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Today I have a very strange illustration. A graduate of an alien. In his honor, jellyfish (or maybe not jellyfish) arrange a multicolored ink salute.
In advance I apologize for the transfer of colors in the photos of the drawing process. The final picture is photographed according to all the rules and conveys the colors of the picture.
I draw with watercolor markers and pencils on kraft paper. I start with the idea. I think on paper, so I use a pencil.

I paint with watercolor markers. First points - future salute.

Now I close the mass of water.

I take watercolor pencils and close the sky.

I draw dark and light windows.

Buildings, the main character and jellyfish.

I begin to detail the picture. I take pencils.

And further.

I continue to use pencils. To make the picture look finished, I add the liner.

This is not the best of my illustrations. But the idea also has the right to life)) I really wanted to test the work of watercolor markers and pencils in one drawing. And I'm happy with the result.

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!

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Animation By @zord189

P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


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Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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Everytime you make a post I think, WOW, this is my favorite one! Hahaha

Now I think the same! This is my favorite one from your collection until now! 😉

Awesome work @amalinavia! This drawing is so cute it hurts! Well done!

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Well the painting is beautiful and your English is not any bad.


Well the painting is
Beautiful and your English
Is not any bad.

                 - nigtroy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Quite different than your usual stuff, @amalinavia :D I like that the jellyfishes are giving colourful salute to the graduating alien character :D Very nice piece !