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Very best wishes for you. Upvoted and Resteem. Hopefully it will benefited for you a little.


Thanks for that :) Is the link to the SteemKitchen community discord server if anyone would like to learn more about us or to join our vibrant food sharing community.

I'm planning to post on coogger. Is it similar to wikipedia?


yes, there are features similar to Wikipedia.

select appropriate categories and languages ​​then your subject name as first tag and share.


Thanks. Then it would be a better place to post subject and information related stuff.


I definitely work for this 🙃 for better.

This is a fantastic project and I believe that many communites will be able to take advantage of this project. It is really simple to setup and any community can be up and running having their own site in a day and dont need to go out looking for developers to do all the work from scratch. The way it has been coded also allows for an personalised upvote bot to support the users withing the community and a discord functionality is also planned. Any support here will be greatly appreciated.

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