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Thank you so much @actifit!!!! I'm so looking forward to the Monkees using Actifit as part of their daily journal of activities!!!!

I see now where you are going.


Yeah!!!! :)
That's where our plan is!!! Let's see if we reach our destination!!!!


hello and happy holidays (and sooon.... Happy New Year!)

Wow. things got so busy... i never got setup or on Discord. But discovered our friends' son is on Discord all the time. Can we just use his account? I hate setting up a new app that i would just use once or twice and just delete it later. He should be here Sunday (31st).

or..... if i waited too long and missed out i totally understand...though my wife will be devastated. The Jelly fish was going to be her Christmas present... her only Christmas present.... okay.. just kidding! :-P
I do understand it may be too late. Will await your reply.



Of course it's not too late!!! I've been waiting for you to get back to me hehehe

Yes, please just send me your shipping info in discord when you can 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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thanks so much :) I'll check it out!

Ah Dreemie - this is wonderful! Congratulations on getting your Fundition page live- I hope it's SO successful - I'm so excited for you. Evie x


Thank you for always believing in me!!!! I'm excited. (And nervous too!) Hehehe

Hope it's successful too! We have a fairy tale to write! 😂😂😍🤗

So exciting
So excited I accidentally created two accounts for the boy gahhhhhh
Can't wait :)


Hahahhaa perhaps a sibling wants to take that other account??? Hehehe

I'm so excited too!!!

i really really want to be part of Spunkee Monkee.. hehehe


hahahaha I tell you and @blind-spot... you need to find a family that needs help learning how to be on STeemit - then they can sign up their child on Spunkee Monkee - and then you can be the Monkee Mentor!
hahahahahaha :)


That's a great idea.. i will try to find it..

Have sent 5 SBD. Fundition has never worked for me. Best wishes.


Thank you so much @eturnerx!!!! I appreciate your support - both financially and all the answers that you give me in DM for every little thing hahahahaa