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The last few days since the @slothicorn curation was ended, I've been wondering "what now?" I'm still really angry at the lack of consideration and authenticity, especially in the recent post put on the account. I'm "thanked" publicly but in private it's all games and bs. I think I could spend forever waiting for why I'm upset to be acknowledged directly to me as a person who worked on this shared project for months. So, instead I must turn my attention to accepting what I cannot change and moving on to what I can. Hence, this little slothicorn animation today.

Here we have a little slothicorn letting a balloon fly. The slothicorn is still and serene, letting this beloved toy take flight to carry on to another journey.

I cannot control what happens to the @slothicorn account as it was never mine, something I was only caretaking, but I can turn my eyes to nurturing what I believe Slothicorn is, what it meant to me, and what I feel we were working towards.

I loved the art curation and getting to know the artists. I loved the sense of whimsy and colour and the feeling that blockchains could be magical and inspiring, which I feel balances out the heaviness associated with markets being down and projects being abandoned. Slothicorn is a chance to play with all the elements of blockchains, to have them support artists, and not take ourselves too seriously. That is what drew me to Slothicorn and why I worked so hard for the last few months. I was excited to start including other languages than English and help start the daily curation posts, which slowly but surely was helping Slothicorn grow.

Doing the small animated art curation videos was very fun and gave me a chance to nurture my own little slothicorn, who I kind of saw as an imaginary friend that helped me make sense of information overload, portfolios, and the feeling that everything was always moving too fast. Always reminding me to slow down and enjoy the beautiful art everyone was making every day in the #slothicorn tag.

When I worked for weeks to archive all the slothicorn energy and work that risked being lost to the sea of steemit posts to the website, I felt good to see all the amazing projects we had already accomplished.

That story can keep going.

Slothicorn was never one person's project. It was always meant to be shared with other artists. I believe this to be true and I believe that now is the time to really see that happen. There's not just one slothicorn, just as there's no one way to be an artist. So, I love my little slothicorn buddy here and I will continue to nurture them and build the next phase of what Slothicorn is for me.

Can you "fork" a creative project on the blockchain? I guess we're going to find out...

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Keep moving forward, ciel-chan! Something good may always happen around the corner when you do ^_^.

Go go, never give up~

Thank you! :3 Go go go!!! X3

Truly inspiring my dear and definetly worth the effort!
I will do what I can to help you.
Lets chat on discord and find out what the possibilities are!
Kind regards

Thank you Jan! I'm super happy I got involved in Steempunk and I hope we can help each other grow :3

Cute! You're getting so good... I'm sure you were able to whip this up pretty quickly.

If it's any consolation I knew quite a few people that have been burned this exact same way before, especially within the ONO project...

I guess the lesson here is to grab the people who do good by you and don't give too much thought to the people that don't... and try and raise as much stake in Steem as you can so that you can run projects the way you want to run them!

Thank you! This one wasn't too bad. The part that took the longest was figuring out the speed of balloon disappearing lol. I had almost 30 frames but then it got to be boring to watch X3 Piskel has some good features that make copying and pasting and animating a little easier.

Woooah. That's wild. I haven't been too involved in ONO so I didn't really know wha gwan there but... it does help to know it wasn't just me lol. If this is a pattern that people are experiencing, moving on might be the best thing I can do here. Thanks for that!

Yeah true. On the plus side I've definitely learned a lot from this experience so I feel better equipped to work on something I feel will better achieve my goals.

Thank you Fabi!!! :3 <3 <3 <3

Gorgeous little pixel art <3 You did a lot of wonderful work slothicorn, ciel-chan and everyone who had paid attention to what was going on would have known that you had put so much work and love and effort into curating and fostering talent on steemit !

No matter what, nothing can take that away from you :>

From here onwards, new vistas and doors may opened up yet and I am sure your spirit and talents will find ways to sprout new wings <3

Thank you :3 <3 <3 <3 That makes me feel really good. It's really nice to know that work was seen, even just a bit. And I'm proud of the work I did! That experience will make my next Slothicorn project that much better!

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