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RE: What now? | a little slothicorn and their balloon

in #elegance3 years ago

Cute! You're getting so good... I'm sure you were able to whip this up pretty quickly.

If it's any consolation I knew quite a few people that have been burned this exact same way before, especially within the ONO project...

I guess the lesson here is to grab the people who do good by you and don't give too much thought to the people that don't... and try and raise as much stake in Steem as you can so that you can run projects the way you want to run them!


Thank you! This one wasn't too bad. The part that took the longest was figuring out the speed of balloon disappearing lol. I had almost 30 frames but then it got to be boring to watch X3 Piskel has some good features that make copying and pasting and animating a little easier.

Woooah. That's wild. I haven't been too involved in ONO so I didn't really know wha gwan there but... it does help to know it wasn't just me lol. If this is a pattern that people are experiencing, moving on might be the best thing I can do here. Thanks for that!

Yeah true. On the plus side I've definitely learned a lot from this experience so I feel better equipped to work on something I feel will better achieve my goals.