, what could not be done today is done tomorrow, and the worries are to get ahead of something that has not happened, and when we We worry, we change our mood unnecessarily.

Laughter is a good therapy and a good way to focus our thoughts, guess why children are so happy, why do not worry about anything, not with this I mean we should not take care of our responsibilities, but of that it's about getting busy and not about worrying.

BOB DOYLE SAYS: actually it's very simple - what am I attracting right now? -, well how do you feel? "I feel good", well it's still that way.

Now I ask you, how do you feel now? Observe within yourself how you are feeling at this moment, if you are not feeling as you would like, focus on feeling your feelings inside and change them intentionally. When we focus our feelings with the intention of changing your mood, you manage to achieve it. One way to do this is to close your eyes, keep away all kinds of distractions, focus on your inner feelings and smile for a minute, without a doubt you will change your feelings and thoughts drastically.

You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and who feels your feelings.

The main objective of our life should be, feel good, because this positive feeling is the signal we emit to the universe and attracts more of the same to you, that is why the better you feel, the more you attract the things that will make you feel better and help raise your spirits even more.

Create a list of feelings that will help you when you need it most, eg write down particular situations that make you feel right immediately, memories, fun moments, nature, your favorite music, any of the things that make you feel good and when you are going through a difficult moment, focus your thoughts on this list of things so that you can change the tune of your thoughts from bad to good, from anger to tranquility, from sadness to happiness, use this list of resources to center your feelings and stay in a balanced state .


Love is the greatest emotion.

One of the best ways to focus our aura is through love, this is one of the most powerful universal forces, with the power to change our lives immediately.

In the next part I will be talking about one of the most important foundations in our life that generates the main focus of concentration and balance in our life, LOVE.

My dear friends, this has been my publication of the day today, I am here sharing all this with you with the purpose of giving you the tools of a better life, happier and with a universe of possibilities, happy afternoon to all.

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