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Whatever Internet service I type in Amelie Lens, I get this other Belgium female DJ and producer recommended "Charlotte de Witte".

Today I took the time to check her out; Well to check some of her music out :) Following the discovery path from her Awakenings Festival 2017 performance through some other recordings, I ended up at a super nice recording "Oasis Festival podcast", a podcast made for a festival held last September 14-17th in Marrakech Morocco.

Like Amelie Lens, Charlotte is listed in many of the upcoming female DJ lists, and I must say, her listings I can appreciate very much. Belgium is producing some great artists lately, at least I'm discovering these artists recently only; Amelie, Peter van Hoesen, and now Charlotte.

Call to any Promoter: Time we program them back-2-back at a warehouse in Amsterdam!

Artist: Charlotte de Witte
Set: Oasis Festival Podcast
Year: 2017
Country: Belgium

I recommend you to get your dancing shoes on and hit the play button in the Soundcloud plugin below to honour @uwelang's #danceweekend.







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Sounds really good even on my headphones, with a good subwoofer the bass should be amazing

YEP! :) Best to listen with a good soundsystem in a club :)

I have seen her in fuse (one of Belgium's oldest clubs) recently and can wholeheartedly agree!

A club I've been to several times; Last time is too long ago.

Nice selection ! her works seems beautiful . J m gonna check .