Developing Confidence

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Although we are very confident when we are young, observe a child when they play,
there is nothing they cannot do, we can unfortunately learn to become unconfident as we
grow older, sometimes even the people that are most concerned about us can cause us to
feel unsure of ourselves, but whatever the reason it doesn’t have to be like this forever.
People can change from being unconfident to very confident and normally as people get older they become more confident through the life experience they have gained. But people can also develop their confidence at any time in their life by stretching themselves
and making a commitment to become more confident.
Feeling confident is all about how you feel within yourself at any given time. It’s not
about anyone else or the environment you are in. Don’t allow others to take away your confidence or allow a certain place or situation to overwhelm you, only you can take away your confidence, it is all about how you interpret each situation you are in most of the time. Feeling unsure of yourself is all down to the programs you are running in your brain, what you are either saying to yourself, images you are making or a feeling you are
Remember the more you believe in yourself the more confident you will be, confidence is
a state and you can decide to be confident whenever you want. Confidence arrives as a
result of trusting yourself and having faith in yourself to complete a given task. We might
not be confident all the time, but we all certainly already know how to feel confident. We have all done things in the past that have caused us to feel confident, and while we may have forgotten about them, our nervous system still knows how to feel confident. It is not that we don’t have confidence; it is just that there are certain times and during certain activities where we would like to feel more confident (or rather to be in a state of confidence).


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