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Contest Specifications:

In this is sixteenth run of the electric dreams contest. There are as usual 3 prompts : #1 It is the year 2030 a new drug is taking over humanity and causing a massive changes in humans.- outside of the change it either radically increases or decreases life span . What is this change ? Is it good ? Bad ? something in between ? how does that affect the world in general - what determines if the lifespan is increased or decreased ? #2 the story must include the sentence “ if you can fit that into your mouth you are a miracle worker “ #3 the story must include a flying pig ” Take it from here and let's see where it goes”.

From @tygertyger’s writing contest. For more information please see the link:

My Entry:

San Francisco, 2030:

Sergeant Wonders scanned the sky for the flying pig as her squad car hit 50 miles an hour heading up hill. Some trolley passengers began to point in a westward direction. She took the hint, and once again caught sight of something she hoped to tell her grandchildren about.

Only the expression, “when pigs fly”, could now be taken as an ominous prophecy.

The really cute pink pig looked around happily, almost smiling. Absent of wings, the fact that the pig remained 30 feet in the air and traveled at a high rate of speed, could be described as a miracle. Yet something about this flying pig remained sinister.

Sergeant Wonders continued the high speed chase with sirens blaring. The red and blue lights on top of the police car reflected in the store front windows of the business district downtown. She tried to remain calm. The flying pig did not pose an immediate threat to people; her car did, and so she wanted to insure public safety at all times, while doing her best to remain abreast of this unusual sight.

The flying pig hit a skyscraper abruptly ending the pursuit of this marvel. People screamed pointing to where it had impacted the building. Others ran from the scene as if protecting themselves from falling debris. Sergeant Wonders arrived on scene first to secure the area.


Sergeant Wonders remained in place behind the yellow “Crime Scene” tape she had hung herself. A little time had passed, and additional officials arrived to examine evidence on a fact finding mission. Even her Captain had left his desk to see the carnage of this unbelievable event.

All of these law enforcement agents instantly recognized the purple glittery ooze, like toothpaste, in the pig’s blood. They knew it as “Fiesta”, the newest party drug to hit the streets.

People described Fiesta as a mix of Ecstasy and Cocaine that lasted for days like Meth. People used it by rubbing the purple glittery ooze on their rectum. It became popular at all weekend music festivals. Only the highly addictive drug usually remained in use after the music ended. Regular users continued to party until death, or rehab. Fatality rates had seen a sharp increase since this cheap and difficult to detect drug made its way into the mainstream.

“Well Sergeant Wonders, you know this beat better than anyone, where do you think this flying pig got this much Fiesta pumped into its bloodstream?”

“The dock sir, massive shipments of it are brought in on cargo ships from Asian countries. We do our best to keep it off the streets. Looks like some drug dealers were having fun.”

“Well they made one hell of a discovery that’s for sure. Why don’t you go down to the shipyard, and ask around about our late little friend here, the flying pink pig.” Her Captain said with a laugh.


Sergeant Wonders took the time to get undercover. She looked like a knockout, 10 out of 10, even in blue jeans with a black turtle neck sweater; her blonde hair waving on the sea breeze.

“Here’s your hot dog,” said the curbside vendor. “If you can fit that into your mouth you are a miracle worker.”

“Don’t get fresh with me, buster. You got a permit? What if I call the SFPD?” Said Sergeant Wonders.

“Well, I . . .” the curbside vendor mumbled then began rubbing his butt.

“Got a scratch? Know where I can get an itch?” Asked Sergeant Wonders.

“Todd on the dragon boat at Fisherman’s Wharf . . . Going to come back here?”

“What’s Todd look like?”

“Asian dude with a goatee.” Said the curbside vendor feeling like he might get lucky.

“OK. Thanks. Only keep the dog hun. It’s a little small for me,” said Sergeant Wonders setting the hot dog down on the food cart.


Sergeant Wonders walked onto the dragon boat at Fisherman’s Warf. True to its name the small red and black boat boasted dragon head caricatures engraved along the wood. A man sat on a bench smoking a cigarette looking out at the water.

“Todd?” Sergeant Wonders asked.

The man turned, took one look at Sergeant Wonders, and sprang up like a snake. He then ran and jumped the gap to the pier. From there he began to run again.

Sergeant Wonders chased after him no stranger to this situation. She did a leaping tiger kick that brought him to the ground.

“Todd!” Sergeant Wonders demanded. She then knelt, and landed three fast monkey fists to his chest.

“Yes Todd!” The man yelled.

“Tell me about the flying pig today!” Sergeant Wonders ordered.

“I don’t know!”

“Who goosed the pink pig!” Three fast monkey fists to the chest.

“I don’t . . . really!” Todd screamed in fear and pain.

More monkey fists.

“OK! OK! The warehouse! They brought the pig in last night from Bangkok filled with Fiesta.” And Todd began to sob.


Sergeant Wonders walked into the warehouse near the shipyard. The tall roof shaded vast amounts of land. In the distance, freighters could be seen in the contrasting sunlight.

In the large void of the warehouse stood a bunch of men rubbing their bottoms, most of them stared into the sky smiling, some laughing, just hanging out and having a goodtime.

“Not on my watch!” Announced Sergeant Wonders. She then lifted two M-16s and began firing into the crowd. She even used a grenade launcher that sent a group of them flying through the air in a fireball. And she continued to mow them down until nothing stood.


The Captain shook his head, looking out at the San Francisco skyline from his office window. He then hung up and looked at two high ranking subordinates.

“What happened sir?” One of them asked.

“Well there’s good news and there’s bad news,” answered the Captain. “The good news is that the flying pink pig led us to the biggest Fiesta bust ever recorded, including places for Interpol to investigate overseas. The bad news is that Sergeant Wonders will be facing charges for mass murder.”

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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Wow. Fantastic writing. It certainly pulled me in!


Thanks! Appreciate the comment.

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Thanks. Made some audiobooks, and I have seen this feature before. This is the first time it's done my blog post. LOL


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rectum eh ? SMH ...lol


You know how it is. South Park and everything.

Makes sense :) Both the conclusion and the drug usage part. I only don't know what triggered the sergeant.


Thanks. Tried to make it sound realistic, yet the story also written like an action movie with a Rambo ending. However, in this day and age that's a crime as well.

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God bless Tara Condell the SF Native who killed herself before this contest entry got posted to Steemit.


This story deserves to be in the cinema. it's great.