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Hello ... everyone, friends steemian, today I write about what I tell my students, when I see them with faces that have no motivation to learn.

"Learning" This is a word that is often spoken by your parents or your teacher. The figure of a teacher or parent certainly juxtaposes the word "learning" in other words as an affirmation for example "Be diligent in learning to be smart" or "If you study diligently your goals will be easily achieved."

A good teacher of children understands childhood in an engaging way. She understands that childhood culture is more universal than adult culture, and therefore easier to engage with any place any time. Unicef source

It's never easy to receive bad news about your child. We asked teachers how they wish parents would handle this delicate situation:

  1. Do make time to talk. If the teacher calls you when you can't give her your full attention, ask whether you can call back at a more convenient time.
  2. Do take notes. "It will be easier to remember the teacher's suggestions if you write them down," says Valorene Young, a first-grade teacher at the Ashley Elementary School, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  3. Don't interrupt. "Teachers think long and hard before they make a phone call, and they want to express their concerns completely," says Pauline Wahl, a teacher in Minot, North Dakota.
  4. Do share your ideas. "No one knows your child as well as you do, so if you have strategies that the teacher can use to help your child, she wants to hear them," says Beth Irving, a reading teacher at Woodside Elementary School, in Peekskill, New York.
  5. Don't look for a quick fix. Take time to digest what the teacher has said and talk it over with your family. "Set up a time when you and your husband can meet with the teacher, or at least follow up with notes, e-mails, or phone calls to ask how everything is going," says Young.
  6. Don't get defensive. The conversation should focus on helping your child, not on blaming anyone. The teacher needs your support to resolve the issue. Education source

The sentence is a sentence to motivate you to like learning activities. However, most of you feel that learning is a boring thing. How to learn not to be boring? This article will reveal learning tips comfortably and pleasantly.

The Step One: Avoid Complaining.

Are you complaining today? Or feel uncomfortable with your daily routine? For example, having to get up early, go to school on foot, go to school on city transportation and get stuck in traffic.

Or go to school on a motorcycle then the tire leaked, very little pocket money, every day a lot of schoolwork, classmates who are not compact and other things in your mind that are very uncomfortable, so feel you are the most unlucky person.
"Sometimes we see someone else's life happier, even though it can be more difficult, it's just that he doesn't complain."

Try to compare with your friends who are in remote areas or in the islands. They have to walk for hours to school because there is no road access. Those in the islands must use boats to go to school and sometimes face high waves.

Some of them can't even buy shoes, sand-floored classes, worn clothes, and dirty books. They don't even think about pocket money. They are happy as long as they can go to school. Is your condition worse than this? Even if only if you are more grateful and do not complain, your days of school will be very enjoyable, so from now on avoid complaining.

The Second step: Your are Smart like Albert Einstein.

Some of you feel failed before trying, can't before doing it, and other pessimistic attitudes that make you lose before competing. Whereas every human being created by God Almighty has the potential and uniqueness of each and is given the ability to think.

The fact that you learn to walk at the age of 1 year, communicate with language at the age of 2 years, at least master 2 languages, Acehnese and National languages, can read at the age of 6 years and other facts that you have extraordinary intelligence potential. The important thing is not to give up, convince yourself that you can do it so that your intelligence potential continues to be honed and clever like Albert Einstein.

Step Three: Create Your Learning Atmosphere.

A comfortable learning place is one of the keys to learning can be fun. How, choose a place where you can easily concentrate. Usually the most appropriate place is the library and rooms. Therefore, make your room as fragile as possible to be comfortable for learning.

If you want your room to be comfortable to study, then use things that make you excited, for example music, positive sentences on the wall, and photos of your achievement memories. Music is a good alternative to accompany you to study, but if it is annoying it can be replaced with something else.

Positive sentences on the walls of the room such as targets and ideals can make you more enthusiastic about learning. For example, writing "Entering the top 10 grades of the School Final Examination" or "There is no remidial of any subject" will whip you to the spirit of learning. Especially if coupled with photographs of memories of your achievements or photos of people who inspire you. Then your enthusiasm for learning will be more burning and certainly also very pleasant.

The Fourth Step : I Must Be Success

Every success is not obtained instantly. All through processes, great intentions, thorough preparation, and lifelong learning. Every person who has been successful must have experienced a period of failure. The failure must have a message that can be learned from the lesson so that it will not happen again in the future.

For example in the first mathematical test your score is bad enough, from that value you have to realize which part is lacking (eg less thorough) then the next math test must be more thorough.

Practice, practice, and practice until the expert. A professional athlete who is able to become a champion must practice every day. Likewise you as a student to master science must learn, study and learn. So that the knowledge you get will lead you to success.

Do the four things above so that your study is comfortable and enjoyable. Let alone 10 questions from the teacher, 20 questions will be happily done. Therefore, do not think negatively that can weaken yourself.

Think positively so that it gives you more enthusiasm for learning. Pray according to your beliefs before and after learning so that what you learn is useful for you and for those around you. Have a good atudy.


Unicef source

Education source

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